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insights for daf 18 from R Elefant

  1. interesting shilah chazan finishes shimone esra but forgets bircas kohanim 2 opinions 1some people say it wasnt said its to late 2 others say go back to ritze the question is bircas kohanim integeral part of tefillah or not
  2. Safas Emes proper speech is valuable 1when person careful not to use improper speech more proper 2person minimizes his speech 3 some one who thought out wwhat hes about to say his words are valuable
  3. parshas Zacor is diurisa from our gemara saying zacor pe see PY for how parshas zacor is dirabanan
  4. Malbim when you think something you will forget it but if you say it verbally you wont forget it

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smp 33

smp 33 is online with new music from Shloime Gertner and Gershon Veroba news on YBC 3 and AKA Pella 2 613 2 all HASC 20 on DVD not till summer

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from Let My Nation Live

Ben Yihoyada we see from daf 13 that Ester said sham hamipurosh teleported away from Acvachvarosh b/4 bia left him with shad she toveled in mikva and went back to Mordechi

insights from R Elefant daf 11

1.Safas Emes Haman 1st letter said am not so clear all nations scard 2nd letter said ham nas only happend to ky
2.Manos Halevi how is their a maclokes where Hodu and Cush were 1 md for sure next to each other other md go around world sphere globe Rogachover from here we see Cazal knew world was round
3.Safas Emes Shilomo not king over entire world b/c its not jewish way to conquer entire world

Sunday, February 18, 2007


COMEING Purim 07 YBC 3

yesterdays insights R Elefant(daf10)

1.if there kidusha by BH why dont we bring korbanos Stiepler says there no ciuv to bring korban Aruch Laner says no BH no rach nicoch no bring korban b/c no mizbach mizbach built with shamir worm we dont have that or tacales we dont know if are kohanim are kohanim amd were tamei
2.Miparshim ask Vayihi means tzar brig pasukim from Rus 1st why not bring from torah 1st Ester and Rus are similar by Ester feast is springboard for yishua also by Rus famine is a spring board for yishua
3. Safas Emes pasuk HASHEM saw HASHEM is midas haracamim people so bad by flood midas haracamim agreed to bring flood
4.Yavitz why gemara go up to 3rd day of creation b/c 3rd day perfect day represents good
5. Mordichi copared to kitores why kitores stos magafa Mordichi stops magafa

insight fo0r daf 9 R Elefant

Safas Emes in Shiloh one is muterto eat kadshim kalim and maser shanianywhere within sight of Shiloh mishkan why is Shiloh connected to the eye b/c its Yosef area and Yosef is connected to the eye

insight for daf8 R Elefamt

poskim put $10.00 on table for ani and it disappears if its a nidava yo dont need to replace it but if its a neder you need to replace it

Saturday, February 17, 2007

today in jewish history

• First Israeli Astronaut Perishes (2003)

Ilan Ramon, a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force, was the first Israeli astronaut. Prior to his departing to space on Space Shuttle Columbia, where his mission included the manning of a multispectral camera for recording desert aeroso, he arranged to take Kosher food and he took along a Kiddush cup and a copy of the Torah. The STS-107 mission ended when the space shuttle was destroyed upon re-entry, 16 minutes before its scheduled landing, on February 1, 2003, a Shabbat. All its crew members perished

Thursday, February 15, 2007

more insight yesterdays daf (daf7)

1.see from our gemara licatcila send shalach manos through shliach someone once asked
Satmer Rebbi if a kid dressed like a monkey gived shalach manos is it ok he said even a real monkey can give sm no shliach adam kamoso by sm
2.Safas Emes see from our gemara that you should put sweet food in shalach manos
3. R Shilomo Zalman Aurbach even when you drink dont embarrass somebody b/c its like killing the person

yesterdays daf insights R Elefant(daf7)

1.PY yom tov of purim was immediately reading of magillah was done in 2 stages
2.RM Peshlner there were many neviem in KY if it has relevance to future generations it was recorded if not it wasnt recorded Ester said it should be ladoros always have miracles in each generation
3.R Cezkel Abramsky last pasuk in megillah Mordichi and Estergreat in history boks where are they magillah isnt a history book its yad HASHWM
4.Behag ciuv parshas zacor what if cant hear parshas zacr see from our gemara connection magiilas Ester and parshas zacor that you can be yotzei parshas zacor with magillas Ester
5.chasidsha vort kiblu limata we except something kiblu limala HASHEM helps us out
6.PY KIMU VIKIBLU they were mikabel torah excepted earlier how do yu know must be ruach hakodesh
7.Binyan Olam matanos levyonim husband and wife you can be mokabel mitzvah of matanos levyonim with them
8.R Ovadia Yosef by shalach manos need to give to friends parents rebbi not your friends but we see from our gemara your yotzei

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

todays daf insights(daf6)from Kollel Iyun Hadaf

when there a leap year we have an Adar rishon Poskim
1. Shulchan Aruch (OC 697:1): On the 14th and 15th of
Adar Rishon we do not say Tachanun or "Ya'ancha
Hashem b'Yom Tzarah". Eulogies and fasting are
forbidden, but other laws of Purim do not apply.
Some permit even eulogies and fasting.
i. Gra (DH v'Yesh Omrim): From the Seifa (the only
difference between Adar Rishon....) we inferred
that Simchah and Mishteh are the same in both.
The lenient opinion holds that the Seifa must
refer to the Reisha, when the year was made
Me'uberes after they read the Megilah. It
cannot discuss when we knew in advance that the
year will be Me'uberes, for we would never
think that one must read the four Parashiyos in
both months. The Ran rejects this; the Mishnah
means, even in such a case R. Shimon ben
Gamliel requires repeating the Parashiyos in
Adar Sheni.
2. Rema: The custom is like the first opinion. Some
obligate extra Simchah and Mishteh on the 14th of
Adar Rishon; this is not our custom. In any case it
is good to increase a bit to fulfill this opinion.
"V'Tov Lev Mishteh Samid".
i. Beis Yosef (DH u'Pashut): Some infer that the
only difference between Adar Rishon and Sheni
are Kri'as ha'Megilah and Matanos la'Evyonim,
but Simchah and Mishteh are the same in both.
Tosfos (6b DH v'R. Eliezer) rejects this,
because the Gemara infers that they are the
same regarding eulogies and fasting, but not
regarding Simchah and Mishteh. SMaK says that
even though we increase Simchah and Mishteh on
the 14th and 15th of Adar Sheni, in Adar Rishon
we do so only on the 14th. This is because the
Gemara says that the only difference between
the *14th* of Adar Rishon... It does not
mention the 15th. However, perhaps it only
mentions the primary day. There is no Isur
Melachah in Adar Rishon. Even in Adar Sheni the
Isur depends on custom. Nowadays the custom is
not to increase Simchah and Mishteh in Adar
Rishon. Nevertheless, we do not say Tachanun or
"Ya'ancha Hashem b'Yom Tzarah" because they are
days of a miracle and salvation.
ii. Mishbetzos Zahav (1): If someone vowed to fast
on Purim Katan it takes effect, for it is a
mere custom not to fast. However, if he vowed
to fast on Mondays and Thursdays, presumably he
did not intend to forbid Purim Katan.
iii. Eshel Avraham (2): The Rema brings "V'Tov Lev
Mishteh Samid" to suggest increasing Simchah
also on the 14th of Adar Rishon. The Magen
Avraham (2) explains that this refers to
Simchah in Avodas Hashem.

yesterdays daf(daf5)

The Gemara relates that Hizkiya was unsure whether Teverya (Tiberias) was considered a walled city or not, so he read the megillah on both the 14th and the 15th. The Gemara explains that he was certain that walls surrounded the city; his dilemma was whether a city which was surrounded on three sides by a wall and on the fourth side by the sea (Tiberias is built on the shores of the Kinneret) should be considered a walled city or not.

Can Hizkiya's ruling with regard to Tiberias be applied to other situations where we are unsure as to the status of a given city? Based on his decision, it would appear that we should also read the megillah twice in other cities whose history is not clear, a position that appears to negate the usual rules that we apply in situations of uncertainty:

We usually rule that we follow the rov or majority of cases(PY). Most cities did not have walls, so we should assume that the city in question did not have them either.
When faced with cases of uncertainty on a Rabbinic level, we are inclined to choose the lenient position.
Both of these rules would seem to indicate that the megillah should be read only once – on the 14th.

The Ge'onim, in fact, argue that we cannot apply Hizkiya's rule to other cases, since it was a unique case where he knew that the city had been walled on three sides, and his question was how the fourth side – protected by the sea – should be viewed.PY brings RON name of Geonim and the The Ramban argues that Hizkiya's behavior was a middat hasidut – a pious practice – that was not meant to be applied by others or in other cases.

In fact, there are a number of cities where it was common practice to read on both days of Purim (and perform the other commandments, as well) although blessings were made only on the 14th. Such communities included Baghdad and Damascus, as well as cities in Israel, like Hevron and Tzefat

Sunday, February 11, 2007

todays daf insights(daf4)

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi teaches that women are obligated to hear the reading of the megillah, she'af hen hayu be-oto ha-nes – that they were involved in the miracle of Purim. There is a difference of opinion regarding this teaching. According to Rashi and most of the commentaries, Jewish women were included in Haman's decrees of destruction, and are therefore obligated to participate in the thanksgiving festivities that celebrate the rescue of the Jewish people. Rav Hai Ga'on, the Rashbam and others argues that the Gemara's intent is that Jewish women played a crucial role in the miracle, in that Esther orchestrated the events that led to Haman's discovery and hanging.

In either case it is clear that women are obligated in the mitzvot of the day. How this affects women and their own reading of the megillah is the source of some dispute.

According to Rashi and the Rambam it appears that women are obligated in reading the megillah and therefore can read for others, as well. The Me'iri and the Ritva rule that women are obligated in the mitzvah, but they nevertheless cannot read for others because of an external reason, for example because it is not appropriate for the honor of the community for women to play such a public role. Finally there are those who suggest that women cannot read for others because their obligation is not to read the megillah, but only to hear the megillah. for more information visit here http://www.daat.ac.il/daat/english/tfila/frimer2.htm

Friday, February 9, 2007

todays daf yomi insights R Elefant(daf2)

1.Divrei Yichezkel by learning masecta Magilla one grows in yiras shamiem
2.Ceshek Shilomo 5 times magilla says purim wich coresponds to the 5 times mishna says read magillah we see that 14th and 15th of Adar are better then other days b/c in magilla twice purim is spelled with vav rest are caser(no vav)
3. what the halacha b/4 you go to shul wife finshes davening at home can you make kidush for her R Zilberstein answers someone in city can read magilla for someone in village you can make kidush for wife
4.R Elchonon asks we see from the fact that rabanan said no shofer 4 minim that on shabbos that rabanan are alowd to be mivatel what by magilla do you need greater bes din 1R Elchonon answers something the Torah tells us to do that has competing concerns rabanan can be mavatal by magilla there isnt competing concerns so rabanan cant do anything 2Safas Emes answers midiurissa rabanan can be mivatel but dirabanan cant be mivatel b/c its needs chizuk once you mivatel it there will be no end
5.Pinei Yehoshua whats the hava amina of gemara walled cities had no purim Ramban they were not in danger b/c they were protected
6.Meshec Cacma why does Shushan read magilla on 15th of Adar b/c they werent out of danger till 15th of Adar

additional phone lines for CCHF teleconfrerence

1212-461-5800 and 1212-461-5860

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1 more for todays daf(31)

1.REA circle points to HASHEM as long as we all combine to serve Hashem thats the goal in the world

todays daf yomi insights Rabbi Elefant(daf31)

1.Beitar the bodies didnt decompose we see its importent for nishama for body to be buried
2.Rishonim benching and wine what does it have to do with Beitar by benching we thank HASHEM appropriate that we appreciate bodies of Beitar were buried next to boneh Yirushaliem will be restored and Mashiach will come wine there was a vinyard around Beitar to protect them RAE bracha dampens spirit so your not to happy with to much wine
3.wood maracha dry 1no worms 2 very dry wood not alot of smoke
4.source of siyum finish cutting of wood is a yom tov famous Kidushas Levei people of Lita ask question atzeres is shivous not in the torah 1 reason for shivous finish count of 49 days atzeres hashba of mitzvah hold onto make siyum
5.Klazenger Rebbe siyum keep on going new masechta finish wood cutting more time to learn yosef another time
6.stop learning not proper cinuc from mother this person not take lesson from mother mother burry him not learn Toras Emecha(Torah Shel Bal Pe) mother burry him
7.Safas Emes by women borrowing clothes went from higher to lower not lower to higher look like switching clothing
8.not much to offer no buety or yichus yiras shamiyim is most importent
9.OH circle infinate no end or everyone is equal to HASHEM
RYBS no one stand in middle on Simchas Torah Hhakafos thats for HASHEM in Olam Haba

this motzei shabbos worldwide Telecoference

this motzei shabbos is the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva yahrtzeit so CCHF is haveing a teleconference in New york 8:30-11:30pmEST Chicago 7:30-10:30 call 1212-990-8000 pin#3505 use a cell phone and its free you will hear famous speakers like Hagoan Harav Shimuel Kamenetzky Rabbi Paysach Krohn and some recorded messages from the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva ztl

yesterdays daf yomi insights Rabbi Elefant(daf30)

1.someone eats sudah mafsekes but he plans to eat later sice hes washing its his sudah mafsekes
2.Tosfos cheese isnt a tavshil Rosh argues and says cooked cheese is a tavshil 2 different types of eggs is a maclokes if its 1 or 2 tavshils omlet with onion onion not 2nd tavshil
3.hara from Rashi who equate meat and fish have fish at a bris
4.halacha as much washing you can do during the 9 days you can do during sudah mafsekes you can also still wear leather shoes at sudah mafsekes
5.Mipharshim why children cant learn on 9th of Av b/c of rebbi enjoyment Safas Emes says when you learn you get gishmak kinnus are depressing children purpose is to learn how to read what the differance between kinnus and siddur nm is if rebbi enjoyment no difference age if child understands how to read should do kinnus
6.SM bihalacha diyan gets paid for din torah sicar batalah 9th of Av he dosnt get paid Mharsham write tishuva or work on agunah alowd to do someone who takes agunah out of tzarus like build Beis Hamikdash
7.Gra working on 9th of Av wont think about fasting

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The community is urged to very careful when given reasons by a meshulach why he does not have a green card. One individual, currently in town is telling people that he was not

given one because his organization is new. In truth he did receive one and it was taken away due to a number of false claims that were made. Please note that if you cash any check for a meshulach made out to Agudath Israel, the Vaad will not re-cash that check.

We also urge everyone to note the meshulach’s ID number on the checks that they write.

yesterdays daf insights Rabbi Elefant(daf29)

1.Minchas Cinuc asks how could R Yochonan say we should fast on 10th of Av wich goes against Cazal he answers the month of Tammuz was set up to commerate the walls being breached and the month of Av was set up to commerate the destruction so R Ychonan said I think 10th of Av is good R Yochonan in BK says we go by yhe 1 who lite the fire (aish mishum citzu) wich is the begining so why in our gemara does he go by the end Beis Hamikdash is different HASHEM caused the fire to happen and he could have stoped it Avnei Neizer said look at result most destruction done 10th of Av
2.ST Torah Limoshe someone ate 9th of Av B/4 catzos dont eat the rest of the day if he ate after catzos he needs to make up the fast day 10 of Av is a good time to make it up
3.Shari Mitzunim Bihalacha 1st year when is the yorzheit when he passes away or when hes burried see from our gemara follow day he passes away
4.Safas Emes says we see from our gemara livim not only sing shir of day but can sing other things after song of day
5.Pinei Minacham we say on yom tov our sins got the Beis Hamikdash destroyed mentions yad what yad the yad of or gemara that took back the keys
6. we see from our gemara during 9 days cant give your clothes to a non jew to clean

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Yesterdays Daf Yomi insights from R Elefant(daf28)

1.our gemara mentions divarim shebicisav need to be read by mouth not by heart does that include Torah Niviem Kisuvim or just Torah if its both then the haptorah needs to be read from a kilaf if just Torah then haptorah can be read from a book
2.our gemara says mincha durissa but tefilla is dirabanan Givuras Ari answers the source for mincha is from Yizchak naila has no source
3. Mipharshim family donated wood what point of gorel there are 9 families who goes 1st is decided by the goral
4.1 who does a nitzvah many times(3times) has cazaka for the mitzvah proof from our gemara 9 families had cazaka Mharsham argues niveim set it not cazaka(daf digest Halacha Highlight)
5.Ramban no hallel Rosh Chodesh other days are diurissa Rambam argues others are divrei sofrim
6.why no mention hallel erev Pesach in BH Tosfos Archin this hallel in a specific place or only liveim and kohanim say it Brisker Rav hallel korban Pesach its a shira wich answers the question of hallel by marriv Pesach night

Monday, February 5, 2007

Neil Kirshner on the internet with his son on channel 5 on www.ksdk.com

Chabad wants all Jews to rest this Shabbat

Chabad hopes to bring the world one step closer to the age of the messiah by encouraging the entire Jewish people to rest this Shabbat. "By uniting the Jewish people, and hence the world, we hope to bring Moshiach," said Aaron Hurwitz, a Jerusalem-based Chabad rabbi who is helping organize the fifth annual One Shabbat, One World project.
According Jewish sources, Hurwitz said, if the Jewish people rests for two Shabbatot, Moshiach will come.
Chabad organizes the One Shabbat, One World project to coincide with the weekly portion that recounts the first Shabbat kept by the Jews after the Exodus from Egypt

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Daf yomi insights Rabbi Elefant(daf27)

  1. The gemara mentions when a kohein can say bircas kohanim whats the halacha limasea a mumer who did tishuva can do bircas kohanim bal mum can but the SA says if people can see it and be distracted he shouldnt but our kohanim are covered with a talis so there not visible so its ok miforshim make an observation. The seferBirchas Kohen , what is dicunninng? Is it avodah or standing before Hashem? So he answers that duccining is standing before Hashem. So a Kohen can't drink wine liquor or whiskey before duccining. A Kohen who is Tamei Mes can ducen. A Kohen who serves idols can't duccen because he is now standing before Hashem.
  2. Belzers dont give a bris on Sunday thats not 8th day b/c or gemora says man is weak on sunday Klazenger Rebbi argues do have bris when its not 8th day on sunday
  3. The mamad davens on Wednesday kids dont get askira askira comes b/c of loshen hora and on 4th day of creation the moon spoke loshen hora about the sun
  4. we dont fast om shabbos Safas Emes says during the week we have to elements 1gashmius 2rucnios on shabbos the rucnios part gets hanah from food Sfas Emes also says on friday night we recieve a nishama yisara and we cry why do we cry b/c of Adam sin and our sin we dont have an nishama yisara during the week

CCHF Dinner live hook up at 5909 N Drake Chicago at 7:00pm on february 27 and in other cities
There is a couple in Chicago Elie Ben Simon(claims has aids) and his wife Maria Isabel Ben Simon(not jewish) there certificates are outdated and the Agudah wont cash there checks so dont give them any money

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todays daf yomi insights(daf25) R Y Grossman

In todays daf there are many stories with R Chanina the Toras Chaim says that when the world was created HASHEM saw that world would not survive with midas hadin an midas haracamim
so he put midas hadin on the tzadikim and thats what happend to R Chanina

yesterdays daf yomi insights(daf24)

Elazar ish Birta gave more then 20% to charity what happend to takkanot Ushaa person cant donate to charity more then 20% R Steinsaltz bring down the Rambam on mishnios who says 20% is good for someone to give more rather its a midat hasidut- a pious attribute to do so or the story happend b/4 takkanot Usha

today the 14th of shivat is the Pnei Yehoshua passingin1755 next Friday you can learn the new Pnei Yehoshua with nice footnotes on Megilla wich can be found Skokie Yeshiva beis mederash

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