Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven Kidney Transplant and Donor

Please daven for a refuah shlema for Mindel bas Rivka who will be having a kidney transplant next week, Wednesday, and her daughter, a Chicagoan, Rochel bas Mindel who will be donating a kidney to her mother.

Aneinu Urgent! Please Daven for Newborn

Please daven for Tinok ben Daniella Chaya, a newborn who has heart complications.    

OU TORAH NAALEH.COM YU TORAH Sleepy Sermon By: Mrs. Shira Smiles

Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein Once when Rabbi Akiva was teaching his students, they appeared to be lethargic, almost as if dozing. Rabbi Akiva roused his students by referring to Parshat Chayei Sarah which begins by relating that Sarah Imeinu lived one hundred years and twenty years and seven years. He then said that Queen Esther merited later ruling over 127 lands of the Persian Empire because of her ancestress Sarah. Aside from the bloodline, what other connection can we establish that would explain why Esther merited such greatness?

YU TORAH Chayei Sora By Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

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CHABAD.ORG Life after Death A lesson from our matriarch Sarah By Yehoshua B. Gordon

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OU TORAH Chayei Sarah 5777 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Chayei Sarah 5777

Toronto Torah for Chayei Sarah 5777 includes articles on the parshah, Rav Avraham Shapira, Minchas Asher, Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Charlap, and more.

OU TORAH Chayei Sarah: Sarah, Esther, and the Sleepy Students By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

Jews live their lives within the framework of the Jewish calendar. At this time of year, we identify strongly with the narratives contained in the weekly Torah portions that we read in the synagogue. Our thoughts are with the biblical characters of the current parshiyot. We live in the company of Abraham and Sarah, Lot, Hagar and Ishmael, and Isaac and Rebecca.

OU Ben Zion Shenker z”l: The Music Fades with the Loss of a Friend By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

The sad demise of Ben Zion Shenker has left a void which cannot be filled in the world of Jewish spirituality. Our nation has been able to slowly begin to recover from the trauma of the Holocaust partly because of the revival and proliferation of Chassidic music. Ben Zion was the pioneer of this revival and the first to issue a recording of such music. It was exactly sixty years ago that the first phonograph record of Chassidic melodies was released at his initiative, and it was then that the Jewish world was introduced to his mellifluous and inspiring voice, a voice that has become familiar to all of us. In that record, he began the process of preserving the repertoire of the music of the Modzitzer Chassidic dynasty, a national treasure that would have been lost were it not for Ben Zion. That record was soon followed by recordings of the music of other Chassidic groups, and of course the music of Shlomo Carlebach, who considered Ben Zion one of his mentors.


Our matriarchs of Israel were very strong personalities and were formidable women. The life experiences of our mother Sarah are an excellent example of this assessment of character and behavior. From the Torah narrative we are informed early on that she is infertile, unable to conceive and give birth naturally. Nevertheless, we do not hear despair from her. She is willing to bring another woman into her house and to share her husband, so to speak, with that woman in the hope that this would somehow facilitate her own becoming pregnant.


On my recent visit to America I availed myself of the opportunity to visit with many of my grandchildren and great grandchildren. The great grandchildren are still mainly too young to recognize me and appreciate my connection to them. As one of them so succinctly put it when he was informed that I was his zaydie: “But I already have two zaidies!” So the experience and its meaning currently is one-sided, weighted very heavily in my favor.

OU TORAH A Journey of a Thousand Miles By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Our parsha contains the most serene description of old age and dying anywhere in the Torah: “Then Abraham breathed his last and died at a good old age, an old man and full of years; and he was gathered to his people” (Gen. 25:8). There is an earlier verse, no less moving: “Abraham was old, well advanced in years, and God had blessed Abraham with everything” (Gen. 24:1). Nor was this serenity the gift of Abraham alone. Rashi was puzzled by the description of Sarah – “Sarah lived to be 127 years old: [These were] the years of Sarah’s life” (23:1). The last phrase seems completely superfluous. Why not just tell us that Sarah lived to the age of 127? What is added by saying that “these were the years of Sarah’s life”? Rashi is led to the conclusion that the first half of the verse talks about the quantity of her life, how long she lived, while the second tells us about the quality of her life. “They – the years she lived – were all equal in goodness.”

RAV KOOK ON Chayei Sarah Part 2: Guarding the Inner Child

The Torah counts the years of Sarah’s long life: “A hundred years and twenty years and seven years; these were the years of Sarah’s life” (Gen. 23:1). Noting the verse’s wordiness, the Sages commented that throughout all the years of her life — whether at age seven, twenty, or a hundred — Sarah retained the same goodness, the same purity, and the same youthful innocence. Despite her long years of barrenness, despite twice being kidnapped as she accompanied her husband Abraham on his many journeys, Sarah did not become hard and cynical. Their son was named Isaac — Yitzchak, “he will laugh” — due to Abraham’s feelings of wonderment and Sarah’s amazed laughter. “God had given me laughter; all who hear will rejoice for me” (Gen. 21:6).

RAV KOOK ON Chayei Sarah Part 1: Burial in the Double Cave

According to tradition, Sarah was not the first person to be buried in the Machpelah cave in Hebron. Already buried there were Adam and Eve. Subsequently three more couples joined them: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah. Why was this burial cave called Machpelah?



Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Aneinu Urgent! Please Daven Now!

Please daven NOW for a refuah shlaima Menachem Mendel Ben Sarah. EMERGRNCY situation. Please take a few minutes to daven. 

Ywn TEHILLIM – Frum Man Run Over By Own Car In San Diego Critically Injuring Him

Tehillim is being requested for a 40-year-old man who suffered serious injuries Monday after he tried to put a stop to an unoccupied runaway SUV in front of a Rolando- area home. According to San Diego Police, the parked 2008 Mazda began rolling backward down a driveway in the 6100 block of Arosa Street as the victim was standing alongside about 8:30AM, Monday morning. The SUV ran over the man, then struck three other vehicles before crashing to a halt, Sgt. Tom Sullivan said. Medics took the victim to Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest for treatment of a significant head injury and a fractured pelvis. Sources told YWN that the victim was in critical condition on Tuesday morning with bleeding in the brain. Please be Mispallel for Michoel Yehoshua ben Tamara Fay.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Tuesday

Please daven for the 14 year old boy who is scheduled for a critical surgery today, Tuesday, Raphael Moshe ben Chana. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Aneinu New Name Please Daven for Newborn

The baby's name is now Chaya bas Nechama Bracha. Please keep davening.

Aneinu Please Daven for Kosher Burial

My Aunt passed away and I learned that she had made the request in her Will to be cremated. She and her children are not observant and did not know that our tradition does not believe in cremation. It comes down to that out of respect for their mother's wishes, they feel they need to honor her wishes. I have explained that my aunt is in a place of truth now and that she would not wish cremation. I have explained to the family the Jewish belief and sent Aish ha Torah writings, and I am having an Orthodox Rabbi speak with them as well. They are meeting with their reform Rabbi on Monday to discuss final arrangements and at this point, cremation will be arranged, chas v shalom.Can you please daven, recite tehillim, that her family decides that my Aunt, Itta Etta bas Avraham will have a kosher burial. Her husband, my uncle, a holocaust survivor opted to be cremated in the year 2000, and I had tried to prevent this, but to no avail. Please let our prayers be answered favorably. Your tefillos are precious to Hashem, and I thank you so much! May we only share b'soros tovos. Marsha Smagley

Friday, November 25, 2016

[Aneinu] Light Shabbos Candles 10 Minutes Early to Stop Fires in Israel

A suggestion has been made that women try to light Shabbos candles 10 minutes early today, as we pray that the merit of the fire of our Shabbos candles will stop the fires burning in Eretz Yisroel.

NSN Help the Firefighting Efforts in Israel with HaShomer HaChadash

Donate Here. Nachum interviewed Yoel Zilberman, founder and Executive Director of HaShomer HaChadash on this morning’s JM in the AM about the fires in Israel, what is being done, and how people around the world can help the firefighting effort. “HaShomer HaChadash (“The New Guardian”) is an Israeli non-profit organization dedicated to safekeeping the land of Israel through education, advocacy and social action. HaShomer HaChadash continues the path forged in the early 20th century by the first HaShomer pioneers. Our unique social-educational vision is to create a Zionist movement that invigorates our collective obligation to the land of Israel, to our history and to each other as brothers. As such, HaShomer seeks to generate a change in awareness and strategic thinking within Israeli society and throughout global Jewry regarding the importance of Israel and to strengthen the connection between the people and the land. This is achieved through various wide-ranging educational programs focusing on social action for youth and adults from Israel and overseas. With over 35,000 volunteers in 2016 alone from Israel and abroad, HaShomer currently supports 50 farmers who are cultivating over 150,000 acres of land in the Negev and the Galilee. In the words of Yoel Zilberman, ‘it’s more than helping farmers in need to realize the Zionist dream, but more importantly, educating the next generation of leaders in Israel and Diaspora Jewry about our homeland, Zionism and working the land.'”

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for a refuah shlema for the sister of an Aneinu member, Rivka bas Rochelle.

Aneinu Tehillim Yachad Link for Eretz Yisroel

        Israel in flames: Terrorists launch arson Intifada across Israel, fires burn out of control Tehilim for the fires: A joint Tehillim read ביטול גזירת השריפות מעם ישראל Send the link via Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. and share this campaign with your family and friends. Each one that will go into the link, will automatically receive a different chapter to read. This way, a number of Tehillim books could be completed in a short time and with the participation of others, for your beloved ones.Click here. Let Go Let G-D!

[Aneinu] Special Prayers for Israel Battling Blazing Flames

Click here.-------- Original message -------- From: Rabbi Tal Zwecker Date: 11/24/16 2:23 PM (GMT-06:00) To: Subject: {Be'er Mayim Chaim} Special Prayers for Israel Battling Blazing Flames Kol Tuv, R' Tal Moshe Zwecker Director Machon Be'er Mayim Chaim Publishing Chassidic Classics in the English Language in Israel: 972-2-992-1218 / Cell: 972-58-322-1218 from US call VoIP: 516-320-6022 or 718-210-9732 Free Audio Shiurim join the mailing list here: Author Page --

Aneinu Daven for Eretz Yisroel! 20 Fires burning!

Eretz Yisrael is having a serious situation with over 20 fires burning. 4:16PM IL: Every emergency agency in Israel is focused on assisting in battling the fires in the Haifa district and elsewhere in Israel or addressing the needs of over 60,000 homeless, victims of the fires. There are high winds up to 60 miles an hr (100 KM) International Aid Continues Heading to Israel as Haifa Burns Israel Electric Company has joined other agencies in declaring a state of emergency in the northern area. The utility company has been forced to cut power to areas, high tension lines, due to the dangers posed by spreading fires. MDA reports treating 56 people for smoke inhalation in the Haifa district, of which one is listed in moderate condition and the remainder light. Eight victims were transported to Bnei Tzion Hospital, 35 to Rambam, and 13 to Carmel. Greece and Turkey are sending additional firefighting planes. The Greek planes are capable of dumping 18 tons of water every five minutes and these advanced planes appear to have taken the lead in the fight to stop Haifa from burning. The water for the planes is coming from the Mediterranean of the Haifa Bay. In a short time there will be additional challenges as shekiya in Haifa is 4:35PM today. It will be especially difficult in areas where power has been cut. Police are reporting traffic is at a standstill on many roads including Rt. 752 from Nesher to Ligur, Route 721 from Damon Junction to Beit Oren Junction and Route 70 towards Ein Tut. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Aneinu Tefillos are Needed!

Aneinu member, Devorah Chana bat Sarah, has asked that we daven for her, as she is having complications after double knee surgery.

[Aneinu] Please Daven for Newborn

Please daven for תנקת בת נחמה ברכה, Tinokes bas Nechama Bracha, a newborn baby with complications.

NSN Jewish Unity Initiative: Tuesday Live Lunch from the Bartenura Winery in Italy

Audio here. Video here.

NSN Jewish Unity Initiative: Day 2 of JM in the AM in the Jewish Ghetto in Venice

NSN Jewish Unity Initiative Mission to Venice, to commemorate 500 years of the Jewish Ghetto, is going on now! Nachum and NSN staff members have presented two historic episodes of JM in the AM from the Ghetto, highlighting various aspects of current and past Jewish life with several special guests. Still to come: A visit to the Bartenura Winery for the Tuesday Live Lunch. Visit the NSN Facebook page for lots of pictures and video clips HERE. Click here for video.

Hearing Kiddush + "Mezonot" Bread, Pizza & More / SHC Weekly ~ VaYera 5777

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“Mezonot” Bread, Pizza & More, a Parasha & Halacha Audio Shiur, VaYera 5777 by Rav Mordechai Lebhar

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for Nancy Scott who is in a coma. I don't have her Jewish name.

NAALEH.COM and OU TORAH Zechus Of Zoar Parshat Vaeira By: Mrs. Shira Smiles

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CHABAD.ORG First Do and the Feeling Will Follow Life Lessons from Parshat Vayeira By Yehoshua B. Gordon

Rabbi Gordon shares inspirational Torah insights on the weekly Torah portion with practical life lessons.

OU TORAH Vayerah: Quiet Strength By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

The election season is finally over. Whether we are disappointed with the results or gladdened by them, we unanimously breathe a sigh of relief that the campaign has concluded. We are especially appreciative of the fact that we no longer have to hear grandiose promises expressed by each candidate, promises that we all know will not be kept.

OU TORAH Vayera 5777 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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YU TORAH Va'eira By Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

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YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Vayera 5777

Toronto Torah for Parshat Vayera 5777 includes articles on the parshah, Rabbi Justice Menachem Elon's Mishpat Ivri, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Rabbi Chaim Hirschensohn on Democracy, and more.


Wars, family dysfunction, and the danger of future extinction are the challenges that confront our father Avraham and our mother Sarah in the narrative that dominates this week’s Torah reading. In this era, correcting the past and editing personal biographies to make people’s lives appear perfect, serene and smooth, is especially true. This methodology attempts to make the subject character the model and prototype for others to admire and perhaps even imitate.


There have been many instances in human history when people were not universally popular with their subjects and citizens. No ruler has ever had unanimous popularity and approval – witness Moshe and Korach, for example – but like everything else in life, popularity is never absolute but only relative. In elections a candidate that achieves a fifty-five percent majority is deemed to have attained a landslide victory even though forty-five percent of the population disapproved of the ruler.

OU TORAH The Miracle of a Child Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

There is a mystery at the heart of Jewish existence, engraved into the first syllables of our recorded time. The first words of God to Abraham were: “Go out from your land, your birthplace, and your father’s house . . . And I will make you a great nation . . .” In the next chapter there is another promise: “I will make your children like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust of the earth, so shall your offspring be counted.”

RAV KOOK ON Vayeira Part 2: Preparing for the Akeidah

he Torah records a peculiar exchange that took place before the Akeidah. Before commanding Abraham to offer up his beloved son Isaac, God called out to Abraham: “Abraham!” And Abraham responded, “Here I am.” (Gen. 22:1) Why did God call to Abraham by name? And what was Abraham’s response, “Here I am"? Did Abraham think that God wasn’t sure where he was? What was the purpose of this brief exchange?

RAV KOOK ON VaYeira Part 1: The Salt of Sodom

The Torah vividly contrasts the kindness and hospitality of Abraham’s household with the cruelty and greed of the citizens of Sodom. When visitors arrived at Lot’s home, the entire city, young and old, surrounded the house with the intention of molesting his guests. Lot’s attempts to appease the rioters only aggravated their anger.

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Wednesday Morning

Please daven for Dovid ben Devorah Leah, a young Chicagoan having surgery tomorrow morning, Wednesday at 9:00 AM.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Aneinu Tefillos Needed

Please daven for a refuah shlema for Avraham Leib ben Chaya Sura who had a massive stroke and can't walk or talk.

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Now

Please daven for a young Chicago girl in surgery right now Rochel Esther bas Yehudis Rivkah

Aneinu Please Daven

Please daven for a refuah shlema for a Chicagoan, Rochel bas Gittel.

Monday, November 21, 2016


So join Rabbi Jack Abramowitz for Obadiah today its only 1 chapter long.

NSN Jewish Unity Initiative: Nachum Segal Presented JM in the AM from the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, Italy

NSN Jewish Unity Initiative Mission to Venice, to commemorate 500 years of the Jewish Ghetto, is going on now! Nachum and NSN staff members have already presented one of two historic episodes of JM in the AM from the Ghetto and a special Motzei Shabbat concert that starred Daniel Ahaviel, Itzik Dadya and Yisrael Sosna. Still to come: Tuesday’s JM in the AM from the Ghetto and a visit to the Bartenura Winery for the Tuesday Live Lunch. Click here for video.

Nachum Segal Presents Daniel Ahaviel, Itzik Dadya and Yisroel Sosna Live from Ghimel Garden Restaurant in Venice, Italy

The NSN Jewish Unity Initiative Mission to Venice Italy has begun! Nachum Segal and the great NSN team are in Venice to help commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto with the people of Venice, once again bringing the Jewish world closer together. To that end, NSN brought a great Melava Malka concert to Venice’s Ghimel Garden Restaurant that featured the world class talents of Daniel Ahaviel, Itzik Dadya and Yisrael Sosna. Still to come, two episodes of JM in the AM from Venice and the Tuesday Live Lunch from the Bartenura Winery. Spread the word and tune in!Cick here for video.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Aneinu Please Tefillos Needed Surgery Monday

Please daven for a refuah shlema for Dovid ben Devorah who will be having surgery tomorrow, Monday.

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery early Monday morning

Please daven for an Aneinu member, Devorah Chana bat Sarah who will be having double knee surgery early Monday morning, 11/21/16. Also, Devorah requests that we daven for Hashem's guidance for her surgeon, Zev Mayer ben Yehuda HaLevi, that he be a good shaliach for her refuah.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

[Aneinu] Please Daven - Critical

Please continue to daven for Levi Lefkowitz, Levi Meir ben Leah Rochel, a young man whose life is in danger due to a bad infection in his bloodstream.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Praying from an iPhone, Recovering Nazi Bounty / SHC Weekly ~ Lech Lecha 5777 Part 2

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The Blessings of the Brit Milah / Lech Lecha 5777 Part 1 The Blessings of the Brit Milah The laws and meaning of the Berachot we recite at the Brit A Parasha & Halacha Audio Shiur By Rabbi Moshe Hachuel

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NAALEH.COM YU TORAH and OU TORAH Surrendering The Spoils By: Mrs. Shira Smiles

A major event in Parshat Lech Lecha is the “world war” between the four kings and the five kings. During this war, Lot, Avraham’s nephew who had moved to Sodom, was captured. Avraham sets out with a group of 318 men to fight the five victorious kings so that he can free his nephew. When Avraham is victorious, the King of Sodom tells Avraham to give him back “all the people (the souls) and take all the wealth for yourself.” Avraham responds hat he will take nothing. To emphasize his point, he raises his hand to heaven taking an oath, to take “not even a thread or a shoe strap or anything of yours, so you shall not say, ‘It is I who made Avram rich.’ ’’             Rav Dovid Hofstedter raises a very interesting question. Avraham had previously taken gifts from Pharaoh and would later take gifts from Avimelech. Why was he resolved not to take gifts from the King of Sodom? How would these gifts be different? Further, why is so adamant that he even swore to this resolution? Click here for Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein.

CHABAD.ORG You Can Do the Impossible Life Lessons from Parshat Lech-Lecha By Yehoshua B. Gordon

Rabbi Gordon shares inspirational Torah insights on the weekly Torah portion with practical life lessons.

YU TORAH Lech Lecha By Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik

Click here.

OU TORAH Lech Lecha 5777 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Lech Lecha 5777

Toronto Torah for Lech Lecha 5777 includes articles on the parshah, Rabbi Betzalel Zolty, the Chasidic Zionism of the Admor of Hosiatin, the Maharitz Chiyut and more.

On Being a Jewish Parent Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

The most influential man who ever lived does not appear on any list I have seen of the hundred most influential men who ever lived. He ruled no empire, commanded no army, engaged in no spectacular acts of heroism on the battlefield, performed no miracles, proclaimed no prophecy, led no vast throng of followers, and had no disciples other than his own child. Yet today more than half of the 6 billion people alive on the face of the planet identify themselves as his heirs.

Lech Lecha: Solidarity or Separation? By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

hat is a family to do when one member abandons its norms and traditions? This problem has confounded families since the beginning of time. How does a family handle its prodigal son, or sons?

RAV KOOK ON Lech Lecha Part 2: Great Like the Stars

Stars and Sand When Abraham complained to God that he was childless, God promised that his children would be as numerous as the stars in the sky: “God took him outside and said, ‘Look at the sky, and count the stars if you can! So will be your descendants.'” (Gen. 15:5) On another occasion, God promised Abraham that his children would be like “the sand on the seashore” (Gen. 22:17). Why are the Jewish people compared to both stars and grains of sand?