Sunday, November 29, 2015

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Surgery Now

Please daven now for the father of an Aneinu member, יששכר בן מינדלא Yissochor ben Mindele, who is still very weak and in critical condition, but open heart surgery can not be avoided today. He is now in surgery in Eretz Yisroel.

[Aneinu] Please Daven

From Debbie in Israel: BS"D Dear Daveners: Chen Leah bat Yael a little baby girl who has a stomach tumor. Please keep her in your prayers/tehillim for the next 3 weeks, thank you. Melech Dovid Ben Sarah who will be undergoing open heart surgery in a few hours. Please keep him in your prayers/tehillim for one week. Rivka Elisheva bas Gittel Devora, who actually had an infection in her brain, which is slowly healing but it is taking time to recover all her motor functions, memory, etc. Please keep her in your prayers/tehillim for the next four weeks. Update Sheindel bat Royza, one of our davener's cousin had been unconscious but is now talking to her sister. She is still in intensive care, and is undergoing an alternative treatment to dialysis which is more difficult for her. She still needs Tehillim and tefillot. Tizku l'mitzvot, all of you! Please keep her in your prayers/tehillim for two weeks, thank you very much. May we hear good news very, very soon.

HaShoneh Halachos 2: Mishneh Torah By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

141. The Mass-Proselytizer (Madiach)



CELEBRATE Food | Family | Shabbos by Elizabeth Kurtz IS AT KESHER STAM

One of the joys of Shabbos is that it comes 52 weeks a year — the fun is making it delicious every time! CELEBRATE will help you do just that, with more than 200 crowd-pleasing recipes that are easy enough for everyday, and special enough for Shabbos. You'll find tips for making meals ahead, freezing, re-warming, and ingredient substitutions for making almost every dish Passover perfect. Each week thousands of followers turn to author Elizabeth Kurtz's highly acclaimed website,, for their favorite kosher recipes. In CELEBRATE you will see why! Aprobations: "This book is full of vibrant photographs that make your mouth water. The recipes all have a unique twist, and at the same time are easy to follow and approachable for the home cook." —David Kolotkin, Executive Chef, The Prime Grill "Elizabeth's signature elegance and sophisticated style, along with her easy-to-prepare recipes are definitely something to CELEBRATE. The exquisite photos, helpful hints and tips will make this book cherished for years to come." —Naomi Nachman, The Aussie Gourmet, and host of Table For Two on the Nachum Segal Network "Elizabeth Kurtz's CELEBRATE is an inspiring collection of easy to follow recipes with fabulous photos and helpful hints for the home cook. These are great recipes you'll want to make every day." — Jeff Nathan, an award-winning NYC chef and owner of Abigael's on Broadway, best-selling cookbook author, and host of the PBS show New Jewish Cuisine "Elizabeth has been inspiring her readers (and me) for years. With CELEBRATE, Shabbos just became a lot more delicious!" — Jamie Geller, best-selling cookbook author Bonus proceeds from this cookbook go to Emunah Israel.


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Thursday, November 26, 2015

[Aneinu] Techiya Litman & Ariel Biegel Chasana Video

The chasana is over, but you can watch the recording. The link is below. May Klal Yisroel know only simchos! Dear Jerusalem Diaries friends, I realize that many of you are busy with your Thanksgiving day preparations and activities, but if you want to really understand and appreciate the strength and resilience of our people, go right now to the live streaming of a very special wedding. It's the wedding of Sarah Techiya Litman & Ariel Biegel that was postponed from a few weeks ago when Sarah's father and brother were murdered in a terror attack as they were driving to the Shabbat Kallah. On her original wedding day, Sarah was sitting shiva for her brother and father. After the shiva the families chose tonight for the wedding and moved it to the largest space in Jerusalem: the Binyanei Hauma convention center--then they invited the Jewish world to celebrate with them. I'll be on my way there shortly--along with the rest of Jerusalem! Guests have arrived from communities all over the world. watch it now and join with Am Yisrael in an evening of joy, unity, celebration--and remembrance of Rabbi Yaakov and Netanel Litman HY"D. Giving thanks from Jerusalem, Judy

OU TORAH New Machshava Series Jewish Dietary Laws Introduction to the Series By Daniel Adler

Click here.

OU TORAH Drashos HaRan Heavenly Influence By Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman

Click here.

OU TORAH Shmuel Bais 24 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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OU TORAH Mishnah Brurah Iyun Chaburah (DIRSHU) Why You Must Daven At A Hashkama Minyan By Rabbi Ephraim Glatt, JD

Click here.

OU TORAH MISHNA BERURA YOMI (DIRSHU) MB 93b: Ahava Rabbah and Intention to Do Mitzvos (60:3-4) By Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD

Click here.

OU TORAH MISHNA BERURA YOMI (DIRSHU) MB 93a: Yotzer Ohr (59:5), Ahava Rabbah (60:1-2) By Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD

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OU TORAH MISHNA BERURA YOMI (DIRSHU) MB 92b: Yotzer Ohr (59:3-4) By Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD

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OU TORAH HaShoneh Halachos 2: Mishneh Torah By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

140. The Proselytizer (Meisis).

OU TORAH HaShoneh Halachos 2: Mishneh Torah By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

139. Tithes in a Condemned City.

OU TORAH HaShoneh Halachos 2: Mishneh Torah By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

138. Consecrated Property in a Condemned City.

Aneinu Please Daven

From Debbie in Israel: BS"D  Dear Daveners:    There was a serious accident in Bus Flipped between Rimonim & Kochav HaShachar in Shomron (YWN reported location), 41 people were injured and 1 person R"L was killed (Arutz Sheva reported number of injured, bus had been carrying 50 people).  The cause is not yet known.  Please daven that the victims should recover.   Yonatan ben Bracha Leah is out of ICU and is not awaiting tests to determine whether surgery will be required.  Please daven for a positive outcome for him for the next one week, thanks very much.      HK"B  Please hear our heartfelt prayers, our efforts to attain deveikus, and do Your bidding.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NAALEH.COM Solidarity Learning Campaign

Take Action to Improve the Israeli Security Situation With daily reports of stabbing, shooting, and vehicular attacks, the tragic stories of victim's lives cut short or forever altered, we must take action today to stop the terror and danger. You can do something - right from the comfort of your home or car. Join Naaleh's Israel Tehillim Campaign, dedicating a little over an hour a week to the security of Jews in Israel and around the world. Every week, we will be posting a shiur by Rabbi Avishai David, explaining one perek of Tehillim. Please watch the shiur and then commit to reciting that perek once a day for the duration of the week. The powerful combination of Torah study and prayer through Sefer Tehillim, studied and recited by thousands of Jews worldwide, in unity, is immeasurable.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Critical

Please daven for a Chicagoan, Esther bas Paya, who just slipped into a coma.

HaShoneh Halachos 2: Mishneh Torah By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

137. Other Cities’ Property in a Condemned City

THE BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA JOURNAL: Volume 5776 Issue VII Parshas Vayeitzei YISHUV eRETZ yISROEL Does it apply today? At what risk? At what cost? By Rabbi Yaakov Rappaport

Leaving the Land Many young couples begin their first years of marriage living in Eretz Yisroel. Some couples decide to return to Chutz L’aretz after a few years. There are situations in which a person is permitted to leave Eretz Yisroel. The poskim write that if it is necessary for one’s parnasah, shidduchim, talmud Torah or for chinuch, one is permitted to move to Chutz L’aretz. What if a person is moving to Chutz L’aretz for a non-compelling reason, is he permitted to do so?

THE BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA JOURNAL: Volume 5776 Issue VII Parshas Vayeitzei The Blind Thief Would a blind robber transgress the prohibition of theft? Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Senior Educational Rabbinic Coordinator

Red, blue and white lights turning, sirens blaring, guns drawn, the police have caught him! It’s Yankel, the town’s blind robber and shoplifter caught in the act once again….

THE BAIS HAVAAD HALACHA JOURNAL: Volume 5776 Issue VII Parshas Vayeitzei YAAKOV AVINU'S EPIC EMPLOYMENT What happens when an employee is negligent and the employer suffers a loss? by: Rabbi Shmuel Honigwachs

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NAALEH.COM and YIU TORAH Power Of Prayer By: Mrs. Shira Smiles

When the Torah first introduces us to Rachel and Leah, it describes them as “Leah’s eyes are tender while Rachel was beautiful of form and beautiful of appearance.” Is the Torah telling us that that Rachel was more beautiful than Leah, or are there hidden messages within the Torah’s focus specifically on Leah’s eyes? Rashi cites the Medrash that will be the focus of our discussion. He writes that Leah’s eyes were weak, soft from praying and crying over her fate. Click here Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein.

NALEH.COM Parshat Vayeitzei: Surviving Darkness By: Rabbi Hershel Reichman

In this shiur (class), Rabbi Hershel Reichman explains the Medrash which says that the angels of Yakov's dream represent the four kingdoms which will subjugate the Jewish people. Based on the Shem MiShmuel's understanding of this medrash, Rabbi Reichman explains how Yaakov Avinu paved the way for our survival in the trying times of exile.

NAALEH.COM Parshat Vayeitzei: A Holy Nation By: Rabbi Hershel Reichman

In this Torah shiur (class), Rabbi Reichman discusses this week's parsha, Parshat Vayeitzei, according to the interpretation of the Shem MiShmuel. This Torah class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 and ipod video formats.

NAALEH.COM Parshat Vayetzei: Crossroads of Life By: Rabbi Hershel Reichman

In his discussion on Parshat Vayetzei, Rabbi Hershel Reichman expounds upon Yaakov Avinu's dream of angels going up and down the ladder from heaven. In addition, he explains this dream's particular significance in our understanding of crossroads in our lives. This class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 format.

YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Vayetze 5776

Description: Toronto Torah for Parshat Vayyetze 5776 includes articles on the parshah, kosher birds and grasshoppers, the Noe Edition of the Steinsaltz Talmud, Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer, Sadat's visit to Israel and more

OU TORAH Vayetze 5776 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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OU TORAH AND CHABAD.ORG How the Light Gets In By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Why Jacob? That is the question we find ourselves asking repeatedly as we read the narratives of Genesis. Jacob is not what Noah was: righteous, perfect in his generations, one who walked with G‑d. He did not, like Abraham, leave his land, his birthplace and his father’s house in response to a divine call. He did not, like Isaac, offer himself up as a sacrifice. Nor did he have the burning sense Why Jacob?of justice and willingness to intervene that we see in the vignettes of Moses’ early life. Yet we are defined for all time as the descendants of Jacob, the children of Israel. Hence the force of the question: Why Jacob?

OU TORAH AND CHABAD.ORG Light in Dark Times By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

What is it that made Jacob—not Abraham or Isaac or Moses—the true father of the Jewish people? We are the “congregation of Jacob,” “the children of Israel.” Jacob/Israel is the man whose name we bear. Yet Jacob did not begin the Jewish journey; Abraham did. Jacob faced no trial like that of Isaac at the binding. He did not lead the people out of Egypt, or bring them the Torah. To be sure, all his children stayed within the faith, unlike Abraham or Isaac. But that simply pushes the question back one level. Why did he succeed where Abraham and Isaac failed?


Rashi comments regarding the opening word of this week’s Torah reading that when a righteous person departs from a community, the loss is noticeable and is damaging to that community. In most instances, the community or even the righteous person’s own family and friends, pay little attention to his or her presence while the person is amongst them. It is only when that person is no longer with them, does their true value and mettle become apparent. And then it is usually a case of too little, too late.


In attempting to be currently relevant, in the long view of history and human events, is the danger of becoming totally irrelevant. This occurs when dealing with transient issues, when a long-term view is what is really necessary. By reading and listening to the media, the bloggers, and the party and convention planners among us, one would believe that the fate of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, the salvation of Torah Judaism and the general welfare of humankind is dependent on empowering women rabbis or excluding them, destroying or preserving an illegally built synagogue building and giving pat answers to very complex and complicated personal and family problems and issues. All of these issues have an importance in their own right but none of them, in the long run, are relevant to Jewish survival in a general sense. Women rabbis have been around for decades in the non-Orthodox synagogue world. Has their presence strengthened any of these faltering and failing groups?

RAV KOOK ON VaYeitzei Part 2: Prayer Before Sleep

After leaving his family in Beersheba, Jacob reached Beth El at nightfall. Before lying down to sleep, Jacob prayed there. “He entreated at the place and stayed overnight, for it suddenly became night.” (Gen. 28:11) The Sages taught that it was in Beth El that Jacob established the third daily prayer — Ma’ariv, the evening service. While less obligatory than the morning and afternoon prayers, Ma’ariv has its own special benefits. The Talmudic sage Abba Benjamin testified that he took great pains every day of his life to recite the evening prayer before going to sleep (Berachot 5b). What is so special about this prayer?

RAV KOOK ON Vayeitzei Part 1: The Blessing of a Scholar's Presence

After working at Laban’s ranch for 14 years, Jacob was anxious to return home, to the Land of Israel. Laban, however, was not eager to let his nephew go. “I have observed the signs,” he told Jacob, “and God has blessed me for your sake” (Gen. 30:27). The Talmud (Berachot 42a) points out that Laban’s good fortune was not due only to Jacob’s industriousness and hard work. “Blessing comes in the wake of a Torah scholar,” the Sages taught. The very presence of a saintly scholar brings with it blessings of success and wealth. Yet, this phenomenon seems unfair. Why should a person be blessed just because he was in the proximity of a Torah scholar?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Teen Shot in NY

Please daven for Aharon ben Esther Chaya, an 18 year old who was shot tonight while shopping in a Quick-Shop in Harriman, NY, just outside of the Village of Kiryas Joel.

JI and JMR Baruch Levine – Bonim Atem Audio Sampler

Producer extraordinaire Yochi Briskman is back with the newest jewel in the Project Productions crown, Baruch Levine‘s all new album entitled “Bonim Atem.” The album features some of the most diverse hits composed by the prolific composer, singer, arranger and Rebbe, R’ Baruch Levine. The album will also feature unique original arrangements by newcomer Meir Briskman, Yuval Stupel, Yochi Briskman, Yitzy Spinner and even Baruch himself. And if 10 all new hits from Baruch Levine isn’t enough for you, how about a guest appearance by Yonatan Razel. The album will hit the stores and sites tomorrow!

Aneinu Please say Tehillim

Please say Tehilim for Yissochor Ben Mindele as the next 2 hours are critical!

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Young Father

Please daven for Rafael Doniel ben Miriam Leah, brother-in-law of a Chicagoan, a young father who needs a huge yeshua and refuah.

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for the cousin of an Aneinu member, Gidon ben Paula, who needs a refuah shlema.

Monday, November 23, 2015

JI The Maccabeats – Latke Recipe – Hanukkah

Lyrics by Spencer Garfield Additional lyrics by the Maccabeats Arranged by Julian Horowitz Edited by Jeff Eames Mixed by Ed Boyer Mastered by Dave Sperandio for Vocal Mastering Color grading by Stuart Jackson Special thanks to Daniel and Jamie Schwartz.

OU TORAH Shmuel Bais 23 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Click here.

OU TORAH MISHNA BERURA YOMI (DIRSHU) MB 92a: Yotzer Ohr (59:1-3) By Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD

Click here.

OU TORAH HaShoneh Halachos 2: Mishneh Torah By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

136. False Witnesses, Passing Travelers

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Baby

Please daven for the baby of an Aneinu member, Tinok ben Chana Aviva, who is having tests today. Please daven for good results and a long and healthy life.

[Aneinu] Terror Updates from Israel

I have included all current updates in this one email. Hashem yerachem. IDF Soldier Killed In Stabbing Attack at Dor Alon Gas Station on Highway 443 [UPDATED 3:47PM IL] (Monday, November 23rd, 2015 08:11 AM) 15:08: A terrorist stabbed a female in the Dor Alon gas station on Highway 443, the Jerusalem-Modi’in Highway in the direction of Jerusalem. 15:12: The victim, apparently in her 20s, was gravely wounded and EMS personnel are performing CPR at the scene. Shots were fired at the terrorist. It was first reported he was neutralized but he may have fled the scene. This remains unclear at this time. 15:15: It is reported the attacker was undetected as he entered the gas station and then he jumped the victim, wounding her critically. Channel 2 News reports the terrorist was shot and wounded. 15:21: MDA Chief of Operations Eli Bin reports there are two victims at the scene, not one as reported earlier. One of the victims is in critical condition and resuscitation efforts continue by paramedics and a doctor. The second victim is in light-to-moderate condition. 15:22: A group of Israelis were standing at the gas station which is on the highway in the direction of the capital. The attacker managed to move up on the group unnoticed, stabbing one person in the back and then a second in a hand. Members of the group with weapons fired at the attacker. As a result of the attack, Highway 443 is closed in both directions in the Beit Horon area. 15:28: Ichud Hatzalah ambucycle EMT Michel Chai reports “When I arrived on the scene I saw a male on the ground who was stabbed in his upper body. He was unconscious. We began CPR immediately. There was also a second victim, a female, who was stabbed in her upper body, in light condition”. 15:31: A vehicle just arrived at the Maccabim Junction, which is a few minutes west of the gas station. A person in the vehicle was wounded by gunfire and it may be connected to the ongoing incident in the gas station, possibly the gunfire directed at the terrorist. 15:32: The gravely wounded male has been pronounced dead on the scene. The second stabbing victim is reported in stable condition. a third victim, a woman, was hit in her upper body, apparently from gunfire directed at the terrorist as she drove by. This is the vehicle that arrived at the nearby Maccabim Checkpoint with an occupant wounded by gunfire. 15:36: The woman wounded by gunfire in a passing car was hit in a hand and continued driving until reaching the Maccabim Checkpoint. She is in stable condition. 15:45: The person killed in the attack is and IDF soldier HY”D. 15:46: This latest attack takes place during the Jerusalem levaya of Hadar Buchris HY”D, the 21-year-old Bat Ayin Midrasha student murdered in the terror attack on Sunday at Gush Etzion Junction. 15:47: MDA update on the two wounded women. One was wounded lightly in a hand and is being treated in Shaare Zedek Hospital. The second female is also described in stable condition at Shaare Zedek. Attempted Stabbing Attack At Chatmar Junction in Shomron – Terrorist Shot Dead [UPDATED 3:03PM IL] 14:51: A lone terrorist a short time ago was shot and wounded as he tried to perpetrated a stabbing attack at Chatmar Shomron Junction. This appears to be the same location of an attempted stabbing attack on Sunday, 10 Kislev, when a terrorist was shot and run over before she could stab a soldier. 14:46: Hatzalah Yosh is reporting the terrorist was neutralized and there are no injuries to intended victims. The terrorist was armed with a knife. 14:58: IDF medical personnel treating the terrorist, who was gravely wounded. 15:03: The terrorist has been pronounced dead on the scene. .One Person Lightly Injured in a Vehicular Ramming Attack Near Chomesh (Monday, November 23rd, 2015 05:35 AM) 12:23: One person was lightly wounded in a vehicular ramming attack near Yishuv Chomesh in the Shomron. Magen David Adom reports the victim was driven in a private vehicle to Shavei Shomron where he was treated and transported to Beilinson Hospital in light condition. Stabbing Attack Near Machane Yehuda [UPDATED 12:40PM IL] (Monday, November 23rd, 2015 04:15 AM) Two female terrorists aged 14 and 16 wielding scissors stabbed an elderly man in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, Monday afternoon. In the attack committed by the teenagers, two people were lightly wounded in the attack, an 80-year-old who suffered head wounds, and a 27-year-old wounded in his hand. The 80-year-old victim of the attack was later reported to be a Palestinian resident of Betlehem. The 27-year-old may have been wounded by a ricochet from a bullet. One terrorist was shot dead. THE FOLLOWING WERE THE INITIAL REPORTS BY YWN: 11:12: Preliminary report of a stabbing attack near Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda, the shuk. 11:16: A female terrorist has been shot dead. Ichud Hatzalah reports a number of people are being treated for hysteria due to gunshots. People opened fire at the terrorists. It remains unclear if anyone was stabbed or injured by gunfire directed at the terrorist.More to follow. 11:18: A more accurate location is Yaffo Street opposite Eitz Chaim Street. It is near the entrance to the Ministry of Health building. One terrorist is dead and a second wounded, apparently seriously. 11:24: MDA reports one person, a 27-year-old male is being transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital with light injuries from the attempted stabbing attack. There are three others injured, listed moderate-to-light. 11:27: An armed security guard at the Ministry of Health building tells authorities the female terrorists tried to stab him and he was the first to open fire at them. 11:32: An 80-year-old man is being transported to Shaare Zedek Hospital with an unspecified injury to his upper body, listed in light condition. Despite rumors, MDA and Ichud Hatzalah are not reporting anyone injured by gunfire. Earlier, there were reports that some of the gunfire directed at the two female terrorists struck pedestrians but B”H this does not appear to be the case. 11:34: All Jerusalem light rail service has been suspended as a result of the attack. 11:45: Ze’ev Sofer of Ichud Hatzalah was among the first on the scene. He treated a victim who ran to a nearby jewelry store for cover. The victim was treated for a superficial knife wound and transported to the hospital conscious and alert. Summation of the attack: Two female terrorists, ages 14 and 16-years-old, residents of Kalandia, arrived on Yaffo Street near the shuk, in the area of the Ministry of Health building. This is located on Yaffo between Machane Yehuda and the Davidka. The two managed to stab an elderly man, now reported to be 70, a PA (Palestinian Authority) resident of the Beit Lechem area. The man was wounded in his upper body and transported to the hospital, listed in light condition. They then tried to stab passersby. A police bomb demolition team that was in the shuk area quickly realized what was taking place and exited their vehicle and ordered the terrorists to stop. The terrorists then turned towards him and he fired, striking them both. One was killed and the second was reportedly in critical condition. A security guard was also transported to the hospital from the scene with a light superficial wound to a hand, apparently from shrapnel which may have been from gunfire but this is not yet determined. Light rail service in the city was halted as a result of the attack and it has since resumed. Police urge the public to remain vigilant and not to hesitate to report anything suspicious. Monday AM Rocket Attack into Southern Israel (Monday, November 23rd, 2015 12:04 AM) 06:59: A rocket was fired from Gaza into southern Israel a short time ago, landing in the Eshkol Regional Council. B’chasdei Hashem there are no reports of fatalities, injuries or property damage. It is pointed out the rocket landed in an open area. It is also reported the Red Alert system did not sound to warn residents of the incoming rocket. Levaya for Terror Victim Hadar Buchris HYD (Monday, November 23rd, 2015 12:42 AM) Hadar Buchris HY”D, 21, was killed in an Islamic terror attack at Gush Etzion Junction on Sunday afternoon, 10 Kislev. Hadar was a student in the Midrasha in Yishuv Bat Ayin. The levaya will take place on Monday, 11 Kislev at 15:00 in Har Menuchos in Yerushalayim.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Surgery Tonight

Please daven for Yissochor ben Mindele, the father of an Aneinu member who is in the ICU now and having heart surgery tomorrow 11am Israel time.