Monday, September 29, 2014

Aneinu Tefillos Needed surgery Tuesday morning

Please daven for a refuah SHLEIMA for Penina Esther bas Rivka Chana   having major surgery, BSH"TU'M, very early, Tuesday morning.

Aneinu Please Daven surgery Tuesday

Please daven for the daughter of an Aneinu member, Hadassah Deena Rochel bas Rina Vechnah, who is having a serious proceduretomorrow morning,Tuesday 9/29.

Aneinu Please Daven For Baby surgery Tuesday

Please daven for the grandson of an Aneinu member who is scheduled for surgerytomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:00 AM Chicago time.  We would really appreciate tefilos for Yeshaya ben Ruchoma.

Let My Nation Be Warned The story of Yonah, a reluctant prophet on a mission of repentance by Rabbi Yosef Deutsch IS AT KESHER STAM

Who was Yonah and where did he come from? What could prompt a prophet of G-d to refuse his divine mission? Did Yonah really believe that he could run away from Hashem? Why is this story concerning a gentile nation read on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year? Once again, Rabbi Yosef Deutsch answers these and other questions using his matchless talent of blending midrashim and other sources to afford us a fuller understanding of the events that make up the amazing Book of Yonah. Discover the background leading up to Yonah’s divine charge to rebuke the people of Nineveh. Travel the sea with the prophet and be privy to its secrets. Understand the mystery of the kikayon. Find out why Yonah’s prophecy to this non-Jewish nation was really a warning for the Jewish people. And most important, strengthen your understanding of the lifechanging power of teshuvah. Here is Rabbi Deutsch at his best: descriptive, lively, detailed, entertaining,relevant. Eighth in the "Let My Nation" series, this volume delves into fundamental issues of Jewish thought, such as reward and punishment, divine providence, free will, and repentance. Culled from Talmudic and Midrashic sources, Let My Nation Be Warned highlights Hashem’s caring hand in the affairs of nations — and in our daily lives. Includes a Hebrew-English Book of Yonah.(From Feldheim)

The Milstein Edition of the Later Prophets: The Twelve Prophets / Trei Asar [Hardcover] The Later Prophets - with a commentary anthologized from the Rabbinic writings IS AT KESHER STAM

Announcing a stellar new volume in the Milstein Edition of the Later Prophets All 12 books of Trei Asar / The Twelve Prophets in one volume. Following the pattern of the universally acclaimed Yeshayah / Isaiah, this new volume includes: •The universally acclaimed ArtScroll translation • A clear, broad-ranging, graceful commentary • Newly typeset Hebrew commentaries of Rashi, Radak, and Metzudos • Overview explaining the role of the prophets • Introductions and explanations of concepts and prophecies • Lightweight, opaque, acid-free paper; reinforced, sturdy binding • Gilded page headings; Ribbon place marker This volume comprises 200 years of prophecy, from Hoshea to Malachi; from passionate calls for repentance, warnings of destruction and exile, to exhilarating visions of the Second Temple, the Messianic Redemption, and the eternal Third Temple. These prophecies speak to every generation. They are timeless, lyrical and profound. Especially in a time of danger and hope, they remind us that we are always the people of Hashem - that He longs for us to be loyal to His Torah, that He will never abandon us, and that the Jewish people are destined for a brilliant future, no matter how dark the present may seem. Brilliantly edited and augmented by Rabbi Menachem Davis, based on the work of Rabbi Yitzchok Stavsky and Rabbi Mattis Roberts, this new volume does justice to the Text. The Overview by Rabbi Yosef Elias is a classic in its own right. Their work brings us new dimensions of understanding and beauty. It lets the verses speak to us - in language, in outlook, in aspiration for spiritual growth. This volume also includes the now-classic Overview to the Book of Jonah, which sheds light not only on Jonah, but on the concept of Repentance and Yom Kippur, the day when Jonah is read. This is a volume that not only belongs in every Jewish library - it should be opened and absorbed by everyone who thirsts for the word of Hashem and a share in Jewish destiny.(From Artscroll)

We're All In This Together Essays on the challenges that unite us By Rabbi Yissocher Frand IS AT KESHER STAM

The voice heard round the world… Why do people the world over flock to hear Rabbi Yissocher Frand's words and ideas? Why do thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — find the time in their overscheduled lives to listen to one of the most popular speakers in the Torah world? Is it the humor? The spot-on stories that illustrate the points being made? The understanding of the challenges facing our society — and each and every one of us? The creative, out-of-the-box solutions Rabbi Frand finds to meet those challenges? Is it the feeling that we’re hearing wisdom here, and truth, combined with a deep and sincere love for every Jew? The answer is — yes to all of the above. When Rabbi Frand speaks, people listen, because what he says is what we need to hear. We're All in This Together takes Rabbi Frand's inimitable voice and turns it into readable, engaging and wise essays. Whether he is filling out a "report card" on Jewish life today (and finding solutions to some of the failing grades!), giving advice on how to keep our children happy with a Torah lifestyle, or figuring out how to deal with the increasing narcissism of a world that’s obsessed with "I" and not "you" — here is Rabbi Frand at his eloquent best.(From Artscroll) Due to the fact that Rosh Hashanah was a 3 day yom tov there was no Shabbos Shuva drasha yet but this makes up for that b/c there are alot of Rabbi Frand teshuva drashas in here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Aneinu] Please Daven before and on Rosh Hoshana

Please daven for Reuven Avrohom ben Leah Rochel going in for emergency surgery for blocked arteries. Reuven Stone is the creator and producer of Torah Tots shows, music and Mostly he's a beloved gem of a Yid with a big heart and a masmid and lover of learning Shas and Torah while doing his graphic design work (he listens to Daf Yomi by internet)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for a Chicagoan, Baruch ben Miriam, who is on his way to the hospital.

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Young Mother

Received from Eretz Yisroel: Rivka Rachel bas Brana is a young 31 year-old mother of three who just received a sudden and very dire diagnosis, with no medical recourse. They were told by gedolim with whom they consulted that the only hope is through massive tefilla. They are asking all individuals and mosdos to daven for her. Please do so, and pass the name on to as many people as you can. (Calling your kids' schools to put her on their Tehillim lists would be great.) Kind regards, (Rebz) Rivka Moore

Monday, September 22, 2014

YU TORAH and NAALEH.COM Rosh Hashana: Double Days By Shira Smiles

Of all the holidays in the Jewish calendar, only Rosh Hashanah is mandated as a two day holiday both within and outside Eretz Yisroel. Why is this so? Rabbi Dessler in Sanctuaries in Time gives us the simplest, most practical answer. As the Torah commanded, the new moon was to be proclaimed based on the accounts of two eye witnesses coming to the Sanhedrin. The onset for every holiday was then easily calculated from the time the new moon was proclaimed to the day in the month that Hashem designated as the holiday. If the witnesses were delayed, there was little effect on the onset of the holiday, for they were all further into the month. Hashem, however, commanded that Rosh Hashanah be the first day of the month. If the witnesses were delayed, the proper day of observance would be missed. The Sages, therefore, declared Rosh Hashanah to be observed based on their astronomical calculations as the thirtieth day of Elul and set the second day as the first of Tishrei. This would cover either day of an eye witness account should there be a delay in the arrival of the witnesses. This practice of observing two days of Rosh Hashanah (although they have become the first and second days of Tishrei) has since become standardized. click here Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein.

New Music Alert! Nachum Hosted Yitzy Bald Live at JM in the AM for the Official Debut of “NYBC The Sequel”

Nachum had the pleasure of hosting Yitzy Bald live at JM in the AM this morning to officially debut the much anticipated New York Boys Choir (NYBC) second CD entitled “NYBC The Sequel.” Nachum and Yitzy discussed and played several of the new songs and spoke about the making of this monumental new CD.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Virtual Beit Midrash On Rosh Ha-shana


TRAGEDY IN MONSEY: Toddler R”L Niftar After Being Run Over By Vehicle

YWN regrets to inform you of the tragic Petira of Tova Fraidel Danzinger A”H of Chestnut Ridge, who was Niftar on Shabbos morning from injuries sustained in a terrible accident on Friday, when a vehicle struck her on Becketts Court. Levaya details were not available. Boruch Dayan Emmes… - See more at:

Friday, September 19, 2014

YWN Monsey: Toddler Critically Injured After Being Run Over By Vehicle

A toddler was R”L critically injured after being struck by a vehicle, Friday afternoon. A spokesperson for the Ramapo Police Department tells YWN that they received reports of a pedestrian struck on Becketts Court, in the Village of Chestnut Ridge around 1:30PM. Upon arrival, responding officers were advised that Hatzolah EMS was in the process of transporting the struck pedestrian to Westchester Medical Hospital. Upon further investigation it was determined that a 2002 Toyota Sienna, driven by a 19 year old female from the Monsey area, backed into a 1 and a half year-old female who was in the roadway. The child was transported in cardiac arrest and was stabilized upon arrival to the hospital. The full extent of the child’s injuries is unknown at this time. Ramapo Accident Investigation responded to the scene and is currently investigating the incident. Please be Mispallel for Tova Fraidel bas Basya. (Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

OU TORAH Chagiga Daf 2 - Aliya Lregel Bzman Hazeh By Rabbi Moshe Elefant

Rabbi Elefant says there is a machlokes in the Poskim if we have the mitzva of aliya lregel in our days but we should still visit Yerushaliem which is so central tom our livesclick here for the rest of the shiur and an interesting shila about flying over the makom hamikdash.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Natasha bas Luda (Chicagoan) was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is a 36 year old mother of two little children. Please keep her in your prayers.

Gems from the Nesivos Shalom: Yamim Noraim IS AT KESHER STAM

Overview Nesivos Sholom. One of the most widely celebrated volumes on Jewish thought in recent history. The magnum opus of Reb Sholom Noach Berezovsky ztz”l, saintly rebbe of a vibrant Chassidic dynasty, the impact of the Nesivos Sholom extends well beyond the tight-knit enclave of Slonimer adherents. Since its publication in the latter half of the twentieth century, Nesivos Sholom has become a standard text in the study-halls and homes of Torah Jews from one end of the spectrum to the other. For the first time ever, this modern-day classic is now accessible in the English language. With the release of this inaugural volume – focusing on the themes and sublime meaning of the High Holidays – the English-speaking public can discover what it is about Nesivos Sholom that has captured the hearts and minds of Jewish seekers world-wide. Is it the crisp, engaging treatment of such a wide-range of relevant topics? The masterful blend of Chassidic thought and scholarly analysis, mystical concepts and illustrative narratives, penetrating insight and inspirational messages? Or is it simply the pristine beauty that emanates from the sacred words of an individual referred to by some as the “Mesilas Yesharim of our generation”? Print discount here.

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Reb. Machlis

Please daven and say tehillim for the next two weeks for Reb. Henny Machlis who is undergoing surgery on Tuesday, 20th Elul, Sept. 15th: Henna Rasha bat Yitta Ratza. A cousin of hers wrote: "In the merit of the tens of thousands of acts of kindness that she has done for others and for the tens of thousands of guests who she has hosted over the past 30 years," may she be the recipient "of tens of thousands of prayers for her complete and speedy recovery."

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Baby

Please daven for a week old baby, the niece of a Chicagoan, Ahuva Bracha bas Aliza Yehudis, who just had open heart surgery.

Festivals of Faith – The Revelation of Man Excerpted from Rabbi Norman Lamm’s Festivals of Faith: Reflections on the Jewish Holidays

One of the most popular and beloved phrases in all of the mahzor is ha-yom harat olam, which we recite in response to the three times the shofar is sounded during the cantor’s repetition of the Musaf. All the congregation joins in unison in reciting it warmly, lovingly, and reverently. Yet there is something puzzling about it. For these words mean “Today is the birthday of the world.” But what does the doctrine of the creation of the world have to do with shofar? In what way is ha-yom harat olam a reaction to the message of the shofar?

[Aneinu] Please Daven

please daven for a refua shelaima for Miriam Devora bas Vital, Mrs Miriam Mitzman, a Chicagoan who made Aliya many years ago. The family asked specifically that we give her name for tefilos in Chicago. She is hospitalized with a rare illness.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

OU TORAH Yerushalmi – Berachos 47 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman


OU TORAH CHAGIGA DAF 2 Aliyah L'Regel: Yom Tov with Hashem By Bais Havaad Halacha Center

Rav Greenwald says klal yisrael and HASHEM meet on aliya laregel on yom tov and this is the theme of masechta Chagiga.Its a time to reflect on our relationship with HASHEM.The theme of the masechta is simcha.Being michanach our children is by being a role model.Rav Hutner says proper child chinuch is the child should want to do mitzvos on their own.Its a link in a chain from har sinai and we see this fom the Akeida.There is a lot of mesorah and minhag on yom tov.HASHEM should help us learn masechta Chagiga and have a relationship with HASHEM by being ole liregel on an individual family and klal here for the rest of the shiur.


1.DAF DIGEST HALACHA HIGHLIGHTThe Trumas Hadeshen says a Mother does have a chiuv of chinuch but most Poskim argue.The M"B says a mother does not havea chiuv in chinuch but a mother has a chiuv to set up an environment in the home conducive to chinuch. 2.Is a katan ciev in lavs like bal yira bal yimataza or chametz sheavar alav on pesach.Its a machlokes in Poskim.


CLICK HERE FOR RABBI ELEFANT SHIUR WHERE YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING LMISA OR RABBI ROSNER DAF SHIUR AND DAF SUGYA WITH RABBI ELEFANT THE BAIS HAVAAD'S THE DAF IN HALACHA AND MORE. DAF HACHAIM IS BACK YOU CAN ONCE AGAIN REVIEW THE DAF IN AROUND 5 MINUTES. THE KOLLEL IYUN HADAF HAS OUTLINES INSIGHTS NEW DAF4KIDS AND MORE. English Commentary - If you wish to read an easy to understand complete English translation of the Daily Daf then our English Commentary is for you. Our Daf Notes English translation incorporates the discussions of the Gemara for the advanced learner's review and at the same time offers an easy to understand translation for the beginner where you can learn and review the Daf Yomi in under 20 minutes a day! Daf Insights - In conjunction, both commentaries offer some additional food for thought, what we call Daf Insights (in the English Commentary) and Iyunim (in the Hebrew Commentary). These Insights consist of Halachic and Aggadic topics and can be used as a springboard for further research and learning. The Insights of the Hebrew Commentary is more advanced than the Insights of the English Commentary. CLICK HERE FOR THE DAF DIGEST WHICH FEATURES THE VERY NICE HALACHA HIGHLIGHT. YU TORAH HAS A NICE DAF SHIURS THE DAF AND HALACHA AND HALACHA FROM THE DAILY DAF BY RABBI EISENSTEIN AND MORE. SUPPLEMENTS LEARN THE DAF LIKE NEVER B/4(NOTE THE APPLE VERSION NOW HAS ARTSCROLL KITZUR AND MESSILAS YESHARIM)The Koren Talmud Bavli is a groundbreaking edition of the Talmud that fuses the innovative design of Koren Publishers Jerusalem with the incomparable scholarship of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. The Koren Talmud Bavli Standard Edition is a full-size, full-color edition that presents an enhanced Vilna page, a side-by-side English translation, photographs and illustrations, a brilliant commentary, and a multitude of learning aids to help the beginning and advanced student alike actively participate in the dynamic process of Talmud study. THE YATED NEMAN HAS NICE TALES AND TEACHINGS FROM THE DAF.

OU TORAH MOED KATAN DAF 29 Aninus, Aveilus, and Nechama By Bais Havaad Halacha Center

Rav Yosef Grossman uses Rav Shwab to explain Aninus, Aveilus, and Nechama click here for the shiur.


1.Rav Moshe we see from our mishna women not related showing signs of aveilus during a funeral on chol hamoed all the more so relatives can. 2.Rav Moshe says nichum availim is not just saying hamakom but rather speak to the avel till he is comforted. 3.We learn from our gemara to learn after davening. 4.Learn Daf yomi in this world then you will learn it in the next world biyun.

JI Yitzy Bald Proudly Presents “New York Boys Choir: The Sequel”

It’s been more than three years since the world was introduced to the New York Boys Choir. Since then, producer Yitzy Bald and the choir have been quite busy, starting with the release of their debut album, entitled NYBC, as well as presenting three exciting singles, each with their own respective music videos. Their Youtube channel boasts over 300,000. And they are in strong demand for live performances. They have appeared at numerous concerts and prestigious events, including the Chanukah Telethon and the Israel Day Concert at Central Park. They performed for many sold out and standing room only venues, such as, the renowned Oorah and CAHAL concerts. Just recently, they joined up with Avraham Fried, Lipa and Pruz at a gala Pre-Purim Celebration, and brought the house down, with their smash hit single “Pump It Up”! Their brand new release, coming out, just in time for the Jewish New Year, entitled, NYBC: The Sequel, features some of Mr. Bald’s top material, which he has been amassing over the last three years. This stellar new album features the musical production and contemporary arrangements of a very talented group of music arrangers and producers. Shai Barak, Nochi Krohn, Ruli Ezrachi, Shloime Kaufman, Tony Bella, and Yitzy Bald. The style and approach taken in the production of this new NYBC release is very unique because, it is one, that is looking to inspire the largest gamut of listeners. For example, The Sequel features seven English songs with powerful messages, which producer Yitzy Bald felt, would be more meaningful and relate more to his target listening audience, than the usual Jewish song/arrangement, which places a verse from Tanach on top of a rock/disco/hora beat. To give the album an added touch of superstar quality, Michoel Pruzansky, a close friend of Bald, graced the album, with a few knockout solos. Background vocals were performed, throughout the album, by the one and only Yitzy Spinner, a former choir alumni himself. There is a touch of Nochi Krohn vocals on this album as well. The blend between the choir, Yitzy Spinner, Michoel Pruzansky, and Nochi Krohn are seamless and extremely engaging. These aren’t you average songs either. The song “Show Your Face”, is about the terrible massacre that took place in Israel back in March 6, 2008 at Yeshivas Mercaz Harav Kook. Yitzy was in Jerusalem at the time and quickly made his way to the Yeshiva to observe firsthand what had transpired. The shock and pain was chilling. The song was a response to this horrific outrage. “Jew Joy” is about, how the Jewish people, constantly serve G-d with joy, despite the challenges that they have endured and continue to endure. In “Just Dream On”, the message is never give up on your dreams because you never know which one will change the world. “Salaam” is an anthem for world peace….we all hope and pray that it will be soon! All the songs, arrangements, vocals, and messages on this album are written and sung with heart and soul. They are fun, fresh, and meaningful all at the same time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you……You will not stop listening! The album is distributed by Nigun Music and will be in stores next week!

JI and JMR Dovid Gabay – The Letter – Daven For Me [Official Music Video]

As the Yomim Norai’m are ever so quickly approaching, here is a brand new inspiring music video to help us get into the right mind frame to daven on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world. Chazal tell us that if two people are in need of the same salvation, they should pray for each other that the other’s need should be answered. By doing so, together, they open the gates of mercy, and thereby create a zechus in Shamayim that THEIR prayers be answered. The song entitled “The Letter”, from Dovid Gabay’s 2nd album, Omar Dovid, has been a true inspiration for so many around the globe, but most importantly for an individual residing in Brooklyn, NY. Upon hearing the song, and realizing his own child was in desperate need of tefilos, he decided, based on the message of this very song, to start an organization for individuals all around the world to be paired up with others who are in need of the same salvation. The organization is called Daven For Me and currently has over 5,000 subscribed members, and counting… This movement of tefilah has brought about many yeshuos in the world. Many of which you can read about on the organization’s website: Watch and enjoy this heartfelt music video, and take upon yourself someone to daven for today by joining this wonderful organization!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

יעקב שוואקי שיר לחיילים קיסריה

Song for our soldiers Caesaria 2014 CLICK HERE

Gateway to Shemittah IS AT KESHER STAM

Extensively Revised and Updated for Shemittah 5775 Description The Shemittah year is fast approaching and with it come many questions: What is a prozbul and how will it help me collect my loans? I live in New York; my son says that I have to send my esrog back to Israel because of biur. What’s going on? I have a bottle of wine that says Otzar Beis Din on it. Can I use it for havdalah? How do I take care of my pomegranate tree or my indoor potted plant? Do flowers need to be kosher? Shemittah is not just for farmers and it’s not only for those living in Eretz Yisrael. We all need to know its laws. These intricate halachos are as relevant today as they were in former times. This work represents the first practical and comprehensive guide to the laws of Shemittah for the English-speaking public. In a clear, smooth, and flowing style, Rabbi Dovid Marchant explains the laws related to the pre-Shemittah, Shemittah and post-Shemittah years in a way that will appeal to everyone — homemaker and kollelman alike. Gateways to Shemittah also contains halachic decisions rendered by contemporary Gedolim, a section on the reasons behind the halachos, extensive source references, chapters that explore the history and concept of Shemittah and why it still applies today, and a complete glossary and index. This updated edition features: Detailed information on how to buy fruits and vegetables during Shemittah Delineation of the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael concerning Shemittah laws, including a map Many more practical halachos, with new user-friendly footnotes Enthusiastically recommended by leading Torah authorities, Gateway to Shemittah clarifies an important area of halacha that is unfamiliar to many, and brings meaning and enrichment to its observance.(FROM FELDHEIM)

[Aneinu] Please Daven for young boy

Please daven for a young child (Chicagoan), Baruch ben Aviva . Unfortunately, after almost a one-year remission, he has relapsed.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Aneinu Please Daven for aneinu member

Please daven for Aneinu member, Shoshana Chava bas Sara, who is in the hospital and inextreme pain. Please daven that her pain be relieved and that she be able to go home for Shabbos.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

[Aneinu] Please Daven!!!

Please daven for Aneinu member Shoshana Chava bas Sara who is still in the hospital with complications.

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Surgery Friday

From an Aneinu member: My mother is having a serious surgery tomorrow, Friday, around noon, NY time please daven for Golda bas Rochel Leah.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

JI and JMR Beri Weber 3 – Ben Melech [Audio Preview]

t’s been almost three long years since Beri Weber last released a solo album. In that time however, he has managed to capture the ears and hearts of Jewish music fans around the world. Well ladies and gentleman, the wait is over. By the end of this week Beri Weber 3 titled Ben Melech will be in stores in the US/Canada and Israel. Ben Melech is masterfully produced by Beri’s longtime producer and friend Naftali Schnitzler who as Yossi Green says is a genius in the studio and always does the unexpected. The long awaited album features the best in the biz composers like; Pinky Weber, Lipa, Eli Schwab, Chaim Blumenfeld, David Kaufman and Beri himself. The music and choirs were created by Naftali Schnitzler, Chesky Breuer, Ruli Ezrachi and Moishie Krausz (MK.) The album features 10 stunning tracks PLUS a bonus track of Beri singing the hit song “V’afili B’hastara” as a duet with Yoily Klein . The album is being distributed in the US by nigun and will be available on their site by the end of the week.

[Aneinu] Davening Request from Israel

A woman in our kehilla here was in her 8th month and was just diagnosed with the machalah, R"L, yesterday. It was so serious that they performed a c-section this morning (and delivered a healthy baby girl, B"H), so that she will be able to start treatments as soon as possible, as, unfortunately, things are apparently quite advanced. She has a bunch of little kids, including one in gan with Tova. Please daven for Elinor bas Svetlana for a refuah sheleimah. We should share bsoros tovos! Malka p.s. If you know anyone who would daven for her, please pass her name along! She is in great need of a yeshuah. .

JI and JMR Gad Elbaz – A Mother’s Dream‎ [Official Music Video]

Through all the ups and downs of childhood, the many milestones of life and the trials and tribulations of our everyday existence, there is no moment more poignant in any mother’s life than that of escorting her child to the chupah. In this all new video titled A Mother’s Dream, Gad Elbaz brings this most emotional experience to life as we share the tears of joy, the overwhelming happiness and the indescribable simcha that envelops every mother as she sees their greatest dream fulfilled. A Mother’s Dream is an original composition by Cecelia Margules, a song that literally was born in Cecelia’s dream, capturing the many emotions that mothers worldwide experience as they see the culmination of a lifelong commitment that began with the birth of their child. Accompanied by sweeping orchestration in this Sparks Next production directed by Danny Finkelman and arranged by Eli Lishinsky and Nir Graf, Elbaz takes us through this magical journey, through a mother’s eyes, literally makes every mother’s dream come true. Produced and directed by Danny Finkelman Cinematographer – Mauricio Arenas Director of photography – Alex Zingaro Starring – Adam Margules and Stav Livne Production: ZOAB Entertainment

OU TORAH 19 LETTERS Letter #3 – God and the World By Daniel Adler


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for Aneinu member Shoshana Chava bas Sara who has been admitted to the hospital.

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Aneinu member Shoshana Chava bas Sara who is having a medical procedure tonight

[Aneinu] Please Daven for a Yeshua

PLEASE, please daven for a yeshua for Yoel who is in extreme, extreme danger. I have no other information at this time. Please keep him in your tefillos. May Hashem have rachmanis on him.

[Aneinu] Tefillos Needed

PLEASE pray for the holy woman of Jerusalem, Henna Rasha bat Yeeta Rahtza who has traveled to NY for a critical procedure at Sloan Kettering. The procedure is tentatively scheduled to take place on Thursday. In the merit of the tens of thousands of acts of kindness that she has done for others and for the tens of thousands of guests who she has hosted over the past 30 years, she is indeed deserving of tens of thousands of prayers for her complete and speedy recovery. Let us pray hard for her bitoch shaar cholei Yisrael, and let us share good news SOON!. .

Monday, September 1, 2014

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Our grandson had a terrible reaction to medication and is in the ICU in a hospital in Philadelphia on a respirator. I would appreciate if people will daven for him to have a refuah Shlema a full and speedy recovery. His name is Yisroel Yaakov ben Rochel. .