Monday, January 30, 2017

Aneinu Tefillos Needed Surgery Tuesday Morning

Leah bas Golda is having surgery tomorrow 7:00 AM, please keep her in your tefillos.  She is fighting pancreatic cancer.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Surgery Tuesday

Please daven for the aunt of a Chicagoan, Sara Rochel bas Osna who is having surgery tomorrow, Tuesday.

Nachum Got a YY50 Update with Rabbi Elan Mazer of Mizrachi Canada

Visit the Mizrachi website HERE.

[Aneinu] Please daven for Michoel Yaakov ben Chana

Please daven for Michoel Yaakov ben Chana, who once again tomorrow is being brought before an IDF Magistrate in Tel Aviv. PLEASE daven and say tehillim that they should decide to let him return to learning Torah full time as he has been doing for the past several years. If you can I ask that you take a moment and go to the link on tehilim yachad and say a perek for him: BS"D I would like to explain the circumstances surrounding my sons situation. Michoel has been in yeshivot since before his Bar mitzva, and at 15 was admitted into yeshiva gedola here in EY. Since arriving here in. 2009 my son has always appeared at each meeting with the Army as prescribed. However, what started this incident was the fact that he did not receive the notice that was supposedly sent out. As of now, there are many things that are not making sense, however we still need tefillots that Michoel Yaakov should be able to return to kollel and learn Torah lishma, in order to do his part in protecting Klal Israel. May each one of us soon be zoche to greet our Mashiach and be united in shalom. Tziku l'mitzvot Chana

Sunday, January 29, 2017

[Aneinu] Please say 142 for Maran Hagaon HaRav Shteinman

I was told that Harav Kanievsky requested that everyone say Tehillim kapittel 142 for Aharon Yehuda Leib ben Gittel Faiga, Maran Hagaon HaRav Shteinman,

Aneinu Please Daven -Serious Procedure Tonight!

From an Aneinu member:   Please ask everyone to say Tehillim for a Refuah Shelaima for my mother in law Sara bas Raizel Bracha, who is in the hospital and going to have a serious procedure tonight!!! May she and all of Klal Yisrael have Refuos and Yeshuos!!!

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Monday

From an Aneinu member:   My mother-in-law, Avigayil bas Sarah, is having a hip replacement surgery done tomorrow, Monday. Please daven that it should go successfully and that she should be able to re-learn how to walk quickly and painlessly. Tisku l'mitzvos!!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Aneinu Tefillos Needed for Maran Hagoan Harav Shteiman

Please daven for Aharon Yehuda Leib ben Gittel Faiga, Maran Hagaon HaRav Aron Leib Shteinman who is in ICU after being admitted to the hospital on Motzei Shabbos after having severe difficulty breathing.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Aneinu Muqata Egged 461 bus accident near maaleh livonah

Update: Egged 461 Bus Accident near Maaleh Livona Update: Despite heavy rains and winds -- IDF helicopters have landed on the scene with emergency trauma teams. Death toll has reportedly risen. Update: Reports of 2 killed, 3 in serious condition, 12 moderate. On the road going up to the community of Maaleh Livona in the Shomron / Binyamin region, an Egged passenger bus has fallen off the road -- with a drop of hundreds of feet. Search and Rescue teams are having a difficult time reaching the bus due to heavy rains and the location of the bus. Over a dozen wounded passengers with some seriously. IDF medivac helicopters should be on the scene any minute.


HEZEK RIYAH NOWADAYS? Rav Elyshiv says nowadays there are zoning laws apartments built on top of another preclude all hezek riyah laws. Rav Wosner says our yards nowadays we don't do private activities in our yards.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - in Hospital

Please daven for Sarah Bracha bas Yenta, a Chicagoan who has been in the hospital with a ruptured appendix since motzaei Shabbos, is getting CT scan today. Refuah sheleima. .

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Friday

Please daven for David ben Chaya Leah who is having heart surgery on Friday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Coffee in Shul? + Ma'aser for Wedding Expenses / SHC Weekly ~ Shemot 5777

May one eat or drink in a Bet Kenesset or Bet Midrash? By Rabbi Moshe Pinchasi Read more...

OU TORAH NAALEH.COM and YU TORAH Names of Nobility By Shira Smiles

Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein The second book of the Torah, sometimes referred to as the Book of Redemption in Hebrew (known as Exodus in English) is more often called “Shemot/Names,” as is the first Parsha reading of this book. Simply, the Sefer begins with listing all the names of Bnei Yisroel that descended to Egypt, repeating the list from Sefer Bereishit, and ending with, “And Joseph was in Egypt.”

YU TORAH Moshe and Aaron – Emet and Chesed By Rabbi Aaron Soloveichik

Click here.

YU TORAH Shemot By Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

Click here.

[Aneinu] Tefillos Needed - New Mother

Please daven for the daughter of a Chicagoan, Esther Malka bas Davida, who just had surgery after complications from childbirth, and may need a 2nd surgery. The need for tehillim is rather urgent at this time.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Surgery

Please daven for the daughter of a Chicagoan, Esther Malka bas Davida, who just had surgery

CHABAD.ORG The Real Answer to the Jewish Problem Life Lessons from Parshat Shemot By Yehoshua B. Gordon

he Jewish bondage in Egypt contains the all-too-familiar horrific story of anti-Semitism that marks our history. What is the reason behind this hatred and what is the ultimate solution?

OU TORAH Shemos 5777 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Click here.

[Aneinu] URGENT Tefillos Needed for Yosef Shalom ben Shira Miriam

Please daven for 11 year old Chicagoan Yosef Shalom ben Shira Miriam who is in ICU.

YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Shemot 5777

oronto Torah for Parshat Shemot 5777 includes articles on the parshah, Ralbag's commentary on the Torah, Rabbi Shlomo haKohen Aharonson, Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin, and more.


There are crises that develop slowly and gradually while there are others that are sudden, surprising and unexpected. We see that in Jewish history both types of difficulties abound. The fall of the northern kingdom of Israel – that of the ten tribes – was sudden and unexpected. Only a short time before the northern kingdom of Israel had been one of the major military powers in the area.


It seems that the intrinsic nature of human beings is to be optimistic about the future and about life generally. This is a very strange phenomenon since it flies in the face of all of human experience and seeming reality. We are all aware that the rule, that whatever can go wrong will eventually go wrong, has had very few exceptions in human history.

Parshat Shemot: Open Eyes, and an Open Heart Open Eyes, and an Open Heart By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

I was always taught of the advantage of simplicity in language. My favorite author during my adolescence was Ernest Hemingway, and I remember reading comments that he made criticizing those who used multi-syllable words when shorter words would suffice.

OU TORAH Who Am I? By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Moses’ second question to God at the burning bush was, Who are you? “So I will go to the Israelites and say, ‘Your fathers’ God sent me to you.’ They will immediately ask me what His name is. What shall I say to them?” (Ex. 3:13). God’s reply, Ehyeh asher ehyeh, wrongly translated in almost every Christian Bible as something like “I am that I am,” deserves an essay in its own right (I deal with it in my books Future Tense and The Great Partnership). “His first question, though, was, Mi anochi, “Who am I?” (Ex. 3:11). “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?” said Moses to God. “And how can I possibly get the Israelites out of Egypt?” On the surface the meaning is clear. Moses is asking two things. The first: who am I, to be worthy of so great a mission? The second: how can I possibly succeed? God answers the second. “Because I will be with you.” You will succeed because I am not asking you to do it alone. I am not really asking you to do it at all. I will be doing it for you. I want you to be My representative, My mouthpiece, My emissary and My voice.

RAV KOOK ON Shemot Part 2: The Inner Trait of Goodness

When Moses expressed his doubts as to whether the people would believe he was indeed God’s messenger, God gave him a sign to prove his authenticity — but a sign which implied displeasure in Moses’ lack of faith in his people. What was the sign? Moses’ hand temporarily became white with tzara’at (leprosy). A miraculous sign, to be sure, but tzara’at is an affliction that defiles — a clear indication that Moses was being chastised. The Sages noted a subtle discrepancy between the Torah’s description of Moses’ hand turning leprous and its subsequent return to normalcy. The first time, Moses took out his hand “and behold! his hand was leprous like snow” (Ex. 4:6). Then Moses placed his hand inside his robes a second time, and when he had “removed it from his chest, his skin had [already] returned to normal” (Ex. 4:7). A careful reading of the text indicates that the two transformations occurred differently. The leprosy took hold after Moses removed his hand from his robe; but his hand reverted to its normal color even before he had taken out his hand, while it was still inside his robe. Why should there be a difference between the two? From here, the Sages concluded, “The Divine trait of tovah [goodness] comes more quickly than the trait of puranut [suffering or punishment]” (Shabbat 97a). What does this mean? Why should one trait be faster or better than another?

RAV KOOK ON Shemot PART 1: Going To Peace

After agreeing to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses took leave of his father-in-law. Jethro blessed Moses “Go in peace” (Ex. 4:18). Actually, Jethro said “Go to peace.” The Talmud (Berachot 64a) picks up on this fine nuance: “One who takes leave from his friend should not say ‘Go in peace’ (lech BE-shalom), but ‘Go to peace’ (lech LE-shalom). Jethro told Moses, ‘Go to peace’ — Moses went and succeeded in his mission. David told his son Absalom, ‘Go in peace’ — Absalom went and was hanged. When taking leave of the deceased, however, one should say, ‘Go in peace.'” What is the difference between these two salutations? Why is one appropriate for the living, and the second for the dead?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[aneinu] PIDYON SHEVUYIM!!! Only 4 days left to save a life!!!

PIDYON SHEVUYIM: Israeli Who Was Fighting ISIS Faces A Murder Indictment (Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 01:30 PM) A 22-year-old Israeli, a Jew, is facing murder charges in a nation that does not maintain diplomatic ties with Israel. Ben Hessin, who went abroad to battle ISIS, fired two shots at a driver who tried to kill him. the driver died of his wounds a number of days later. He has been in custody since June 6, 2015 in a nation that does not maintain ties with Israel. Hessin traveled to the unnamed country to visit his grandparents, who still live there. He joined local forces in the battle against ISIS. On leave, the driver of the vehicle transporting him tried to kill him when he learned he is an Israeli. Armed, Hessin fired in self-defense, killing the driver/attacker. He remains imprisoned until the death sentence is handed down against him. Ilan Hessin, his father, told Walla News of his concern, explaining it has been a year and seven months. He adds the taxi driver that his son shot wanted to turn him over to ISIS after learning he was an Israeli Jew. Israel Foreign Ministry officials report they have been in touch with the man’s family for some time, stressing his safety and well-being as an Israeli citizen is of paramount importance. The case was revealed two months ago by Deputy Minister [at the time] Ayoub Kara, who was then compelled to remove the information from social media due to security establishment censorship on the case. He came under fire for releasing information on the case. Kara has since been appointed as a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. A fund has been launched by ZAKA to save the mans life. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


Click here for Rabbi Elefant or Rabbi Rosner insight filled shiur plus Rabbi Elefant Daf sugya shiur.If you are looking for a little Chassidus in your daf then Rabbi Avraham Zajac daf shiur is for you.YU Torah daf shiurs.Introduction to Bava Basra Perek Hashutfin By Rabbi Aaron SoloveichikThe Bais Havaad the Daf in Halacha.Outlines insights and more from the Kollel Iyun Hadaf.Review the daf in about 5 minutes with Daf Hachaim. Daf Digest which features the very nice halacha highlight.Daf Notes img1 English Commentary – If you wish to read an easy to understand complete English translation of the Daily Daf then our English Commentary is for you. Our Daf Notes English translation incorporates the discussions of the Gemara for the advanced learner’s review and at the same time offers an easy to understand translation for the beginner where you can learn and review the Daf Yomi in under 20 minutes a day! Daf Insights – In conjunction with the Daf elucidation, we offer some additional food for thought, what we call Daf Insights . These Insights consist of Halachic and Aggadic topics and can be used as a springboard for further research and learning. Daily Mashal – We attempt to glean something practical from each and every Daf; something that can make a positive difference in your life.The Artscroll app which now has hebrew gemaras links to Tanach and RambamA Chavrusa gemara for your android device also available on the Kindle Fire.Tractate Bava Batra, part I, is the 27th volume of the Koren Talmud Bavli project. Like the preceding volumes, it includes the entire original text, in the traditional configuration and pagination of the famed Vilna edition of the Talmud. This enables the student to follow the core text with the commentaries of Rashi, Tosafot, and the customary marginalia. It also provides a clear English translation in contemporary idiom, faithfully based upon the modern Hebrew edition, color photos, maps, and summaries of each chapter. Bava Batra is primarily occupied with civil law, including the halakhot of contracts, property, and estates. It addresses four principal issues: Relations between neighbors, the halakhot of presumption of ownership and deeds, the halakhot of sales, and the halakhot of inheritance.Also available as a pdf great for tablets.On sale at Rosenblooms.Don't forget to pick up your Yated Neman which has the nice Tales and Teachings From The Daf.

CHABAD.ORG Rabbi Avraham Zajac BAVA METZIA DAF 119

Towards the end there a really nice insight from the Lubavitcher Rebbe.


1.Rabbi Elefant and Rabbi Rosner both bring Rav Zilberstein Chashukei Chemed who asks how can you teach a non jew Torah.Rav Moshe answers he intends to teach the jews not the non jews.Another answer is you can teach them civil law or the 7 mitzvos of Noach laws. 2.Rabbi Elefant says shniem uchzin 2 people grabing a talis a father and son learn Torah together heated argument end harmony prevails love at the end.Beis Shamai and Bais Hillel argue lishaim shamiem to get to divar HASHEM vs Korach vadaso.We begsn the masechta with yachloku machlokes end with Rav Shimon work out compromise both get vegetables end with shalom.HASHEM should bless us zechus connected to the roots Torah Beis medrash we our children and all of klal yisrael should be blessed. 3.Rabbi Rosner brings the Biura Chassidus who brings the Toldos Yaakov Yosef the jews have top bottom and middle people what do we paskin we are middle should connect to the top people every jew has a pintle yid.Rebbi Yehuda fight yetzer hara we paskin like Rav Shimon pull up connect to those above.

OU TORAH Bava Metzia 118 Cancelling a Custom Order By Bais Havaad Halacha Center The Daf In Halacha

[Aneinu] Tefillos Needed - Surgery Wed. Night

Please daven for the husband of an Aneinu member, Yosef Shlomo Rafoel ben Sara who is having surgery Thursday 7:30 am Israel time . (11:30 pm Wednesday Chicago time ) They went to Israel for a simcha and he ended up in the hospital. Please daven that the surgery be successful and he have a refuah shlema.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Aneinu Urgent! Tefillos Needed

Please daven for the sister-in-law of an Aneinu member, Shira Zipporah bat Rita who is in urgent need of tefillos for a refuah shlema.

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for a Chicagoan, Moshe Dovid ben Gittel Leah who just had surgery this morning.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven

Please keep davening for 11 year old Chicagoan, Yosef Shalom ben Shira Miriam, Yosef Shapiro, who continues to need our tefillos.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven for me!

Please daven for me, Chaya Miriam bas Leah. I am having complications from the flu. I'm in the emergency room.  Chaya Miriam

Aneinu Please Daven

Click here for article. A 10-year-old Jewish girl who attends Beth Rivkah in Melbourne is among four people killed in a car ramming attack in Melbourne, her mother and sister are in critical condition. A 10-year-old Jewish girl who attends Beth Rivkah Ladies College in Melbourne is among four people killed in a car ramming attack in Melbourne, The AJN understands. It is understood the girl’s mother and sister are in a critical condition in hospital. They are undergoing surgery this morning. The victim's name has not been released so that family members could be notified. At approximately 1.30pm a car deliberately struck a number of pedestrians in the vicinity of Bourke and Queen Streets. The 26-year-old man was fleeing the police after stabbing his brother, the authorities said. He ran down a group of people with his car in a busy pedestrian mall in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, killing four and injuring at least 20 others before he was shot and taken into custody. The police locked down the area after the episode, which occurred at midday in the bustling Bourke Street shopping mall in central Melbourne, as the city was hosting the Australian Open tennis tournament. Graham Ashton, the police commissioner for the state of Victoria, said that a young child was killed, as were a man and woman, both in their 30s. Five of the people injured were in critical condition, including a baby, and Commissioner Ashton said the death toll was expected to rise. The father of the girl has asked for Tehillim for Rochel Bas Mazal and Mazal bas Cholah, and also for the nifteres, Sarah Bas Yoav.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven Icu

Please daven for a Chicagoan Rivka bas Delicia who is in ICU.

Between the Lines of the Bible: Exodus: A Study from the New School of Orthodox Torah Commentary by Rabbi Etshalom is on Amazon

In this rich volume, Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom demonstrates the methodology through which traditional study meets academic rigor, a methodology that can offer new insights into the meaning of the Tanakh. He describes the way in which fields such as anthropology, archeology, philology, and literary analysis have allowed students of the Tanakh to understand, with greater depth and insight, the stories, laws, prophecies, and poems that have formed the backbone of the Jewish faith for thousands of years.

Nachum and Rabbi Dr. Weinreb Explore “The Person in the Parasha”

Nachum welcomed Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb to explore his fascinating book on the weekly Torah portions entitled, “The Person in the Parasha – Discovering the Human Element in the Weekly Torah Portion.” From the OU Press website: “The Person in the Parasha, Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb’s compilation of essays based on his highly popular column of the same name, offers the unique point of view of a world-renowned Torah scholar, community rabbi, and clinical psychotherapist. Each essay begins with an interesting anecdote which the author then connects to a central theme in the parasha, and wraps up with a profound message of inspiration and wisdom for life and spiritual growth. The Person in the Parasha offers a creative and original look at each of the weekly Torah readings, addressing a wide spectrum of human emotions and topics – optimism, grief, integrity, bullying, conformity, envy, aging, parenting, and much more. In this work, Rabbi Weinreb brings the biblical personalities to life, focusing on what motivates them and how we can best emulate their positive traits in our own lives. Based on prolific knowledge of Torah, literature and decades of experience dealing with interpersonal relationships, Rabbi Weinreb offers guidance for daily life – its challenges, struggles, and joys alike.”

Koren Humash Shemot, Rashi & Onkelos Menukad (Hebrew Edition) IS ON AMAZON

An innovative addition to Koren's Educational Resources, the Humash with Rashi and Onkelos is rich with valuable resources that makes Humash study clear and accessible to students of all ages. The carefully-crafted layout honors the centrality of the Torah by placing the Biblical text its own page, facing the commentaries. This layout allows students to focus on the text on its own terms before encountering the commentaries. * Appendixes with real-life color photos of plants and other biblical botany, 3D maps indicating locations in the Bible, helpful charts and diagrams, and more.NSN By The Book on the Koren Israel Chumash.

Good Night, Moon + Tuition from Ma'aser / SHC Weekly ~ VaYehi 5777 Child Support from Ma’aser Money By Dayan Yosef Greenwald, Dayan Bet HaVa’ad, Yerushalayim Part 2

Some of the important discussions regarding the disbursement of Ma’aser funds, pertain to the support one’s children. May Ma’aser be used for marrying off a child? May it be used for supporting a son in Kollel? How about paying tuition for high school yeshiva students or hefty seminary payments? These are some of the questions this article attempts to resolve.

Good Night, Moon + Tuition from Ma'aser / SHC Weekly ~ VaYehi 5777 Can Birkat HaLevana be recited only at night? By Rav Mordechai Lebhar / Senior Posek for the SHC and Rosh Kollel LINK, Los Angeles Part 1

While the general Minhag is to recite Birkat HaLevana on Motza’e Shabbat, it may often be necessary to recite it on a weekday due to cloudy skies. This can pose a potential Halachic issue for those who pray Arvit and want to recite Birkat HaLevana with a Minyan, immediately after Arvit. Although the Halacha is that one can pray Arvit from P’lag HaMinha and on (10¾ seasonal hours into the day) – as is the practice of many communities – we must inquire whether this is also the case with regards to Birkat HaLevana.

OU TORAH NAALEH.COM and YU TORAH Directed Dispersion By Shira Smiles

As Yaakov senses his life coming to a close, he gathers his sons around him to give them each one final, personalized blessing. Indeed each son gets his individual blessing except for Shimon and Levi who are addressed jointly. Further, the text of their blessing sounds more like a curse than like a blessing: “Shimon and Levi are comrades (brothers), their weaponry is a stolen craft. In their conspiracy may my soul not enter … For in their rage they murdered people and at their whim they maimed an ox. Accursed is their rage for it is intense, and their wrath for it is harsh; I will divide them within Jacob and I will disperse them among Israel.”

YU TORAH Vayechi By Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

Click here.