Friday, June 30, 2017

Aneinu Tehillim Needed for 18 year old

Please say a kapitel Tehillim for Shneur Zalmen b Malka Baila  18 mos old who choked on a peanut and now they have to go in and get it  He's bH stable but on a breathing tube, & doctors have to go in and get it. 

Aneinu Please Daven

From: Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff  Date: June 30, 2017 at 8:06:43 AM CDT To: Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff  Subject: Fwd: Rachamei Shomayim Pray for Mercy Received this email. I know the family well. Please daven! Subject: Rachamei Shomayim Pray for Mercy His name was changed from Yechezkel Simcha ben Rochel to RAFAEL SIMCHA BEN ROCHEL Please forward immediately this email and the whatsapp link to as many doveners as you know.  Our 20 year old son, Simcha, came back to Pittsburgh on Thurs June 15, fell asleep Fri at 5 pm until Sunday 9 am when we called the Ambulance. Tues He started seizures and then constant jaw and full body tremors. UPMC Pgh has done everything medically possible so far. He is in ICU for 10 days and in induced coma since Shabbas.  They think it is a rare autoimmune encephalitis, where his own immune system is attacking his brain. It is pikuach nefesh and timely, we believe. They may have to put him into a full body coma for 24 hours, shutting off every organ except for his heart, if this med they are trying does not stop the seizures and tremors. Usually, it reboots the bodies immune system anew...assuming the person wakes up from this "atom bomb" induced coma/sedation. May Hashem bring bracha, nechama, yeshua, refuah to gants klal yis and may Mashiach come today. Hazak V'ametz. Hakol biday Shomayim. Haba l'taher m'sayin oso. --  Thank you, Rabbi Yaakov Rosenstein, CPC 412-779-1661

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven For Newborn

Please daven for a Chicago newborn, Tinok ben Chantsha Miriam.

Aneinu Please Daven Procedure Today

Please say Tehillim for my father today Moshe Ben Perel That the procedure they do today should be successful and they should not have to do more

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Aneinu Mother and 3 Children Hit by car in Monsey

HAMODIA Mother, 3 Children Struck While Walking on Monsey Road By Yochonon Donn Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:19 pm | ג' תמוז תשע"ז A frum mother and her three children walking along a Monsey road Monday afternoon were struck by a car whose driver had gone onto the shoulder in a road-rage incident after he believed a taxi had cut him off. An infant is in critical condition at Westchester Medical Center while his mother, 38, and two sisters — aged 9 and 13 — were lightly injured and recovering. A stroller lay for hours on the side of Robert Pitt Drive, alongside a car with a smashed windshield. “This was road rage,” said Ramapo Interim Supervisor Yitzhcok Ullman. “The taxi driver supposedly cut this guy off. He got upset and threw something at the cab. He then drove on the right shoulder to pass him. He didn’t see the family. I am not sure if he was trying to pass the cab or throw something.” The driver of the car, 62-year-old Albert Gomez of Spring Valley, was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. He’s being held on $150,000 bail. “This was not an accident,” Ullman said. “That’s the reason for the serious charges.” Meanwhile, local officials say that they have been calling for years to have a sidewalk and crossing signals installed on the busy road, which is right near a shopping center. Aron Wieder, a Rockland County legislator, decried that a tragedy had to occur for the issue to be brought to the fore. “As recently as a month ago, I’d written to the state, and I told them, there are no sidewalks, not on this side of the road, not on this side of the road,” Wieder said in a video message Monday afternoon as he stood near the accident scene. “This is a busy intersection; you have the mall over here, you have shopping centers, cleaners — and they have ignored us.” A state Department of Transportation spokeswoman confirmed to the Journal News that there is a proposal to install traffic safety signals in the area but details had not been finalized. Please daven for Chaya Sarah bas Esther Devorah, Yosef Meir ben Chaya Sarah, Ratzel bas Chaya Sarah and Chana bas Chaya Sarah.


KESHER STAM extending the Artscroll/Feldheim sale through June 30th so If your doing OU Nach Yomi get your Iyov soon and the rest of your Artscroll and Feldheim needs.

Surviving a Car Crash + Appealing a Bet Din? / SHC Weekly ~ Korah 5777

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YU TORAH OU TORAH and NAALEH.COM Countering the Cunningness By Shira Smiles

Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein Our parsha begins by listing the main protagonists in a rebellion against the leadership of Moshe Rabbenu. First is the name of the instigator, Korach ben Yitzhar. His name is followed by the names of three other leaders of the rebellion, Dathan and Avirom, the sons of Eliav, and Ohn ben Peles of the tribe of Reuven. However, as the narrative continues, Ohn ben Peles is no longer mentioned and seems to have disappeared. What has happened to him that he no longer participates in this insurrection?

YU TORAH Korach By Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

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CHABAD.ORG A Wife’s Influence By Yehoshua B. Gordon

How one man’s wife saved him from a dismal fate, and the lesson for us all.

OU TORAH Korach 5777 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Korach 5777

Toronto Torah for Korach 5777 includes articles on the parshah, Shivchei haBesht, Rabbi Yitzchak Yedidiah Frenkel, Rabbi Avraham Price and more.


It is always astounding to see and realize how ego, turf and ambition can blind even great people who are otherwise wise and even pious personalities. Human society suffers greatly from this phenomenon and religious society is not exempt from its erroneous consequences. In fact, religious society is more susceptible to these ills simply because character failings can be wrapped in piety with the excuse that one is doing God’s will.


Ideologies and long-held beliefs die hard, even when they have long been surpassed by events and circumstances. Those who believed in them and promulgated them find it difficult, if not impossible, to adjust to the reality of the current actual situation. There are many examples of this present in today's world.

OU TORAH Better They Learn from Me… By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

Conflict resolution is one of the most important tasks in human relations at every level. Open up any newspaper, and you will read of school children bullying each other, of married couples who are in bitter conflict, of political parties enmeshed in verbal warfare, and of nations literally at war. What are some of the strategies available to foster conflict resolution?

OU TORAH A Lesson in Conflict Resolution By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

The Korach rebellion was the single most dangerous challenge to Moses’ leadership during the forty years that he led the people through the wilderness. The precise outline of events is difficult to follow, probably because the events themselves were tumultuous and disorderly. The narrative makes it clear, however, that the rebels came from different groups, each of whom had different reasons for resentment: Now Korach, son of Izhar, son of Kohath, son of Levi betook himself, along with Dathan and Abiram sons of Eliab, and On son of Peleth – descendants of Reuben – to rise up against Moses, together with two hundred and fifty Israelites, chieftains of the community, chosen in the assembly, men of repute. They combined against Moses and Aaron and said to them, “You have gone too far! For all the community are holy, all of them, and the Lord is in their midst. Why then do you raise yourself above the Lord’s congregation?” (Num. 16:1-3)

RAV KOOK ON Korach Part 3: Separation and Connection

“The entire congregation is holy, and God is with them. Why do you raise yourselves over God’s community?” (Num. 16:3) This was the battle cry of Korach’s rebellion — a complaint that, at first glance, seems perfectly justified. Did not the entire people hear God speak at Sinai? It would seem that Korach was only paraphrasing what God Himself told Moses: “Speak to the entire community of Israel and tell them: you shall be holy, for I, your God, am holy” (Lev. 19:2). Why indeed should only the Levites and the kohanim serve in the Temple? Why not open up the service of God to the entire nation?

RAV KOOK ON Korach Part 2: The Secret of the Incense

“Aaron took [the fire-pan] as Moses had told him... He put the incense in it, and it atoned for the people. He stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was checked.” (Num. 17:12-13) From where did Moses learn the secret power of incense to arrest plagues?

RAV KOOK ON Korach Part 1: Inclusion and Selection

“Korach was a clever fellow — what did he see to get involved in this folly? His mind’s eye fooled him. He saw by prophetic vision that a line of great men would descend from him, including the prophet Samuel, who was the equal of Moses and Aaron together.” (Midrash Tanchuma 5) While the Midrash appears to belittle Korach’s dispute as foolish, that argument that Korach put forth — “All of the congregation is holy, and God is in their midst” (Num. 16:3) — does not seem silly at all. Is not Korach simply restating what God told the entire nation, “You shall be holy, for I, the Lord your God, am holy” (Lev. 19:2)? What was so wrong with his claim? Why did Moses insist that only Aaron and his descendants could serve as priests?

Thank You, Hashem! + Workplace Liability / SHC Weekly ~ Shelah 5777

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OU TORAH YU TORAH and NAALEH.COM Sanctified and Safeguarded By Shira Smiles

Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein Hannah Stein is dedicating her writing this week for a refuah shelaymah for her brother, Shmuel Halevi ben Rochel. He was hit by a car at 12:10 A.M (Tuesday night/Wednesday) in Lakewood. He has sustained multiple broken bones and although he can talk, he cannot move any of his limbs at this time. Please keep him on your tefillot. When Moshe appoints the spies to reconnoiter the land Hashem has promised to Bnei Yisroel, the Torah names the spies that represent each tribe. Then Moshe changes the name of Hosheah of the tribe of Ephraim to Yehoshua, adding a “yud” at the beginning of his name. Rashi comments on Moshe’s actions by explaining that the name change, which would now begin with the two letters of God’s name, was a prayer that Yehoshua not succumb to the persuasion of his fellow spies.

YU TORAH Shlach Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

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YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Sh'lach 5777

Toronto Torah for Shlach 5777 includes articles on the parshah, The Lonely Man of Faith, Rabbi Avichai Rontzki, the Chida and more.

OU TORAH Shelach 5777 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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Revisiting a story on the spies that Moshe sent to the Land of Israel is always a very discouraging moment. How could everything have gone so wrong and so fast? All of the reasons advanced over the ages by the great commentators to the Torah – personal ambition, fear of the unknown, disregard for tradition, lack of faith in God, etc. – are undoubtedly true and correct. But to a certain extent they all only beg the question.


The political turmoil that is currently developing in major countries of the world only serves to underscore the uncertainty of life and events. Things never turn out the way we envision them to happen. The continuing destabilization of the Trump administration in the United States is deeply troubling and potentially very dangerous.

OU TORAH The Blue Above the White By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

It may not sound like much of a story to you, but to me it was meaningful at many levels. I’ve heard the story three times now, each time from a different person. Each of the three went through a remarkably similar experience and shared their story with me. I’d like to share the story with you, but some background will be necessary.

OU TORAH Freedom Needs Patience By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Whose idea was it to send the spies? According to this week’s sedra, it was God. The Lord said to Moses, “Send some men to explore the land of Canaan, which I am giving to the Israelites. From each ancestral tribe send one of its leaders.” So at the Lord’s command Moses sent them out from the Desert of Paran. (Numbers 13:1-3) According to Moses in Deuteronomy, it was the people: Then all of you came to me and said, “Let us send men ahead to spy out the land for us and bring back a report about the route we are to take and the towns we will come to.” The idea seemed good to me; so I selected twelve of you, one man from each tribe. (Deut. 1:22-23) Rashi reconciles the apparent contradiction. The people came to Moses with their request. Moses asked God what he should do. God gave him permission to send the spies. He did not command it; He merely did not oppose it. “Where a person wants to go, that is where he is led” (Makkot 10b) – so said the sages. Meaning: God does not stop people from a course of action on which they are intent, even though He knows that it may end in tragedy. Such is the nature of the freedom God has given us. It includes the freedom to make mistakes. However, Maimonides (Guide for the Perplexed III:32) offers an interpretation that gives a different perspective to the whole episode. He begins by noting the verse (Ex. 13:17) with which the exodus begins: When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” So God led the people around by the desert road toward the Reed Sea.

CHABAD.ORG 50 Years After Six-Day War, How the Kotel Became Synonymous With Tefillin An overwhelming response to a worldwide call by the Rebbe in 1967 has lasted a half-century By Dovid Margolin

It was the morning of June 7, 1967, the third day of the Six-Day War. After a long night of battle on the streets of Jerusalem, an eerie quiet enveloped the ancient city. With fresh orders to take the Old City, Israeli paratroopers blew open the great wooden doors of Lion’s Gate and entered, making their way through the narrow alleys to the Temple Mount, site of the First and Second Temples. Despite the Temple Mount’s holiness, it was not the Jewish soldiers’ true destination. They sought the Kotel Hamaaravi, the Western Wall, where Jews had prayed for 2,000 years, but where no Jew has been allowed during the past two decades of Jordanian rule.

RAV KOOK ON Shlach Part 3: Rejecting the Land of Israel

“And [the spies] began to speak badly about the land that they had explored.” (Num. 13:32) Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook A dispirited discussion took place at Beit HaRav, Rav Kook’s house in Jerusalem, not long after the end of World War II. The Chief Rabbi had passed away ten years earlier; now it was his son, Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah Kook, who sat at the head of the table. One participant at the Sabbath table had brought up a disturbing topic: the phenomenon of visitors touring Eretz Yisrael and then criticizing the country after returning to their homes. “These visitors complain about everything: the heat, the poverty, the backwardness, the political situation — and discourage other Jews from moving here,” he lamented. Rav Tzvi Yehudah responded by telling over the following parable, one he had heard in the name of Rabbi Samuel Mohilever, the rabbi of Bialystok.

RAV KOOK ON Shlach Part 2: Repairing the Sin of the Spies

One of the greatest tragedies in the long history of the Jewish people occurred when the spies sent by Moses returned with a frightening report about the Land of Israel. Their dire warnings of fierce giants and a “land that consumes its inhabitants” convinced the people that they would be better off returning to Egypt. Unlike other incidents in which the Israelites rebelled against God, on this occasion, Moses was unable to annul God’s decree. The entire generation died in the desert, never reaching the Promised Land. The best Moses was able to do was delay the punishment for forty years. Rav Kook wrote that even today we still suffer the consequences of this catastrophic error. The root cause for the exiles and humiliations of the Jewish people, throughout the generations, is due to our failure to correct the sin of the spies. How can we rectify the sin of the spies? To repair this national failure, a teshuvat hamishkal is needed, a penance commensurate with the sin which will “balance the scales.” The spies defamed the Land of Israel, as it says, “They despised the desirable land” (Psalms 106:24). We must do the opposite and show our unwavering love for the Land. “[We must] declare to the entire world [the Land’s] magnificence and beauty, its holiness and grandeur. If only we could express (with what may appear to us to be greatly exaggerated) even a ten-thousandth of the desirability of the beloved Land, the splendorous light of its Torah, and the superior light of its wisdom and prophecy! “The quality of wonderful holiness that Torah scholars seeking holiness may find in the Land of Israel does not exist at all outside the Land. I myself can attest to this unique quality, to a degree commensurate with my meager worth.” (Igrot HaRe’iyah, vol. I, pp. 112-113) For Rav Kook, this recommendation on how to address the sin of the spies was not just a nice homily. Stories abound of his burning love for the Land of Israel and his indefatigable attempts to encourage fellow Jews to move to Eretz Yisrael.

RAV KOOK ON Shlach Part 1: The Third Passage of Shema

Every evening and morning, we say the Shema, Judaism’s supreme declaration of monotheistic faith. In the first passage, we accept upon ourselves the yoke of God’s sovereignty. And in the second, we accept God’s commandments. Interestingly, the Sages added a third paragraph to the Shema — the passage commanding us to wear tzitzit (tassels) on the corners of our garments (Num. 15:37-41). Why did they decide to add this particular paragraph, out of the entire Torah, to the central prayer of Judaism? Six Themes The Talmud in Berachot 12b explains that the passage of tzitzit contains not one, but six major themes: The mitzvah of wearing tzitzit on our garments; The Exodus (“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt”); Accepting the mitzvot (“You will thus remember and keep all of My commandments”); Resisting heresy (“You will not stray after your hearts”); Refraining from immoral and sinful thoughts (“and after your eyes”); Eschewing idolatry (“which have led you astray”). Is there a common motif to these six themes? Most are indeed fundamental concepts of Judaism, but what is so special about the mitzvah of tzitzit, more than the other 612 commandments?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 Tehillim Request Today and Tomorrow

Dear Naaleh Friends, Please pray and recite Tehillim today and tomorrow for  Tzvi Yosef ben Alta Mishkit Who is having surgery tomorrow, Wednesday June 28th. We recommend you recite Tehillim chapters 6, 91, and 121. May we share good news! The Naaleh Crew   Jewish Artist's Mini-Bus Torched

Click here to donateA brightly painted mini-bus, which featured prominently in Benny Friedman's latest music video, was torched Sunday night in Crown Heights. A familiar mini-bus, brightly painted and often seen driving around the Crown Heights neighborhood, was torched Sunday night by unknown individuals. Lev Scheiber, a Crown Heights resident and artist who goes by the name "Leviticus," is the owner of the bus, which he uses as an all purpose vehicle, art studio and to transport his children to school. The bus is brightly painted with illustrations, including some Jewish symbols such as Menorahs, Scheiber says. The vehicle has become famous in its own right in recent months, as it is prominently featured in singer Benny Friedman's music video "Ivri Anochi." Scheiber says someone set fire to the bus while it was parked on Troy Avenue and Maple Street, sometime during Sunday night. "When I got to the bus in the morning, to retrieve some art supplies, I found it completely charred," Scheiber told COLlive. "It looked like the Apocalypse." Scheiber says he contacted police, who said "it didn't matter." "They told me to try and find my own surveillance footage from nearby homes, and that it was my problem," he said. Singer Benny Friedman expressed his shock at the torching of the bus.  "The world is unfortunately full of these sad reminders that the work of filling the world with light is a full time job," Friedman said. "My friend Lev drives a 'Mitzvah mobile,' a vehicle that just from its look alone adds joy and excitement to people's day, and reminds us to spread light. Hatefulness and darkness don't have a chance," he said. On Monday afternoon, Scheiber filed a police report who said "it appears to have been an intentional act."  It is unknown yet whether the act of vandalism will be labeled a hate crime. Scheiber is now trying to raise funds to purchase a new bus, which he needs for his livelihood

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Car Accident

Please daven for the following who were injured in yesterday's car accident in Monsey: Yosef Meir ben Chaya Sorah Raizel bas Chaya Sorah Chana bas Chaya Sorah Chaya Sorah bas Esther Devorah

Monday, June 26, 2017 Urgent Tehillim for 4 year old girl

ease say urgent Tehillim for Sophia (Tzofia) Bella bas Devorah Esther, a 4 year old girl who was in a drowning accident and needs a lot of prayers.

My Story: Forty-one Individuals Share Their Personal Encounters With The Rebbe

Two weeks ago, we published My Story, a stunning work featuring forty-one individuals’ experiences with the Rebbe, as recorded by the My Encounter with the Rebbe oral history project. The book’s publication was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing next week. However, we had no way to anticipate the level of excitement surrounding the release. Our entire stock of 6,000 books has already sold out! We apologize to our friends and supporters who were not able to submit their orders in time. Please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to meet the demand. G-d willing, our next shipment of books is set to arrive during August. Once it arrives, all orders will be filled on a first-come first served basis. Should you wish to receive books at that time please order now. Keep in mind your High Holiday or New Year’s gifts! Should you need a copy of My Story right away, we suggest you contact independent Jewish booksellers, which may have some copies remaining. Here are several who still have the book in stock at this time: Amazon,, and others.

Aneinu Please Daven Dangerous symptoms

Please daven for a Chicagoan, mother of an Aneinu member, Frieda bas Sara who is experiencing acute and dangerous symptoms.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

[Aneinu] THE PASSING OF A LEGEND: Rav Meir Zlotowitz zt”l

HE PASSING OF A LEGEND: Rav Meir Zlotowitz zt”l June 24, 2017 10:00 pm It is with great sadness that reports the passing of Rav Meir Zlotowitz zt”l, pioneering founder of ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications and one of the greatest disseminators of Torah in history. He was 73 years old. Rabbi Zlotowitz, who resided in Flatbush, Brooklyn, led the “ArtScroll Revolution,” a transformation in the availability of Torah literature in English and Hebrew. Rabbi Zlotowitz, during his formative years, studied at Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim, becoming a close talmid of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l and, later, his son, Rav Dovid Feinstein. After completing yeshiva, he became director of a high-end graphics studio in New York. The firm, named ArtScroll Studios, produced brochures, invitations, and kesubos. First located on Coney Island Avenue, the company later moved to Second Avenue in Brooklyn. Rabbi Nosson Scherman, then principal of Yeshiva Karlin Stolin Boro Park, was recommended to Rabbi Zlotowitz as someone who could write copy and they collaborated on a few projects. In late 1975, a close friend of Rabbi Zlotowitz, Rabbi Meir Fogel, passed away, prompting Rabbi Zlotowitz to do something in his memory. As Purim was a few months away, he decided to write an English translation and commentary on Megillas Esther and asked Rabbi Scherman to write the introduction. The sefer was completed in honor of the shloshim and sold out its first edition of 20,000 copies within two months. With the encouragement of Rav Moshe Feinstein, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky, Rav Mordechai Gifter and other gedolei Yisroel, Rabbi Zlotowitz continued producing commentaries, beginning with a translation and commentary on the rest of the five megillos. He went on to publish translations and commentaries on the Torah, Neviim, the Haggadah, the siddur, the machzor, Mishnayos, and more. ArtScroll has produced, to date, over 2,000 books, including seforim, novels, history books, children’s books and textbooks, and is now the largest publishers of Jewish books in the United States. ArtScroll is perhaps most well known for its transformative Shottenstein Edition of the Talmud, which opened up Gemara learning for people the world over. Rabbi Zlotowitz himself authored or co-authored, or served as general editor of, ArtScroll’s Talmud, Chumash, Tanach, Siddur, and Machzor series; Megillas Esther, Megillas Eichah, Koheles, Rus,Shir HaShirim, Yonah, Chanukah: Its history, observance and significance; Succos: Its significance, laws and prayers; Shema Yisrael; Pirkei Avos; and other volumes. Rabbi Zlotowitz had recently been feeling unwell and underwent a procedure, from which he was recovering. He had a setback on Shabbos and passed away. It is difficult to quantify just how great an impact Rabbi Zlotowitz had on the Jewish world. Perhaps no other individual in the last century had as colossal an influence on the world of Torah as he did. His passing plunges the Jewish world into mourning, bringing to an end a life that saw extraordinary accomplishments in Torah publishing, unlike anything ever seen before. Rabbi Zlotowitz is truly irreplaceable. Rabbi Zlotowitz is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rochel Zlotowitz, and their illustrious family of bnei andbnos Torah, R’ Ira Zlotowitz, R’ Gedaliah Zlotowitz, R’ Boruch Zlotowitz, R’ Chaim Zlotowitz, Mrs. Faigie Perlowitz, Mrs. Estie Dicker, Mrs. Devorah Morgenstern, and Mrs. Tzivi Munk, and many grandchildren. The levaya will take place on Sunday at 2 p.m. at Shomrei Hadas Chapels, located at 3803 14th Avenue in Boro Park, Brooklyn. Yehi zichro boruch.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

YWN Petira Of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz Z’L; Founder Of Artscroll

YWN regrets to inform you of the Petira of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz Z”L, the founder of Artscroll. He was Niftar on Friday night after an illness. Rabbi Zlotowitz was a student of the Posek Hador, Hagaon HaRav Moshe Feinstein ZATZAL at Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem. After graduation, he became director of a high-end graphics studio in New York. The firm, named ArtScroll Studios, produced brochures, invitations, awards and kesubahs. Rabbi Nosson Scherman, then principal of Yeshiva Karlin Stolin Boro Park, was recommended to Rabbi Zlotowitz as someone who could write copy, and they collaborated on a few projects. In late 1975, a close friend of Rabbi Zlotowitz, Rabbi Meir Fogel, was suddenly NIftar, prompting him to want to do something to honor his memory. As Purim was a few months away, he decided to write an English translation and commentary on Megilas Esther, and asked Rabbi Scherman to write the introduction. The Sefer was completed in honor of the shloshim and sold out its first edition of 20,000 copies within two months. With the encouragement of the Gedolei Hador, Rav Mosehe Feinstein, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky, and others, the two continued producing commentaries, beginning with a translation and commentary on the rest of the Five Megillos and went on to publish translations and commentaries on Tanach, Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi, and hundreds of other Seforim.

YWN Be A Partner in Publishing Rav Chaim Kanievsky's Latest Sefer: "Moadei HaGra"ch Chelek Beis"

Rabbi Yaakov Altman is one of the gabbaim who has the honor of being present each day in the holy home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Hundreds make their way in and out of the famous house's walls each day, seeking brachos, guidance, and answers to their questions. For many years, Rav Kanievsky has recorded his answers to the diverse questions of klal yisroel. Rabbi Altman & the rest of the editors have compiled them, and at last it has been completed: The second chapter in a collection of sha'alos & teshuvos from Sar HaTorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky on al of the holy holidays of the Jewish year. Rav Kanievsky is a treasure in our time, a seemingly bottomless wellspring of Torah knowledge & wisdom. Now you & the rest of klal yisroel will have the opportunity to have the Gra"Ch as your companion through each part of the year, infusing your calendar with the deepest Torah insights from one of the true Gedolim of our generation. However the editors have met a challenge: The sefer will be published in both Hebrew & English. It costs $10,000 to publish each language. There are also others fees in involved with the project. This holy sefer cannot be released into the world until $25,000 has been raised. All of those who donate will receive a bracha from Rav Kanievsky, the true depth & reverberations of which can never be truly grasped or understood. Those who give $180 or more will receive an exclusive copy of this sefer in exchange for your generosity. This is our opportunity to have the incredible merit of being partners in publishing a sefer which undoubtedly remain a treasure to the Jewish people in generations to come. Do not miss your chance to say you had a portion in its impact.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Moshe Yechiel ben Chana, He was in a clinical trial for a brain tumor, which was stable.  Now it looks like there is new growth and the family and doctors are seeking a different trial. Michael, is 43 years old with two pre-school age children.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven For Good Outcome

From an Aneinu member: Please daven for my Chicago cousin, Chaya Rachel bat Leah who had surgery today and is in the intensive care unit.  Please daven for good results from the two biopsies and for speedy and complete refuah.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ywn Skverer Rebbe To Undergo Open-Heart Surgery On Tuesday Morning

Please be Mispallel for the Skverer Rebbe who is undergoing open-heart surgery this morning. The Rebbe was flown to a hospital in Minnesota, where the surgery will take place. The surgery is scheduled for 10:00AM ET. Please say Tehillim for Dovid ben Trani. The Skverer Rebbe has led his kehilla in New Square, NY since 1968. New Square is the anglicized name of Skvira, a village in the Ukraine, where today’s Skverer Rebbe’s ancestors reigned. The New Square community in upstate New York was launched in 1957, when approximately 20 Skverer families moved from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, onto a 130-acre former farm in north Spring Valley, under the leadership of Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Twersky, zt’l (1899–1968), late Skverer Rebbe, who arrived in the United States in 1950. Before the end of its first year, almost 40 families resided in New Square. In 1961, New Square became the first village in New York State to be governed by a religious group. Over the years, incremental annexations of bordering properties have increased its size. New Square’s population, according to the 2000 census, impressively increased by 77.5% between 1990 and 2000. Since then, the shtetl’s growth has maintained that increase. New Square’s success motivated other chassidish groups to plan and build their own versions of a chassidish community outside the maelstrom of America’s large cities. Notably, Kasho, Nitra, Pupa, Satmar, Tash, and Vizhnitz have established insulated chassidish communities away from big metropolitan areas. The community in New Square, Spring Valley, is populated almost exclusively by Skverer chassidim, who wish to maintain a chassidish lifestyle insulated from outside secular influences. The village is substantially self-sustained with its own businesses and shopping areas, primary and secondary schools, schools of higher education, as well as community, religious, and charitable organizations. The village is essentially one community with a large synagogue serving its entire population. Rabbi Dovid Twersky, the current Skverer Rebbe, was born in 1940. In 1958, he married Rebbetzin Chana, born in 1943, eldest daughter of Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Hager, zt’l (1917–2012), Bnei Brak Vizhnitzer Rebbe. Their offspring are: Rabbi Aaron Menachem Mendel Twersky, born in 1962, married in 1980 to Rebbetzin Chava Reizel, daughter of Rabbi Mordechai Hager, Monsey Vizhnitzer Rebbe; Rabbi Yitzchok Itzik Twersky, born in 1963, married in 1981 to Rebbetzin Malka, daughter of Rabbi Yisroel Hager and granddaughter of the late Bnei Brak Vizhnitzer Rebbe; Rebbetzin Hinda Twersky, married in 1982 to Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Heshel Twersky, son of Rabbi Chai Yitzchok Twersky, Rachmestrivka Rebbe in Boro Park; Rebbetzin Tzipora, born in 1965, married in 1983 to Rabbi Eliezer Goldman, son of Rabbi Yaakov Goldman, scion of the Zhviler chassidish dynasty; Rebbetzin Tzima Mirel, born in 1969, married in 1987 to Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Hager, son of Rabbi Yisroel Hager, Vizhnitzer Rav in Monsey; son of Rabbi Mordechai Hager, Monsey Vizhnitzer Rebbe (the Monsey Vizhnitzer Rebbe is both a brother-in-law and an uncle by marriage to the Skverer Rebbe); Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, born in 1973, married in 1992 to Rebbetzin Chana Yenty, daughter of Rabbi Yehshaye Twersky, Chernobler Rebbe in Boro Park; and Rabbi Chaim Meir, born in 1981, married in 2000 to Rebbetzin Rochel Dinah, daughter of Rabbi Zvi Elimelech Halberstam, Kiviashder Rebbe; son of Rabbi Moshe Halberstam, zt’l (1924–2011), late Kiviashder Rebbe in Williamsburg.

Aneinu Please Daven Procedure Today

Please continue to daven for the father of an Aneinu member, Moshe ben Perel, who is having another major procedure today (Tuesday).

Monday, June 19, 2017

KEHOT.COM Lessons In Tanya Large Edition - Slipcased

Lessons in Tanya is a linear exposition and commentary on the Tanya of R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad philosophy. Beginning as a weekly Yiddish radio program in 1960, Rabbi Yosef Wineberg drew upon teachings received from Chasidic scholars at the renowned academies of Lubavitch in Europe and the writings of seven generations of Chabad Rebbes. Each of the lectures was examined and amended by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, so that much of the material includes the Rebbe’s insights and explanatory comments. Guiding the reader through every phrase of the Tanya, this most authoritative guide is a well-lit and accessible gateway to the Tanya, illuminating the mystical, often elusive, Talmudic, Kabbalistic, and Scriptural verses and concepts. It fills many gaps in what the terse Tanya text assumes to be the reader’s background knowledge. In the 1980s, the lectures were translated and published, opening the breadth and depth of this work to English-speaking students. For its 25th anniversary, Lessons in Tanya has been redesigned as a permanent treasure for a new generation of seekers. This new and revised edition has received an aesthetic face-lift featuring: Clear design and layout to enable continuous side-by-side study flow Vowelized and punctuated Hebrew text Interpolated commentary Clear daily study indicators Editorial updates and correctionsOrder here now 45% off $65.86

Learn the Book of Mishlei (Proverbs) with the OU's Nach Yomi!


OU TORAH BLOG The New Chumash Mesoras HaRav: Sefer Bamidbar!

OU Press is pleased to announce the publication of the fourth volume in the acclaimed Chumash Mesoras HaRav series, Sefer Bamidbar – The Neuwirth Edition. Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, known as the Rav, represented the pinnacle of 20th century Jewish thought. Given the breadth of his writing and teaching, it is unsurprising that the Rav provided many insights into Chumash over the decades, though he never authored a comprehensive commentary. Previously, the only way to study the Rav’s analysis of the Chumash was to glean the relevant content from his vast corpus of work. Chumash Mesoras HaRav represents the first-ever collection of the Rav’s thoughts on Chumash organized around the text that they illuminate.

OU TORAH BLOG DAF on OU Daf! By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

When it comes to Daf Yomi, OU Daf is the place to be. First of all, the OU offers not one but two daily Daf Yomi shiurim, courtesy of two popular and acclaimed maggidei shiur, Rabbi Moshe Elefant and Rabbi Shalom Rosner. In addition, OU Daf offers a plethora of resources designed to enhance the listeners’ understanding of the daily daf in all its intricacies. These include both “homegrown” content, like Rabbi Elefant’s Daf Sugya shiur, and content from partners like Shas Illuminated. OU Daf is proud to announce the addition of content from our friends at the Dafyomi Advancement Forum, a project of Kollel Iyun HaDaf. (“Dafyomi?” One word? That’s odd. Why would they – ohhhhh…. The initials spell “DAF!” Clever!) These new additions to OU Daf are high-quality, easy-to-follow resources that will enable participants to master each day’s page of Talmud in a multitude of new ways, including: Background to the Daily Daf Insights to the Daf Point By Point Outline of the Daf Tosfos on the Daf and an interactive Quiz! Rather than us describing them, click on the links and try them out for yourself. (These examples happen to be on Baba Basra daf 148. Use the banners on OU Daf to see these resources for other pages of Shas.) Discover which tools will best help you get the most out of your Daf Yomi! Follow OU Daf daily online at OU Torah or by using the OU Torah app for iOS and Android.

Aneinu Please Daven Procedure Today

From an Aneinu member: My father is having a major procedure today (in ny) and then again tomorrow  Can u ask for tefillos for Moshe ben Perel  Thanx

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven Back in Hospital

Zehavah bas Sarah is back in the hospital. Please daven for her.

Aneinu Please Daven

From an Aneinu member: Please daven for my great-nephew (his father is a Chicagoan) - a 6 month old baby who had open heart surgery this morning in Eretz Yisroel.  His name is Levi Yitchok ben Daniella Chaya.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven Critical

Please daven for the friend of an Aneinu member, a Chicagoan, Yehudis bas Chana Baila, who is in critical condition.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven

Rabbi Avraham J. Twersky was admitted to Shaarai Zedek Hospital, yesterday. He is very, very weak and needs our Prayers.  Please daven for Avraham Yehoshua Heshel Ben Devora Leah May we share good news.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Aneinu Community Wide Tehillim Gathering Tommorow Night

There will be a community-wide Tehillim gathering for men and women, for a refuah sheleima for teen Caleb Maeir, Yisroel Yehuda ben Dena Sarah, tomorrow night at 7:45 PM at Kehilat Chovevei Tzion 9220 Crawford in Skokie,  --

Aneinu Please Daven for 6 year old

Please say Tehillim for a 6 year old boy (not in Chicago) who is in critical but stable condition. He developed inflammation after surgery. 

Aneinu Please Daven Hit by car

Please daven for the father of an Aneinu member, Shmuel ben Rochel, who was hit by a car and is now paralyzed. Please daven that he should heal and regain use of his limbs.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven for Newborn

Please daven for a former Chicagoan's newborn, Tinok ben Esther Batya, wcoyleho is in need of a refuah shlema.

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery

Please daven for a Chicagoan, Chaya Rachel bat Leah who will be having major surgery.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven Medical Test Sunday

Please daven for a yeshiva bochur, a Chicagoan, Zalman Baruch Hacohen ben Yocheved Devorah who will be having a very important medical test this Sunday. Please daven that everything should go well and he should hear besoros tovos.

Aneinu Please Daven Procedure this Morning

Please daven for Yosef Mordechai Ben Hanna Miriam, a Chicagoan who will be having a procedure this morning (Wednesday).

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Yosef Mordechai Ben Chana Miriam, a Chicagoan who will be having a procedure Wednesday morning.

Aneinu Tefillos Needed Surgery Now!

Please daven for Chicagoan, Zehavah bas Sarah NOW. She is having surgery now. Thank you

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Yaakov Yosef ben Miriam who is in the ICU after a heart attack.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Next Wensday

From an Aneinu member:   My aunt, who is in her 90s, KE”H, will be having surgery on Wednesday, June 14. She is in a lot of pain.  Please daven for a successful surgery and a refuah shelaima for Shaina Raizel bas Chana Leiba.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Aneinu Please Daven Wensday Morning

From former Chicagoan Sora Aviva: Please daven for our wonderful friend, Moshe ben Deba. He writes: On Wednesday afternoon (Israel time) I am scheduled for my 3rd ablation in the continuing effort to fix my arrhythmia problems in my heart. Thank you so very much. May Hashem bring refuos and yeshuos to all of Klal Yisrael!