Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Aneinu Tehillim Yahad for Yaakov Yisrael ben Tzivya Rochel Chaya (Topper)

Please go to the link and say a kappitel or more of Tehillim for Yaakov Yisrael ben Tzivya Rochel Chaya (Topper) a 20 year old Chicago bachur in critical condition after a car accident in Florida.Click here to Sign up.

Upiryo Matok Shemot (Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein)

Lessons of halacha by the order of the weekly parasha, by Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein.Order here.

OU TORAH NAALEH.COM and YU TORAH Menorah’s Mystery Shira Smiles

Adapted by Channie Koplowitz Stein Parshat Terumah begins the instructions for building the Mishkan/Tabernacle and its vessels. The instructions are quite detailed, yet Moshe and the artisans Bezalel and Oholiav have everything under control. Everything, except the construction of the golden menorah. True, the design was quite complex, and it was to be formed completely from one solid piece of gold. No cups were to be screwed in or legs soldered onto a base. Moshe was perplexed as to how to create the Menorah. According to the Medrash, the angel Gavriel appeared to Moshe and demonstrated how to construct the Menorah. Perhaps Moshe tried to follow those instructions, but in the end, Hashem told Moshe to just throw the gold into the fire and the Menorah would miraculously emerge. What was so unique about the Menorah that it defied Moshe’s ability to create it, and Hashem Himself fashioned it?


It seems that building campaigns are built into the DNA of the Jewish people from time immemorial. Beginning with this week's Torah reading and continuing for the next number of weeks we will be informed of the contributions of the Jewish people to the construction of the Mishkan/Tabernacle and to the exquisite details regarding the construction of that building and of its holy artifacts.


Unfortunately, it seems that things are heating up in our part of the world again. An Iranian pilotless drone invaded Israeli airspace and was shot down by an Israeli attack helicopter. Israel then mounted an attack against anti-aircraft facilities in Syria and during that operation an Israeli fighter jet was shot down. The two crewmembers of the downed jet were able to eject from the plane and one of the pilots remains in serious condition but hopefully will survive and recover.

OU TORAH Teruma 5778 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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