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OU TORAH Yerushalmi: Berachos Daf 80 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman

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OU TORAH DAF SUGYA WITH RABBI ELEFANT Bava Kama Daf 60: Traveling Tips Part 2

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OU TORAH DAF SUGYA WITH RABBI ELEFANT Bava Kama Daf 60: Traveling Tips Part 1

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NAALEH.COM Parshat Eikev: Mind and Heart United By: Rabbi Hershel Reichman

In this Torah shiur (class), Rabbi Hershel Reichman teaches Chassidut on the parsha, Parshat Eikev. The elements of mind and heart often conflict with one another. Yet, the Torah teaches how to combine mind and heart creating one powerful drive in the service of G-d. This Torah class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 and ipod video formats.

YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Ekev 5776

Toronto Torah for Ekev 5776 is a mini-edition, with a parshah article and a review of The Gemara Card.


The Torah reading of this week continues the long, final oration of Moshe to the Jewish people, as he prepares for his own mortal demise. It is important to note that throughout the words of Moshe here in the final book of the Chumash, there is, mixed together, the requirement of the memory of the past – the distant and immediate past – with the vision of the future, again the far future and the immediate future.


A number of months ago my wife and I paid a visit to friends of ours who just completed building their home near our neighborhood. I had known them from my years as being a rabbi in Miami Beach a half-century ago. During that time as a rabbi at Beth Israel Congregation, I taught Talmud daily to the young men of the eleventh grade of the local yeshiva high school. I did so on a voluntary basis since the school could not afford to hire anyone to do so. My congregation was kind enough to allow this to happen even though it meant that I was not on the synagogue’s premises for a number of hours every morning.

OU TORAH The Spirituality of Listening By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

It is one of the most important words in Judaism, and also one of the least understood. Its two most famous occurrences are in last week’s parsha and this week’s: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one,” and “It shall come to pass if you surely listen to My commandments which I am commanding you today, to love the Lord your God and to serve Him with all your heart and all your soul” – the openings of the first and second paragraphs of the Shema. It also appears in the first line of the parsha: “It shall come to pass, if you listen to these laws.”

RAV KOOK ON Eikev Part 3 : What Does God Want of You?

he Torah expects us to feel both love and awe — Ahavah and Yirah — for God: “וְעַתָּה יִשְׂרָאֵל — מָה ה’ אֱ-לֹהֶיךָ שֹׁאֵל מֵעִמָּךְ? כִּי אִם לְיִרְאָה אֶת ה’ אֱ-לֹהֶיךָ לָלֶכֶת בְּכָל-דְּרָכָיו, וּלְאַהֲבָה אֹתוֹ ...” “And now, Israel, what does God want of you? Only that you be in awe of the Eternal your God, following in all His paths and loving Him....” (Deut. 10:12) What is awe of God? Why is this trait so important?

RAV KOOK ON Ekev Part 2 : Animals Served First!

The Torah promises that if we observe the mitzvot and sincerely love God, we will enjoy timely rain and bountiful crops: “I will give plants in your field for your animals; and you will eat and be satiated.” (Deut. 11:15) Rav Abba Aricha, the celebrated third-century scholar, called attention to the order of the verse: first the animals eat, and only then the people. He learned from here that one should not eat before first placing food before one’s animals. Why is this? Should not people eat first, since they are more important? Are not humans ‘the crown of creation'?

RAV KOOK ON Eikev Part 1: Blessings Over Bread and Torah

Most blessings are of rabbinical origin. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule — blessings that are derived directly from the Torah itself. The first is Birkat Hamazon, recited after meals; the second is the blessing said before learning Torah. The obligation to bless God after eating bread is stated explicitly: “When you eat and are satisfied, you must bless the Lord your God...” (Deut. 8:10). The Sages derived the blessing before studying Torah from the verse, “When I proclaim God’s name [or: when I read God’s teaching], praise our God for His greatness” (Deut. 32:3). These two blessings differ not only in the source for our feelings of gratitude — one is for physical nourishment, the other for spiritual sustenance — but also in when they are said. Why is Birkat Hamazon recited after the meal, while the blessing for Torah study is recited before studying?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven 2nd Surgery Wednesday

Please daven for Tzvia bas Chana Devorah whose surgery went well today, but will have to have a 2nd surgery tomorrow, Wed. morning or early afternoon. Please daven that the surgery should go well and that she should have an easy and speedy recovery.

Monday, August 29, 2016

[Aneinu] Tefillos Requested

Please have in mind a Chicagoan in need of a refuah shlema, Chana Rut bat Zlata Chaya.

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Teusday

Please daven for an Aneinu member, Tzvia bas Chana Devorah, who will be having major surgery tomorrow morning, Tuesday, 8/29. Please daven that the surgery should go well and that she should have a smooth, painless and speedy recovery.


COMING SOON Shaarei Teshuvah – Jaffa Edition A masterpiece of mussar thought, translated and elucidated for our generation. From the team that brought us the bestselling classic Mesillas Yesharim/Way of the Upright comes another monumental work, Rabbeinu Yona's classic Shaarei Teshuvah. The Jaffa Edition Shaarei Teshuvah/Gateways of Repentance includes: Phrase-by-phrase translation, in the format of the Schottenstein Talmud and the ArtScroll Rashi and Ramban, which shows us the richness and depth of Rabbeinu Yona's sefer, a work that has been studied and loved for more than 800 years. Extensive explanatory notes, a broad range of commentaries, as well as Torah and mussar classics, give us a deeper understanding of this classic work. The unique Insights section that bring the words of Shaarei Teshuvah into our lives, taking us on a wondrous journey to self-discovery and enhanced closeness to Hashem. Now in pocket size edition. previous years Elul picks.More Elul picks.Mesillas Yesharim - Jaffa Edition Way of The Upright and The Complete Mesillat Yesharim.More Elul picks.A few more picks.The Power of Teshuvah [App Digital Library] An Effective Day by Day Guide for your Artscroll app by the way this can be put on any Android device.

OU PRESS Birkon Mesorat HaRav: Essay on Birkat HaMazon

Birkat HaMazon: To Bless the Great and Holy Name Birkat HaMazon, like our entire liturgy, exists on two planes. On the one hand, it is a standardized text instituted by the rabbis that we are obligated to recite after every meal. However, it is much more than a codified formulation; its specific words and language encapsulate ideas, themes, and concepts that we must extract, define, and elucidate. Fundamentally, we must ask, what is the telos of Birkat HaMazon and what religious experience does it capture? In other words, what is the essence of the mitzva that the Torah itself commands? To address these questions we must turn our attention to a few crucial Talmudic passages.

OU Remembering Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis zt”l By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

Our pleasant stay in Israel was interrupted earlier this week by the news of the demise of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis zt”l. I use the abbreviation for “zecher tzadekes livracha” advisedly, because she was indeed a “tzadekes.” She founded Hineni and stood at the forefront of the outreach movement long before it became popular and long before “kiruv” became a household word.

NSN Headlines with Dovid Lichtenstein 8/27/2016

Featuring Rabbi Elefant on aspects of kashrus.

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SHMAIS.COM Please Daven

Please say Tehillim Shaina Chana bas Masha Yosef Yitzchok Ben Bracha SENDER BEN CHAYA DVORA Dovber Ben Dina boruch ben sorah devorah bas sorah Jaim Iosef Itzjok Ben Sara Elka Zissel Yehudis bas Masha Ettie bas Alte Miriam Charna Alexandra bas Chana Esther - 6 week old infant - Please say Kapital Alef and Chof CHAYA MEIRA BAS SHOSHANA say kapitol 49 and 20

Friday, August 26, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven -Pneumonia

Please daven for a Chicago teenager, Dovid Yitzchok ben Esther, who is in the hospital with serious pneumonia. 

[Aneinu] Baruch Dayan Ha'Emes - Girl hit by car in Monsey

This has been a very sad day. With sorrow I inform you of the loss of Shaindel bas Braindel Leah, Sheindel Mashinsky A”H, 18, after being hit by a car last night. Shaindel was a daughter of one of the pillars of chessed in the Monsey community, Rabbi Yosef Mashinsky Shlita. HaMakom yenachem eschem b'soch sha'ar aveilei Tzion v'Yerushalayim.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven for Monsey girl hit by car

Please say Tehillim for Shaindel bas Braindel Leah, an 18 year old girl in monsey who was hit by a car and is in critical condition.

[Aneinu] Plea for tefillos

From Elana, the wife of Rephoel Daniel Mordechai ben Chaya Shifra: Everyone please please storm shamayim with me! Rephoel Daniel Mordechai, my strong and amazingly courageous husband is in critical condition. We need to beg Hashem for rachamim!!

Aneinu Please Daven for young father

Please daven now for a critically ill young father who needs rachanei shamayim, Rephoel Doniel Mordechai ben Chaya Shifra.

Aneinu Tefillos Requested

Tefilos are requested for a refuah shlema for an older, disabled woman in our community, Shoshana bas Devorah. Thank you.

OU TORAH Vaeschanan 5776 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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The Torah reading of this week contains within it portions that we read in the synagogue on the morning of Tisha B’Av. With unerring accuracy the story of the Jewish people is predicted in full detail. The consequences of national sin and of an immoral society are outlined – the destruction of the Temples, the loss of national sovereignty, exile, persecution and a history of horror and unending dangers and sacrifice.


The Olympic Games currently taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are allegedly supposed to be all about sports, fair play and world camaraderie. However, underlying all of the hoopla, spin and fanfare, is the knowledge deep within all of us, that the games are all about money – lots of money for the athletes, promoters, cities involved and the pompous officials who rule the sporting games.

OU TORAH The Power of Why Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

In a much watched TED talk Simon Sinek asked the question: how do great leaders inspire action?1 What made people like Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs stand out from their contemporaries who may have been no less gifted, no less qualified? His answer: Most people talk about what. Some people talk about how. Great leaders, though, start with why. This is what makes them transformative.2

RAV KOOK ON Va'Etchanan Part 2: Introducing Prayer with Praise

The Torah records Moses’ pleas to be allowed to enter into the Land of Israel: “O God, Eternal! You have begun to show me Your greatness and power. What force is there in heaven or earth that can perform deeds and mighty acts as You can? Please, let me cross [the Jordan River] and see the good land....” (Deut. 3:24-25) Rabbi Simlai analyzed Moses’ prayer, breaking it up into two components: Praise — “You have begun to show me Your greatness....” The actual request — “Please let me cross....” This, Rabbi Simlai explained, is a model for all prayers. One should begin by praising God, and only afterwards present one’s requests. We need to understand this model. Is it simply a matter of flattering God, just as one might ‘butter up’ a mortal king before making a request? Or is there a deeper significance to this protocol for prayer?

RAV KOOK ON Va'etchanan Part 1: Cleaving to God

“You, who remained attached to the Lord your God, are all alive today.” (Deut. 4:4) What does it mean “to be attached to God”? As the Talmud (Sotah 14a) asks, is it possible to cleave to the Shechinah, God’s Divine Presence, which the Torah (Deut. 4:24) describes as a “consuming fire”?

THE BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA JOURNAL: Volume 5776 Issue XXXXII Mattos-Masei TAKING STOCK Who inherits outstanding loans, stocks or other financial instruments? By: HaRav Dovid Grossman, Rosh Bais HaVaad L'Inyonei Mishpat

Introduction The halachic rules of inheritance differ from those of secular law in a number of significant ways. In this shiur, we will focus on details related to two specific halachos and their modern applications: The bechor – or firstborn son – receives a double portion of the inheritance of his deceased father in relation to the other sons1. If a married woman dies, her husband inherits her2.

THE BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA JOURNAL: Volume 5776 Issue XXXXII Mattos-Masei PAYING FOR POISON In the not-so-rare case of food poisoning, who pays who? By: HaRav Dovid Grossman, Rosh Bais HaVaad L'Inyonei Mishpat

Eli walked into Glatt Smart and ordered a large assortment of salads, dips, and kugels for Shabbos. After taking his packages, he began to walk out, when he was stopped by Mr. Perlman, the owner of the store. Mr. P. said to him, "Sir, please excuse me, but you forgot to pay." Eli replied emphatically, "Oh, I don't plan on paying. Last week, I bought chopped liver here, and my wife and I and everyone else who ate the liver became sick with food poisoning. Not only were my children home from school for a few days, but even worse, I could not go to work for several days and I lost four days’ worth of wages. That is aside from the medical bills we were swamped with. So first of all, I’d like a refund for last week’s chopped liver. But aside from that, I expect you to compensate for all of the losses and expenses incurred on account of this catastrophe. And that is why I'm going to be taking this week's order for free— for starters.”

THE BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA JOURNAL: Volume 5776 Issue XXXXII Mattos-Masei AN ERUV FIELD GUIDE Common Eruv problems and how to fix them By: Rav Yehonason Sassportas

Given the fact that bungalow colonies are generally surrounded by an Eruv, we present a general outline of the factors that may cause this enclosure to become invalid, so that even a layman may identify them.

OU TORAH Devarim 5776 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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No matter how accurately facts are presented, the picture that they impart is incomplete if the element of perspective and background is not also present. The Torah reading of last week concluded the narrative of the creation of the Jewish people and of their special role in human history and civilization. This week we begin to study the final book of the Torah of Moshe.

OU TORAH To 120: Growing Old, Staying Young Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

On 27 March 2012, to celebrate the diamond jubilee of the Queen, an ancient ceremony took place at Buckingham Palace. A number of institutions presented Loyal Addresses to the Queen, thanking her for her service to the nation. Among them was the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Its then president, Vivian Wineman, included in his speech the traditional Jewish blessing on such occasions. He wished her well “until a hundred and twenty.”

RAV KOOK ON Devarim Part 2: Moses Speaks!

The Book of Deuteronomy is essentially a collection of Moses’ farewell speeches, delivered to the Jewish people as they prepared to enter the Land of Israel. The eloquence, passion, and cadence of Moses’ discourses are breathtaking. One can only wonder: is this the same man who claimed to be “heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue” (Ex. 4:10)?

RAV KOOK ON Devarim Part 2: Moses Speaks!

The Book of Deuteronomy is essentially a collection of Moses’ farewell speeches, delivered to the Jewish people as they prepared to enter the Land of Israel. The eloquence, passion, and cadence of Moses’ discourses are breathtaking. One can only wonder: is this the same man who claimed to be “heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue” (Ex. 4:10)?

RAV KOOK ON Devarim Part 1: Elucidating the Torah

“On the east bank of the Jordan, in the land of Moab, Moses began to elucidate (be'er) this Torah.” (Deut. 1:5)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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Kids of Courage Spotlight: Nachum Discussed K.o.C. and Today’s Concert Starring 8th Day

Nachum Segal interviewed Dr. Stuart Ditchek about the Kids of Courage organization and today’s amazing concert featuring 8th Day at AT&T stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys in support of the fallen police officers’ families of the Dallas Police Department. The concert will be streaming live on the Kids of Courage website and Facebook page. “Kids of Courage is a groundbreaking volunteer-centric organization, dedicated to the support of sick children and their families, day and night, 365 days a year. Founded in 2008, Kids of Courage is committed to change the way people look at illness, and open up a world of support, hope and opportunity for every sick child and family, no matter how serious the diagnosis is.”

[Aneinu] Baruch Dayan Ha'Emes - Rebbetzin Jungreis a"h

With a very heavy heart I inform youj of the loss of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a"h, Esther bas Miriam. Today we are truly orphans. Legend in Kiruv: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a”h August 23, 2016 2:51 pm 0 It is with great sadness that we report the passing this afternoon of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a”h,founder of Hineni and pioneer in the world of kiruv. Rebbetzin Jungreis was born in 1936 in Szeged, Hungary, where her father, Rav Avrohom Halevi Jungreis zt”l, was chief rabbi. Click Here! Her father was deported with other Jews from Szeged in a cattle car bound for Auschwitz. However, a relative who worked for Rudolph Kastner’s office arranged that when the train from Szeged passed through Budapest, the cattle car was opened and the entire Jungreis family was transferred onto the Kastner train to Switzerland. In 1947, after being spared the horrors of the concentration camps and the Holocaust, the Jungreis family arrived in Brooklyn, New York, where the Rebbetzin married a distant cousin, Rav Meshulem Halevi Jungreis zt”l. The newly-married Jungreis couple settled in North Woodmere, New York, where Rav Jungreis became the rov of Ohr HaTorah. The Rebbetzin and her husband embarked on a lifelong mission to combat the spiritual Holocaust that was occurring in front of their eyes in the United States. She waged a fierce battle against interfaith marriages, secularization, and other forms of assimilation, which she firmly believed was an existential threat to the continued existence of Klal Yisroel. Due to her experiences as a Holocaust survivor, she became determined to devote her life to fighting assimilation. This led to the birth of the Hineni Movement in 1973. Hineni became a worldwide movement, with centers all over the world. As a result, Rebbetzin Jungreis spoke in locations such as the Hollywood Palladium, the Johannesburg Coliseum and Binyanei HaUmah in Yerushalayim. She also spoke regularly for the United States Army and Navy as well as for the Israel Defense Forces. Rebbetzin Jungreis authored several best-selling books, including “The Jewish Soul On Fire,” “The Committed Life,” and “The Committed Marriage,” all of which have been translated into many languages, with tens of thousands of volumes disseminated in every corner of the globe. Her latest book, “Life Is A Test,” was widely acclaimed as one of the 10 best Jewish inspirational books of all time. The Rebbetzin was a trailblazer for over a half century, crisscrossing the globe with her message of loving-kindness and hope. She was a teacher of Torah to Jews from every walk of life. She spent her life showing the beauty of Yiddishkeit to Jews across the globe, bringing countless neshomos back to their roots. The Rebbetzin’s pioneering work was widely recognized, and she received brachos and encouragement from numerous gedolim. She was also recognized by numerous world leaders for her work within the Jewish community to advance Yiddishkeit. Among them were such notables as the late prime minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, and President George W. Bush, who asked the Rebbetzin to accompany him to Yerushalayim for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel in 2008. Her passing has plunged her tens of thousands of followers and admirers into mourning. Rebbetzin Jungreis is survived by her children, Chaya Sora Gertzulin, Rabbi Yisroel Jungreis, Slovi Wolff and Rabbi Osher Jungreis, and by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Levayah details will be forthcoming. Yehi zichrah boruch. {CB}

Aneinu Please Daven Procedure Tommorow

Please daven for Ita Shulamit bat Chaya Laya who will be having a diagnostic procedure tomorrow and would like to know that people are davening for her. Please daven that all should go well and she should hear good news when she gets the results. Thank you very much!

[Aneinu] Please daven for Devorah Chana bas Zlata

Please continue to daven for Devorah Chana bas Zlata, who is having tests today with results to come back today, tomorrow or Wednesday. May we hear bsoros tovos. Thank you for your tefilos! Tizku l'mitzvos!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Aneinu Please Say Tehillim Surgery Teusday

Please say extra Tehillim tomorrow morning, Tuesday, for the husband of an Aneinu member, Moshe b-n Sara, who will be having a very important surgery.

Aneinu Please Pray For Our Dear Rebbetzin!

URGENT CALL FOR PRAYER!   OUR DEAR REBBETZIN NEEDS OUR TEFILLOS / PRAYERS  As all of our dear friends know, our beloved mother REBBETZIN ESTHER JUNGREIS has been undergoing treatment for a serious illness.   The Rebbetzin's condition is quite serious, and we are asking all of our friends and  members of our HINENI family to please say extra prayers for our dear mother, and the spiritual mother of all the Jewish people.   The Rebbetzin has for many decades kindled the light of Torah in millions of Jewish hearts throughout the world.  She has prayed for us and blessed each of all with her loving kindness and warmth.   NOW, THE REBBETZIN NEEDS OUR PRAYERS!   We beseech each and every one of you to daven for a refuah sheleimoh / speedy recovery  for ESTHER BAS MIRIAM.   May HaShem answer all of our prayers and bring refuos and yeshuos to our dear mother and to all those who desperately need them.   Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Chaya Sora Gertzulin Yisroel Jungreis Slovi Jungreis Wolff Osher Jungreis

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for an Aneinu member, Miriam bas Rivka, who is having a procedure tomorrow, Monday morning at 10:00 AM. Please daven that all should go well and that she should have good results and besoros tovos.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

YWN Aneinu TRAGEDY IN HOUSTON: Chava Leah Chapman A’H Killed In Fire; Husband Yosef Chaim Alter Ben Malka Hospitalized

The Houston Jewish Community was struck by tragedy over Shabbos, when a fire tore through the home of a well-known family, leaving the wife R”L dead, and husband in critical condition. Firefighters were called around 7:45PM to the home of Julius and Eva Lou Chapman, in the 9400 block of Greenwillow St. They said they found heavy smoke and flames coming from the one-story brick house. Once inside, they found Julius Chapman near the front of the house with burns and suffering smoke inhalation. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Firefighters located the body of Mrs. Eva Lou (Chava Leah bas Yosef Leib)Chapman A”H shortly after. Ads By Artscroll: Click Here! The Chapman’s [both in their 70's] were pioneers in early Houston. Family members told YWN that they built a mikvah in their bedroom which was used back then by the community. Please say tehillim for Yosef Chaim Alter Ben Malka. Not only did firefighters try their best to save the pair, but the community tried as well, neighbors said. Neighbor Chris Martin grabbed an ax and tried to help. “The door was so blocked we couldn’t even push the door open. So I tried to chop a hole in the door to get in,” he said. Martin didn’t know the couple, but said when a neighbor’s in need, you don’t hesitate to help. “When I read this morning that someone really died it kind of makes you wonder, ‘Could I have chopped harder? Could I have beat the door down more or done something?’ But (we) did the best that we could do.” Martin said. The victims’ cousin said the couple has a big family, “They probably have about 50 grandchildren, great grandchildren, too,” Alysa Graves said. The elderly couple was big in the Jewish community and members of the United Orthodox Synagogue. Investigators are looking into what may have started the fire. No Levaya information was available. Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes… (Chaim Shapiro – YWN) - See more at:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for the refuah shlema of a Chicagoan who has been in the hospital, Shmaryahu ben Faigie Sara

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Friday

Please daven and say Tehillim for Ellen Levine, Elana bas Sara, who will be having surgery tomorrow, Friday, at approximately 10:30 AM. The surgery will last until approximately 4 PM. Please keep her in your tefillos.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Throughout the entire Torah it seems clear that the Jewish people were to maintain the system of separate tribes with separate leaders. At first glance, it seems that this system of separate tribes would always guarantee a strong element of disunity within the Jewish people. Would it not have been better to discard the original tribal system of the house of Jacob and build instead a more unified community?


My dear friend and esteemed member of our congregation, Professor Robert Aumann, told me a thoroughly wonderful story with a deep moral message. He had gone to visit the late, great Rabbi Gustman in the hospital where the rabbi was being treated for a sore on his foot. His physician was the famed Dr. Heiman, an exceptional person in his own right.

JI “Vhaarev Na” Featuring Baruch Levine & Simcha Leiner

An inspirational musical video composed in honor of the “Vhaarev Na” “Simchas HaTorah”. Vhaarev Na is a program motivating every bochur to LEARN, REVIEW, LOVE, and LIVE Gemara! Vhaarev Na is currently instituted in 32 Yeshivos, impacting over 1000 bochurim. For more information please visit or email Rabbi Dovid Newman at

The Complexity of Human Rights By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

The book of Bamidbar comes to a close that is very strange indeed. Earlier in the parsha of Pinchas we read of how the five daughters of Tzelophehad came to Moses with a claim based on justice and human rights.1 Their father had died without sons. Inheritance – in this case, of a share in the land – passes through the male line, but here there was no male line. Surely their father was entitled to his share, and they were his only heirs. By rights that share should come to them: “Why should our father’s name be disadvantaged in his family merely because he did not have a son? Give us a portion of land along with our father’s brothers” (Num. 27:4). Moses had received no instruction about such an eventuality, so he asked God directly. God found in favour of the women. “The daughters of Tzelophehad are right. You shall give them possession of an inheritance among their father’s brothers and transfer the inheritance of their father to them.” He gave Moses further instructions about the disposition of inheritance, and the narrative then passes on to other matters.

RAV KOOK ON Massei: Unchecked Violence

With harsh words, the Torah admonishes a society where murderers can evade punishment through bribes: “Do not defile the land in which you live and in which I live.” (Num. 35:34) In what way does letting murderers go unpunished “defile the land”? And why does the Torah emphasize that this is the land where both we and God dwell? The Sages taught in Shabbat 33a: “For the crime of bloodshed, the Temple is destroyed and the Shekhinah [God’s Presence] departs from Israel. As it says, “Do not defile the land in which you live and in which I live.” If you do defile it, you will not dwell in it, nor will I dwell in it.” Why is it appropriate to punish such a disfunctional society with destruction of the Beit HaMikdash, loss of the Shekhinah, and exile?

RAV KOOK ON Matot: Two Paths to Purity

After the victory over the Midianites, Elazar the High Priest explained to the soldiers how to kasher and purify the metal utensils captured in the war: “As far as the gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and lead are concerned: whatever was used over fire must be passed through fire, and it will be clean. However, it must be then purified with the sprinkling water.” (Num. 31:22-23) The Midianite vessels had become defiled in battle, through contact with death. They needed to be purified, by sprinkling over them water mixed with the ashes of the red heifer. This is the standard process of purification, a process that takes a week to complete.

Muqata and Aneinu Please Daven

2:05pm Current list of names for prayers Nissim ben Orna Simcha (IDF soldier seriously wounded in Har Dov incident) Chava Rachel bat Ayelet HaShachar (wounded near Otniel on Highway 60) Shachar ben Ayelet (IDF officer seriously wounded by bomb attack on Tuesday evening, May 10th) Matan ben Sara (soldier seriously wounded in ramming attack near Dolev) Eden bat Rachel (15 year old girl very seriously wounded in bus bomb attack in Jerusalem) May they all have a refuah shelaima -- a full and speedy recovery among all the sick and wounded of Israel.

Monday, August 15, 2016

JI and JMR Dovid Lowy 2- Inspire [Audio Sampler]

It was only two short years ago that Dovid Lowy made his first appearance on the Jewish music scene. His debut album “Ata Imadi” was an instant hit, and continues to enchant music fans worldwide. Its sweet sound coupled with duets with prolific composer Abie Rotenberg and Israeli artist Yosef Karduner, made it an instant favorite. Since then the word Lowy has continued to grow with the release of two music videos. The first being Ma Rabu, a popular song off his debut album, and the second is a song titled “Abba Sheli” off his upcoming second album. Dovid wanted to create something really special and unique for his second album. After almost two years of work, he is proud to present “INSPIRE”. Composed and produced by Dovid himself, this fresh new sound comes with some truly original lyrics both in Hebrew and English. After working together with big time lyricists Chayala Neuhause on the album Miracles, Dovid and Neuhause paired up again to produce 3 of the songs on this album, including the title track “Inspire”. The album also features lyrics by the world renown Miriam Israeli, as well as her daughter Sari Israeli- who both outdid themselves once again. The album features 5 different arrangers from the cream of the crop of Jewish Music, including Udi Damari, Yitzy Berry and Eli Klein, Jeff Horvitch, and Eli Woznica, as well as the up and coming RobotJox. To top it all off, this album also features the world renowned composer, arranger and singer Aaron Razel in a brilliant composition by Dovid to end off the album with a bang. In short, Inspire is sure to make you move and be moved. Inspired is available on CD Baby for purchase and will be in stores this week from Aderet music.

JI SHWEKEY – We Are A Miracle (Official Video)

Yesterday, Tisha B’av, I was sitting on the floor reading about the horrors and suffering of our nation. It’s been so many years crying so many tears….. Instead of waiting for our planned live-show release, I decided, there’s no better time to release my “WE ARE A MIRACLE” music video than today! Let this film be a tool to help teach and remind our generation what we’ve been through. But, more importantly, focus on how lucky and thankful we should be that we are a part the greatest nation in the world! A world that still has a lot of unconditional hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people. And just like we persevered through the worst atrocities, we will continue to flourish and be proud of our heritage! Let’s sing this song as one and see and feel that each one of us is a great MIRACLE… YAAKOV SHWEKEY.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Chava Raizel bas Chana in Queens lerefuah shleima b'soch sh'or cholei Yisroel. Urgently needs tefillos.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Surgery Tomorrow

Please daven for a Chicago boy who has been on our refoeinu list for many years, Binyomin ben Olga, who will be having surgery tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Young Father

Please daven for the refuah shlema of a young father whose situation is very serious and who needs as many tefillos as possible, Refoel Doniel Mordechai ben Chaya Shifra.

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for the father of a Chicagoan, Yaackov ben Letife who is having surgery this Monday, August 15.

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Tirza bat Rachel who is having surgery today. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

NSN, Project Inspire and Charlie Harary Team Up for a More Meaningful Tisha B’Av

Nachum hosted Yossi Friedman on this morning’s JM in the AM to discuss the new film that Project Inspire has released for Tisha B’Av, as well as, the annual end of Tisha B’Av Project Inspire webcast that NSN will present on Sunday evening, starring Charlie Harary. “The Formula” is Project Inspire’s latest film that focuses on “achieving guaranteed success in ahavas Yisroel and bringing Hashem’s children back to Torah.” It is available at the Project Inspire website. This Sunday at 6:30 p.m. (ET), NSN presents Project Inspire’s Charlie Harary and guests on our stream to help closeout the fast in a meaningful and uplifting way. Tune in!

NSN JM IN THE AM Mazal Tov to Bronze Medal Winner Yarden Gerbi and the State of Israel!

Nachum welcomed Rabbi Joshua Halickman, “The Sports Rabbi” to this morning’s JM in the AM to discuss Israeli Judoist Yarden Gerbi winning the bronze medal in this year’s Olympics. They talked about Yarden, the possibility of other Israeli competitors bringing home medals, the continued expansion of sports in Israel and more.

Aneinu Please Daven Critical

Please say Tehillim for Rebbetzin Bat Zion Malka bat Miriam. Critical. 

Aneinu Please Daven

A former Chicagoan has an only child,a 3 yr old son who has a tumor in the liver. He is undergoing a complicated, high-risk surgery today in Chicago to remove it bezras Hashem! The surgery is now. Please Daven for: Avrohom

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Today

Please daven for a Chicagoan, Aharon HaLevi ben Gittel,who is having surgery today at 2:30.

Monday, August 8, 2016

[Aneinu] Please Daven for my Aunt

Please daven for my aunt, Chaya Ita bas Rus, who is having a difficult time recuperating from her surgery and is in excruciating pain. Chaya Miriam

Aneinu Baruch Dayan HaEmes

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emes. With sorrow I inform you that Dr. Aviva Herschman passed away this afternoon. HaMakom yenachem eschem bsoch sha'ar aveilei Tzion v'Yerushalayim. May we soon merit to see the tears of Klal Yisroel wiped away with the coming of Moshiach and the geula shlema.

Aneinu Please Daven Critical

Dr. Aviva Herschman, the daughter of Rabbi Joel Lehrfield, is in critical condition at Haddassah Ein Kerem, and in need of רחמי שמים.   Please daven for Aviva Rina Efrat bat Chava Riva  אביבה רינה אפרת בת חוה ריבה

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven Serious Infection

Please daven for Mindy Reiss' father, Tzvi ben Fruma Etel who is in need of tefillos. He's in the hospital with an unknown infection and the antibiotics are not working. Mindy Reiss asks that people to take on to learn an extra few minutes of Torah for a refuah sheleima for him, or extra kavana in a tefillah.  Thank you, tizki l'mitzvos


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JM SUNDAY 8/7/2016 9 Days format with Rabbi Wein

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Aneinu Please Daven

From an Aneinu member:   Please say tehillim for my father, Dovid ben Ida,  who is very ill.

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for the daughter of a former Chicagoan who is hospitalized in Eretz Yisroel with an illness that poses risk of early labor at 20.5 weeks of pregnancy. Please daven for Bracha Aliza bas Leah Malka.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

[Aneinu] PLEASE DAVEN! Our prayers DO make a difference!!!

Our prayers DO make a difference Avi Karesh is currently hospitalized in New York. He is suffering from respiratory distress and needs our tefillot. Please click here to sign up to say a chapter of tehillim each day for the next week. Through our tefillot, may Avi - אברהם גרשון בן ציפה have a refuah shlaima!


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