Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Six stratagies for success from CCHF

  1. start each of 10 shabbos and yom tov meals by reading Chofetz Chaim tefilla for shimiras halashon (in sefer Chofetz chaim or call CCHF office at 1845-352-3505 for a copy)
  2. learn portion of shimras halashon yomi at your table
  3. designate your yom tov meal (even when you sit together in your liveing room) as a Machsom Lafi were the entire family will avoid loshon hora as a Zachus for a refuah sheleima or a shidduch for someone there have been amazing yeshuos reported for those in need of a shidduch or recovery from illness by people who have learned Shimiras halashon yomi or take on a Machsom Lafi as a merit
  4. make an effort to say more divrei torah and sing more zemiros at your table this will not only help avoid loshon hora but make your yom yov more bueatiful and meaningful
  5. prepare topics that you can introduce to quickly pre-empt any loshon hora that might get started you might be surprised to find out how easily you can change the topic and distract a person who is starting to speak loshon hora
  6. read this ad to people at your table and get them excited about what they can accomplish as a group

Thursday, March 22, 2007

coming to you this sefiras haomer 613 2 Encore

april 5 chol hamoed if your in New York in the morning go to the circus at Madison Square Garden with YBC and at night go to Queens college for YBC 2 LIVE

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SMP 34 is now online
hear music from YBC 3 and 613 2 which features miami classics like Adon Olam and We Need You We Need Your Tefilla and 10 min interview with Eli Gerstner

YBC 3 has arrived today in New York hopefully it will arrive at Kesher Stam by friday

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

something to say at the seder

  1. in Dayanu it mentions shabbos in Rav Shach haggadah it brings a story with Rav Shach Rav Shach and another rabbi were in a cab the other rabbi asked the cab driver if he is shomer shabbos Rav Shach said of course he is shomer shabbos the next time this rabbi got in a cab it was with the same taxi driver and he said thanks to Rav Shach I started keeping shabbos
  2. Rav Shilomo Shwadron says in the make of wild animals the ground came with them that means the animals destroyed the ground but that was only in Egypt but in Goshen there were no wild animals destroying the land why b/c Yehudah went down to Goshen and made a beis medrash
  3. Arami oveid ivri the arami is lavan says Rav Elyashiv lavan tryed to destroy Yaakov when he was a small group it didnt work egyptians when the jews were big in number then they became enslaved we see from here everything we have is from HASHEM

Friday, March 9, 2007

todays daf insights Rabbi Elefant(daf30)

  1. Tosfos our gemara proves maftir is 1 of the 7 olias
  2. Sifsei Cacamim according to Shimuel shabbos b/4 is Zacor why is he bothered should use zrizen makdimim lamitzvos it dosnt work b/4 its not a mitzvah Ralbach purim mishulish in Yerushaliem read megillah friday sudah on sunday we have b/4 or after not that day 1 answer shabbos has al hanissim or that day has sudah considered purim Moadim Zimanim Chazal made gizarah no sudahs purim on shabbos not take away fact that day is purim
  3. Safas Emes dirush why is it so importent to have parshas Zacor b/4 purim not same day timce not just phsyical atack take care of during the week but rucnios atack shabbos day of rucnios read Zacor on shabbos so that rucnios prevail over tumah of Amalek
  4. Rashba on Pesach 1st and 2nd cup can have break to drink like break(empty shabbos) between Shikalim and Zacor (like this year) 3rd and 4th cup no break for drink like Parah and Hacodesh no break (no empty shabbos)
  5. Mipharshim why dont we skip when have 4 parshios Moshe made takana by yom tov not 4 parshios

something to say at the seder

Rabbi Nevensol asks why in Diyanu is going out of egypt 1st then makos bicoros makos bicoros was 1st he dosnt bring an answer if you think of one please comment

Thursday, March 8, 2007

something to say at the seder

the Maggid of Yerushaliem says by the maka of blood the pasuk says gam who is gam its Pharoh wife she was complaing to Pharoh that she wants water also when Moshe turned Aron stick into snake it says gam Pharoh wanted his wife to imberess Moshe she also turned her stick into a snake mida kineged mida now Pharoh wife complains to him that there is no water imberessing him for more on the haggadah visit the Skokie Yeshiva library and take a look in some of the haggadahs they have
the ou says that this year oup coke will be limited in Chicago and extra virgin olive oil can be used w/o supervision for pesach for more kashrus questions on pesach visit

Monday, March 5, 2007

end of mishnios Shabbos

this tuesday Daily Dose of Torah is finishing mishnios Shabbos there will be doughnuts from Tel Aviv Bakery during 1st seder so come early supplies are limited

1 more insight (daf26)

  1. Safas Emes bima put cover on it cover is supporting sefer torah bima here cover not on constant basis cover maybe not considered tashmishe kidusha

todays daf insights R Elefant(daf 26)

  1. go up in kidusha no go down is it diurissa or dirabanan R Yosef Angle says if it has inherant kidusha like a sefer torah then its diurissa used for kidusha cover for sefer torah is drabanan
  2. Meiri they sold some niveim and kisuvim(high kidusha) and have small portion money left over mishna teaches us we cant use the money for something with lower kidusha Safas Emes same case as above but sold for more then its worth mishna teaches us extra money cant be used for something with lower kidusha
  3. Maharam Shic catering hall sometime used as shul doesnt have kidusha of shul
  4. SM Bihalacha shul built for Rav or by Rav he can sell it w/o anyone concent
  5. maclokes poskim BB old shul falling apart can take it down maclokes poskim if its to small maclokes MA and Taz if there another shul MAo take it down Taz cant take it down
  6. Cazonish bima kidusha of sefer torah on so how put sefarim on bima its lower have a special cover for sefer torah rest of time for sefarim

Thursday, March 1, 2007

todays daf insights R Elefant(daf22)

  1. PY 1 person read Berashis 2nd read it over again 3rd Vayhi Rakia someone come late not hear 1st Berashis he will think there are only 2 olias so cant do that
  2. Safas Emes doleg(reread pasuk) has problems why does Rav not agree with Shimuel b/c 1st person gets 2 and a half pesukim 2nd person gets 2 and a half pesukim Rav says dont have 3 pesukim Shimuel says can have 2 and a half pesukim b/c its more then 2
  3. from story with Rav we see says Sifse Cacamim you should look at torah when you get an olia
  4. Safas Emes and PY ask why gemara use a barissa to tell us its asur to bow on stone floor its a pasuk they answer need barissa to teach us isur applies in cutz laretz (Bavel) pasuk only good for EY
  5. Rav Elyashiv shul has side room minyan 1 aron in main shul main minyan is on shimone esra side minyan on laning you can walk in front of people davening shimone esra to avoid tirca ditzibur for side minyan

daf insights for dag 21 from R Elefant

  1. MA and Safas Emes say that megillah siting beracha standing PY argues beracha cant be more camor then magillah
  2. Safas Emes 2 people read megillah same time is licatcilla but spliting the readers is bidieved
  3. we learn from our gemara every jew needs to learn Torah not just kohanim and leviem