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From Refoenu Health care society

Important Safety Messages For Chanukah

As Chanukah approaches, here are some safety tips to ensure you have a happy

and safe Chanukah:

When lighting the Menorah:

1)Don't leave Chanukah candles unattended and NEVER go to sleep while

Chanukah candles are burning.

2) Supervise young children carefully when they are in the same room as a

lit Menorah. An indirect activity in the vicinity of a lit Menorah can be

dangerous, ex: a toddler pulling on a tablecloth, ball playing, etc.

3) Place menorah on a sturdy heat resistant surface, away from anything that

can catch fire (walls, curtains, cabinets, wooden and plastic tables,


4) Keep surfaces and surrounding areas clear from burned matches, wick

trimmings, oil residue, and other debris.

When cooking Latkes:

1)Keep small children away from hot oil and cooking areas.

2)Keep pot handles turned inward and away from the edge of the stove.

3)Never put water on a grease fire, use a fire extinguisher and call the

Fire Dept emergency number


1)Always have working smoke detectors.

2)Always have a working fire extinguisher.

3)Always have/and practice a family fire emergency escape plan with a

designated family meeting area outside of house.

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Schottenstein Edition Talmud Yerushalmi - Tractate Orlah / Bikkurim

In Stock? Pre-Order
Publisher: ArtScroll / Mesorah
Released: December 28, 2007
Binding: Hardcoved

hopefully will be realeased DECEMBER 23 and not be delayedclick here

Happy Channuka

watch Oy Channuka video

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On Sunday, December 2nd, there was an attempted abduction to a ten year old girl in West Rogers Park. The perpetrator was described as an African American male and attempted to lure the child into his green minivan.

Please discuss with your children in an age-appropriate manner what occurred, and ask what he or she would do, if Chas V’Shalom they found themselves in similar danger. PLEASE DISCUSS WITH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO REACT TO SUCH A SITUATION. Preparation is essential to enable our children to thwart a threat.


While most abductions are committed by feuding family members, stranger abductions do occur. They are rare but so horrific that it is worth educating children how not to become a victim. In fact, although this topic is unpleasant in the extreme, experts say that not discussing it with your children is the most dangerous thing you can do.


I took an unscientific opinion poll of a group of middle school girls on the way to Bais Yaakov. I asked the following question: If you were walking down the street and a car pulled up, and the man inside pulled out a gun and said “Get in the car or I’ll shoot,” what would you do? One girl did not know, two said they would run, and one said she would get in the car! In light of these responses, it is clear we have work to do. Here is what experts recommend:

1) The most important thing we must teach kids is not to get into a car – ever. Abductors want to move their victim to what is called the “secondary crime location.” Needless to say, staying out of a car is the most important way to prevent that. This is essential for kids to learn – and it’s not always obvious to children. Therefore, we must teach children to escape immediately.

2) If the man is threatening them with a weapon, they think that cooperating is the safe thing to do. They should know a) that the man will probably not shoot; b) that if he shoots, he will probably miss, and c) that even if a bullet hits them, they will probably not get killed. Not getting into the car is primary.

3) Abductors often use lures. One is the “pet lure.” A man approaches a child and says, “Would you help me find my dog named Puffy?” I have watched hidden-camera scenes of this lure being used, and it is incredible how fast kids will follow the man.
Strangers have also lured children by saying “Your mother is in the hospital and told me to bring you there.” You should have a family code word to prove that a message originated with a parent.
The most common lure: A man pulls up to the curb and ask a child for directions. To avoid this lure, tell your children never to give directions. (“Adults should ask other adults for directions.”)

4) In all these cases, a boy or girl is vulnerable to being nabbed when they approach the car. The child should stay several “giant steps” away from the car. If a car seems to be following him or her, the child should run in the opposite direction, since the car cannot easily turn around to give chase.

5) Do your children know not to open the door before they know who’s there? They should never let anyone know they are home alone. Call 911, if necessary. Women who are alone should be prepared to scream, “Bob, get the gun.” There’s no Bob and no gun, but an intruder does not know that.

6) Shortcuts through wooded areas, alleys and construction sites are dangerous.

7) If you or your child sees a suspicious car, you should write down the license plate number. If you don’t have a pen, write it with your finger on any nearby car. The police will be able to read the imprint. Parents, make sure the car occupants know they have been seen. This often serves as a deterrent, as they want to remain invisible.

8) If abducted, children must scream. Experts say the best word to scream is “stranger,” because most people will ignore a screaming child, thinking that the adult is the parent. If the child finds herself already in the car, she should honk the horn, if possible, and grab the steering wheel to cause a car accident. Although this sounds dangerous, there is nothing more dangerous than staying in that car.

9) Parents, do not put a child’s name on his or her backpack, for all to see. That gives a predator the ability to call the child by name, as if he knows the child. Keep names inside.


Most parents tell children to beware of ‘strangers’. But the question of who is a stranger is a vexing one, because it’s hard to define to a child. Are policemen, mailmen, or clerks in the store strangers? What do strangers look like? If you ask children to draw the face of a stranger, most of them will draw a scary looking monster. Real predators do not look like those drawings. They take pains to appear friendly and non-threatening – until their trap is set.

There are no easy answers on the “stranger question.” In our close-knit community, in particular, it is common to accept rides from frum people you otherwise do not know. Talk to your kids, giving them examples of people they might encounter, including people they know by sight, asking, “Is he (or she) a stranger?”

Another tip: Don’t hire people walking through the neighborhood looking for lawns to mow. (Elizabeth Smart, the rich Salt Lake City girl abducted a few years ago, was taken by a homeless man whom the family had kindly hired for odd jobs.) Some of these people are more interested in coming back later to break into your house. Mowing the lawn just gives them an opportunity to see where the doors and windows are. (Give the job to a frum kid instead.)


There are many safety devices. The most obvious is a cell phone. If women or girls are driving a distance, it is wise for them to have a cell phone. The same is true when going a short distance. I read of a woman who was abducted in her own car. Unbeknownst to the driver, she called 911 on her cell phone but kept the phone hidden. She spoke out loud to the driver, saying, “Why are you kidnapping me? Why are you driving south on Main Street? Why are you turning left on First Street?” The police rescued her within minutes. On my cell phone, if you press 9 and Enter, the phone will automatically call 911.

Walkie-talkies for families are other useful devices. These are small radios that have from 14 to 22 channels and are great for staying in touch with your children in small areas. We use them in malls, amusement parks, camping trips, etc.

Another great item is an electronic siren. It’s the size of a beeper with a hand strap attached. If you pull on the hand strap an alarm goes off louder then anything you have ever heard. Radio Shack sells one for about $10, and there are other brands. When you pull out the hand strap, it emits a high-decibel noise. Of course, the alarm does no good tucked away in a purse. A young woman going to her parked car after college classes, for instance, would do well to hold her keys in her hand with the alarm on her key chain.

One low-tech noisemaker is a whistle. Some years ago, a frum girl got lost in a state park in Connecticut and was not found for several days. In such a situation, calling for help will not work; your voice will give out faster than you realize. On the other hand, you can whistle forever. Whistles cost less than a dollar and come with a string to wear around the neck.

In conclusion, Mom and Dad, inform your children that most people are wonderful, caring folks who love kids. Tell them, also, to listen to their instincts. Very often people have an inner voice that says danger. Heed that voice

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Giving Intangible Gifts

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SMP 42

SMP 42CLICK HERE for part 1
watch video here
click here for part 2click here for podcast
Mrs. Toby Teller and family are sitting shiva on the loss of their husband and father Rabbi Tzvi Teller a”h at 2937 W. Coyle thru Tuesday morning after Shacharis. Shacharis Fri, Mon, and Tues is at 7:30. Shacharis Sunday is at 8:00. Mincha/Maariv Thurs, Sun. and Mon. is at 4:05. Mincha Friday is at 12:30.

Life on other planets?

Thursdays Nach Yomi perek 5 Verse 23 in Shoftim curses the inhabitants of Meroz for not coming to help. Some commentators say that Meroz was the name of a nearby city, but Rashi quotes the Talmud in Moed Katan (16a) that it's the name of a star. So who are the inhabitants of another star? Extraterrestrials? Not necessarily, but we can't rule it out...
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Today in Jewish History(wednesday)

• Passing of R. Abraham Maimuni (1237)

Rabbi Abraham Maimuni HaNagid (also called "rabbi Avraham ben HaRambam") was the only son of Maimonides (the famed Talmudist, codifier of Jewish Law, philosopher, physician and statesmen, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, 1135-1204). Born in 1185, Rabbi Abraham succeeded his father as the leader of the Jewish community in Fostat (old Cairo), Egypt, at the tender age of 19. He wrote many responsa and commentaries explaining and defending his father's writings and Halachic rulings. Rabbi Abraham passed away on the 18th of Kislev of the year 4998 from creation (1237).

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Watch videos Veten Celkainu

click here click dafi dogma for videos

Saturday, November 24, 2007

There will be a Tehillim kinus for MEN & WOMEN this Sunday evening at Cong. KINS 2800 North Shore at 6:30 PM to daven for a refuah shlema for Rabbi Zvi Teller, Zvi Menachem ben Yocheved Rochel. Please make every effort to attend.

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T O D A Y I N J U D A I S M(Thursday 12 of Kislev)

Today in Jewish History

• Yahrtzeit of R. Yosef Yitzchak Kazen (1998)

Kislev 12 is the yahrtzeit (date of the passing) of's founding director Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Kazen [ ] ("YYK", 1954-1998), widely acclaimed as the "father of the Jewish internet."

About YY Kazen The Soul of Cyberspace

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Shalsheles 4

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see helicopter take water from pool

Concert November 17

ICJA concert at Northeastern with Chevra at 8:00 for students cheap tickets $25.00 $35.00 tickets for adults call 973-1450 for more information

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Kosel saves Florida

Govenor Charlie Crist put a note in the kotel asking for no hurricanes in Florida B'H
so far so good hear speech here

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ABC news and Syria being blown up

Israel knew that is was a nuclear facility b/c they had detailed pictures from a Mussad spymore info here

Thursday, October 18, 2007

(Please include header and footer when redistributing this material.)_________________________________________________________________ THE DAFYOMI DISCUSSION LIST brought to you by Kollel Iyun Hadaf of Yerushalayim Rosh Kollel: Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld[REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE TO DISCUSS THE DAF WITH THE KOLLEL]________________________________________________________________Kesuvos 029: Tosfos and Kenas of a Nesinah and KusiYaakov Chroman asked:Tosfos holds that by kucim they were garai emes b/c if they were garai arius they would be gium and not get kinas so what would Tosfos hold by a nicinaYaakov Chroman, chicago us----------------------------------------------The Kollel replies:Dear Yaakov,Nesinim converted for real. they are not Goyim. But we cannot marry them either because of "Lo Sischasen Bam" which according to one opinion is after conversion or because of the Gezeiros of Yehoshua and David.All the best,Reuven Weiner

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for WII and Nintendo DS a question thats been asked for many years will now be answered comment below who you think will win
Bs"dSaturday, Oct 13, 2007

NY Times: Israel Bombed Syrian Nuclear ReactorArutz-7
( The Israeli strike against northern Syria last month targeted a partially built nuclear plant, the New York Times reported Saturday. The report, based on American intelligence sources, said that the operation was comparable to Israel's bombing of Iraq'a Osirak nuclear reactor in 1991, although the Sytian facility was in a much earlier stage of construction, and “it would have been years before the Syrians could have used the reactor to produce the spent nuclear fuel that could, through a series of additional steps, be reprocessed into bomb-grade plutonium,” the report said.
For this reason, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates did not approve of the operation, and they were "particularly concerned about the ramifications of a pre-emptive strike in the absence of an urgent threat."

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SMP 40

DOWNLOAD SMP 40 CLICK HERE features news on HASC 20 MENUCHA 2 and

shabbos with Rav Pam

Rabbi Smith 4th translation of Rav Pam sefarim look for it at Kesher Stam dont forget to go to to print out your discount


from the creator of Agent Emes comes a new jewish dvd THE PERMEABLE MAN comeing in early november click here for preview

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CCHF shimiras Halashon calendars for 07-08 are by the tzedaka boxes in the main beis medresh

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this thursday at8:30pm(7:30pm chicago)featureingHarav Chaim Shtinn Rosh Yeshiva Telz Clevlend and Rav Wachsman call 1212-990-8000 pin3227# or 1201-705-1100

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

( Israeli TV Channel 1 said Tuesday that the IDF "definitely carried out an attack" against Syria last Thursday. The attack was meaningful, the channel's military affairs reporter said, and was probably carried out against a large and important target that justified taking this kind of extreme action at such a sensitive time in Israeli-Syrian relations.
The target hit was in the Deir Ez-Zour region in eastern Syria, near the Euphrates river.
The attack was carried out by Israel Air Force (IAF) F-15i jets (The 'i' stands for 'Israel') referred to in Hebrew as Ra'am, or 'thunder.' Anti-aircraft fire from the ground was inefficient, Channel 1 said.
"Israeli propaganda"Syria denies a report by CNN that IDF ground troops also participated in the operation. "This is absolutely not true," Syria's ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari said.
He claimed the report is Israeli propaganda aimed at conveying the perception that Israel can insert ground troops anywhere it wants. "Israel is seeking military escalation," he said. "We are exerting efforts so that we don't fall into this trap. We are dealing with the matter with utmost keenness, precision and responsibility."
Syria has lodged a complaint with the United Nations about the event but has not asked for a Security Council debate on the matter, and its state-controlled media is downplaying the incident.
CNN reported Tuesday that the Israeli airstrike inside Syria last week may have been targeting weapons that were earmarked for Hizbullah fighters, citing "sources in the region and in the United States."
The sources told CNN that the military operation "may have also involved Israeli ground forces" who directed the air strike which "left a big hole in the desert" in Syria.
Israeli government happy"The Israeli government is very happy with the success of the operation," the sources told CNN. Israeli reporters noted that IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi was smiling from ear to ear at a function held on the evening after the attack and saw this as evidence that the attack had gone well.
Sources in the U.S. government and military said that "they are happy to have Israel carry the message to both Syria and Iran that [Israel] can get in and out and strike when necessary."The 25 F-15is operational in the IAF since 1999 were procured first and foremost for dealing with the Iranian threat. The F-15i's advanced systems include an APG-70 radar with terrain mapping capability which makes it possible to locate targets that are otherwise very hard to find - i.e. missile batteries, tanks and structures - even under complete fog cover, heavy rain or moonless nights.
missed the Chabad Telethon you can still hear Avraham Fried and Gad Elbaz click here

Friday, September 7, 2007 of Chafetz Chaim (1933) Elul 24 is the yahrtzeit of the revered Torah scholar, pietist and Jewish leader Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (1838-1933) of Radin (Poland), author of Chafetz Chaim (a work on the evils of gossip and slander and the guidelines of proper speech ) and Mishnah Berurah (a codification of Torah law).

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GTN(also known as Meoros Daf Yomi) who recently came out with Meoros Daf Yomi a 3d picture book on Yuma and Sucah bring you a brand new safer recomended by the Gedolim Meoros Hashabbos will help you learn torah with your family at the shabbos table click here for more info

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Pas Yisroel during Aseres Yemei Teshuva

click here a list and some interesting pasaks from the ou like cereal and wafers are a tavshil and isnt a problem of pas yisroel

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End of Daily Dose of Torah?

as the last volume of daily dose of torah arrives in bookstores you might wonder is this the end Artscroll answers no series 2 is comeing out in 2008-2009

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Project pledge

pledge a mitzvah click here for more info
URGENT TEHILLIM TODAY @ 3:00PM NY TIME Everyone is asked to join together - wherever you are - to say Tehillim and give Tzedaka on Sunday @ 3:00pm NY Time(2:00pm chicago time) Lezechus a miraculous recovery for Chaim Nachman Yosef ben Feiga Yutaa 16-year-old Bochur who is in coma r"l, following a bicycle accident on Friday.

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Rabbi Frand 2

to be released Aug 31 click here

Sunday, July 22, 2007

10:00am Rabbi M. Raskin: The secret of the Aron(Siyum)11:00am Rabbi M. : T.B.A 12:00pm Rabbi Z. Kaplan: The Kabalah Of Shma Yisroel1:00pm Rabbi E. Schmukler: Building the temple2:00pm Rabbi Berel Bell: Medical Ethics 3:00pm Rabbi Y. Bernath: Roadmap to personal freedom 4:00pm Rabbi Z Silberstein: Levites daily temple song 5:00pm Rabbi A. Jacobson: The power of silence6:00pm Rabbi Y. Shanowitz: The world to come7:00pm Rabbi A. Jacks: Its not easy to be G-D8:00pm Rabbi R. Fine: struggling to be joyful9:00pm Rabbi R. Fine

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siyum online

every night during the 9 days after the live rambam shiur at 7:45 there is an online siyum so you can eat meat

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

today is the 30th anniversary of prime minster Menachem Begins visit to the Rebbe

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The cRc welcomes GREAT PIZZA! to its
family of kosher restaurants.
It is located at 3149 West Devon, Chicago, in the Great Chicago Building, East entrance.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

community alert

Please be aware that there is a KNOWN child predator (a convicted offender) in the West Rogers Park neighborhood. He attempts to tutor boys or do whatever else he can in order to be able to gain the confidence of his potential victims. He is a danger to boys and should not be allowed ANYWHERE that there are children!

PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE AND BE AWARE. His name is Eugene (Gene) Aronin. His picture is below. Familiarize yourself with this picture.

This is not Lashon HaRa...this is saving the lives and futures of our children.

Monday, June 25, 2007

One long year has passed since IDF soldiers Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev were kidnapped by Hamas and Hezbollah.Show the world we have not forgotten and will not forget them.Join us in demanding their immediate and unconditional release.Monday, July 16th, 200712:00 noon / Rain or ShineDag Hammarskjold Plaza (1st Ave. and 47th St.)Please urge your friend's and synagogue's members to attend.Sponsored by the:Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish OrganizationsandJewish Community Relations Council of New YorkIn cooperation with the United Jewish Communities, Jewish Council for Public Affairs, UJA-Federation of New York, and American Zionist MovementFor more information contact: Conference of Presidents at 212-318-6111 or info@conferenceofpresidents.orgJCRC at 212-983-4800 x 151

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Every Sunday at 5:30 PM Israel time (10:30 EDT)(9:30 Chicago). Kollel Iyun Hadaf broadcasts weekly lectures delivered by accomplished Torah scholars who delve into a topic related to the week's Dafyomi study. View the Shiur live at

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daf insights for yesterdays daf from Rabbi Elefant(daf41)

  1. Rav Elchonon Rav looks at moment of death Shimuel at anypoint she is permenitly disqulified according to Shimuel shes peminently disqulified but according to Rav has some lamdus yibum has asei doce lo sase once thats removed heter comes back
  2. some rishonim say in this case there is a mitzvah of yibum and some say there isnt Rashba says he should marry her but no yibum Stiepler you have a case shimon and levi are brothers levi mikadesh rachel yivama sister Laa died Rav says marry rachel but no yibum according to the Rashba Lavei marry her Shimon has zika choice of marry her or zika zika goes 1st

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

daf insights for yesterdays daf from Rabbi Elefant(daf40)

  1. Beis Halevi explains Tosfos if you eat a korban w/o intent your mkiam a mitzvah Sheim Mishmuel says same thing when you eat shabbos food b/c its good your mikiam a mitzvah
  2. Tishuvas Vyivarech David if you dont like whisky dont make a biracha you need to enjoy it to make biracha otherwise its like acila gasa Ben Ish Cai make shahakol on candy then drink whisky(daf yomi digest halacha highlight)

smp 36 is now online

click here ybc 3 live Nachi krohn band

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to lhafrid es habiskit(hebrew) on shabbos is it muter or assur click here for answer

Monday, June 11, 2007

daf insights for yesterdays daf from Rabbi Elefant(daf38)

  1. how to explain Rashi Shimon gets everything 1 Aruch Laner claim son 50% claim son also on other half this claim is 1 and the same not a split claim 2 Rav Chaim Brisker someone leaves yorshim each yorash entitled to entire estate but others block it(our case Shimon is certin yoresh safek is a safek absence vadi vadi yoresh gets entire estate
  2. poskim shitar amud ligvos kigavui dami(shitar is considered if its already collected) is only by shitar chov but a shitar matana is like cash Kitzos only say shitar is considered as if it was already collected if it has karka on it

Sunday, June 10, 2007

IDF Foils Kidnapping Attempt Near Gaza
by Ze'ev Orenstein - Arutz-7
( The IDF foiled a kidnapping attempt by a group of terrorists early Saturday afternoon near the Kissufim crossing, just outside southern Gaza.
The four terrorists, who drove an armored jeep labeled “TV,” blew a hole in the security fence surrounding Gaza and approached an IDF position posing as journalists.
The terror cell rammed an IDF command jeep and, using RPG’s, grenades and other weapons, opened fire on soldiers in the area. In the ensuing battle, IDF forces managed to kill one of the four terrorists - 19-year-old Mohammed Jaabari - who became separated from the terror cell and attempted to hide in the surrounding area. Jaabari’s location was discovered through the help of the IDF’s canine unit after he shot dead the dog that had spotted him.
The other three terrorists escaped back into Gaza.
Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was carried out jointly with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. "The aim of the operation was to withdraw with the soldier in captivity," Abu Ahmed, a spokesman for Islamic Jihad, said. "But the participation of Israeli helicopters prevented that."
An IDF spokesman said there were no reports of missing soldiers or injuries, and denied early claims by the terror group that a soldier was captured in the raid.
Saturday’s attack represented the first time that Arab terrorists had breached the Gaza security fence since the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Shalit last June.
"Proper readiness by the IDF forces of the Gaza Division and the right actions in the field foiled the attack, apparently a kidnapping attempt," IDF southern region commander, Maj.-Gen. Yoav Galant said.

770 Eastern Parkway: Yes Choson? No Choson? New system will let Mispalelim know when there's a Choson in Shul
Anyone whose been to 770 knows the routine. After Chazaras HaShatz the #1 question is, "is there a Choson?". An affirmative answer and he Minyan skips Tachnun. Sometimes a Minyan will skip Tachnun based on a "Choson sighting" when in fact the Choson had already left Shul or it was a Yungerman wearing a Kapota and mistaken for a Choson!
Now, if things go as planned there will be no need to run around and look for the Choson.. All you'll have to do is look at the Umud in front of 770 and see if the special light on top is illuminated. If it is you know there's a Choson present.
Chasanim who Daven in 770 during their Sheva Brochos are kindly asked to walk up to the Umud and choose the amount of time they will be in Shul either 10 minute, 20, 30 or 60 and the light will remain illuminated for that amount of time. If they leave earlier they can shut it off.
The system was donated by the Michael Goldhirsch of Melbourne Australia, with the design and installation by Sholom Ber Goldstein.
Helicopters rescue 3 Bochurim and teacher from Bear Mountain
STONY POINT, N.Y. (AP) -- A (SNS ED. Ocean parkway ULY Hamesivta) teacher and three 16-year-old yeshiva students wandered off a Bear Mountain climbing trail and had to be plucked from a 200-foot-high ledge by rappelling rescuers while hovering police helicopters lit the face of the cliff.
The climbers "felt they couldn't go up safely and they couldn't go down safely once they realized where they were," Lt. David Herrick of the New York state park police said Friday. "Basically they froze and didn't want to move."
They were stuck on the rocky outcropping for more than five hours on Thursday night and early Friday.
A tactical rope rescue unit, comprising specially trained members of various volunteer fire departments, rappelled the 400-foot cliff to the rocky ledge, put each of the four hikers into harnesses, then lowered them to the bottom, Herrick said.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

daf insight from Rabbi Elefant(daf 27)

  1. Imrei Emes an onein is patur from mittzvos this shows kavod to the meis but he can do yibum b/c that shows kavod to the meis

Thursday, May 10, 2007


see chabad parade on you tube

Hezbollah captures Chabad balloons

Hezbollah captures Chabad balloons 6:55:PM Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Balloons released by kids participating the lag Baomer parade organized by the Chabad House of Kiryat Shmona, landed in Hezbollah / Lebanon territory. The balloons inscribed with the words, "We Want Moshiach Now", were given to children participating the parade organized by the shliach, Rabbi Yigal Tzippori. The television station of the Hezbollah proudly displayed members of the Hezbollah with the captured 'booty', trying to decipher the words written on the balloons, which they had, at first thought, were valuable IDF equipment view video on this website


That’s what people have been saying about the new volume released from this week, which explains the fundamentals of Judaism according to the Rebbe’s sichos. “Without exaggeration,” wrote Rabbi Sholom Lipskar of “the Shul” in Bal Harbor, “this is one of the finest resource/study texts that I have encountered in the English language.” Rabbi Immanuel Schochet declared, “I am very impressed… The scholarship is profound and thorough, yet the arrangement of the material is well-organized into easily understandable lessons.”
Modeled around the Thirteen “Ani Ma’amin’s” of the Rambam, this trailblazing new book presents the Rebbe’s Torah in an amazingly clear and profound manner. Rabbi Simon Jacobson recommended the new edition as offering “a sophisticated approach to Jewish thought, both for individual and group study. Its step by step lessons do all the homework for you, providing teachers with a fully prepared series of classes.”
On seeing the book for the first time many people are simply taken aback by its stunning appearance and user-friendliness. “I couldn’t put it down for well over an hour,” said one of the teachers in Mayonot in Yerushalayim, “I am enthralled by your idea, and by the extraordinarily effective and brilliant manner in which you carried it out.”
It’s an ideal core text for schools, adult-education, or for personal study. It’s the book you will want to learn first with your mekuravim and to give out as gifts. The new volume being launched at a heavily subsidized introductory price of just $22. In Judaica Stores worldwide or directly from Kol Menachem—The Gutnick Library of Jewish Classics. . Email or call 1-888-500-1900 or 718-951-6328. Or fax 718-953-3346

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

insights tfrom Rabbi Elefant (daf5)

  1. Mipharshim a mitzorah has a ciuv shave head overrides lav why can barber do a lav Imrei Moshe in this case barber can do it b/c I have have no isur Miparshim why use razor wich is a lav should use powder the Imrei Moshe said theres no isur so you dont need powder
  2. RAE adls needs to be simaltanious here you cant avoid it to get to last hair you need to cut the rest of them
  3. Aglei Tal we have a ciuv to learn laws about kohanim so its not shave bikol
  4. Sukas David normal word is tzizis why torah use word gillim to teach us adls

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

insights on yesterdays daf from Rabbi Elefant (daf4)

  1. Rav Elchonon ase doce lo sase(adls) by karas do avarah or be killed you should be killed shouldnt pikuch nefesh be doce lav arius gets karas pikuch nefesh is different then adls pikuch nefesh is when there no other option at this point no ciuv to be killed by arius
  2. RAE tzizis is a mitzvah kiumis who says theres adls by mitzvah kiumis Rav Elchonon we see from our gemara there is adls by mitzvah kiumis RAE disagrees when he puts garment on it becomes a mitzvah ciuvis
  3. Acronim tase lo min hasui by sicac also by tzizis with shatnez you would have to take out the shatnez then take out tzizis from garment and put them back in again sicac needs open skylight if you didnt do that its a maclokes rishonim if its a kosher sucah Rav Yitzchak Halavan says its says its kosher Rav Baruch Marunsberg says its pasul compare to tzizis with shatnez RAE its not compareable tzizis are still tzizis but the sucah isnt a sucah Pri Migadem disagrees you cant cover yourself with this garment MB says we follow the PM
  4. Mipharshim why is it asur to wear tzizis with shatnez(asur to benefit from shatnez) its a mitzvah and we dont benefit from mitzvahs Stiepler mitzvah on tzizis not the garment

Sunday, May 6, 2007

insight from Rabbi Elefant(daf3)

  1. Koveitz Haros(Rav Elchonon Wasserman) by Aba Shaul 2 steps mitzvah of yibum 1 brother dies has no children 2 yavam has bia lisham mitzvah need both so that shes no longer considered an arvah

Friday, May 4, 2007

todays daf insights from Rabbi Elefant(daf27)

  1. no knife on table for bentching 1st reason is b/c table is our altar Torah says no iron on altar so no knife by bentching(daf digest halacha highlight) 2nd reason is b/c during benching someone stabed himself nafka mina is plastic knife 1st reason no iron on table not apply to plastic but 2nd reason still applies you can still stab yourself with plastic knife
  2. the lesson of seder Moed is a talmid chacam is a salamandra b/c he infuses weekday with kidusha by learning torah and more torah protects from tzaros

yesterdays daf insights from Rabbi Elefant(daf26)

  1. how can we move am haretz mover make things tame talmid chacam in yeshiva cant move the answer is its a gizara we cant live with so we believe him to say he didnt put his hand in the cli
  2. Imrei Emes when we bentch month it says redeem gather us together in Eretz Yisrael in such a state of achdus all of klal yisrael are cavarim
  3. Mharsham was asked can we go to university with mumies from our gemara since mumies are in wood you can go

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


you never think this would happen Mario and Sonic at the OLYMPIC GAMES comeing this holiday season 2008

ARI Goldwag and Yitzy Spinner(MBC SUNSHINE) and other famous people from MBC comeing Lag Baomer 07

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Yevamos starts May 5

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Friday, April 27, 2007

insight daf(19) from Rabbi Elefant

our gemara says arch of a wave is pasul for mikva the Stiepler we see from our gemara that a pile of snowflakes is a pasul mikva b/c the top snowflakes are not connected to bottom ones like arch of a wave(daf yomi digest halacha highlight)

insight on yesterdays daf(19) from Rabbi Elefant

our gemara discusses is a arch of a wave kosher for a mikva the answer is no from this gemara the Stiepler says we see that immersing in a pile snow isnt a kosher mikva b/c the snowflakes on top of the pile are not connected to the snowflakes on the bottom like arch of a wave

Monday, April 23, 2007

insight on daf from Rabbi Elefant(daf16)

the gemara lists 3 characteristics that are the same between humans and animals 1they eat and drink 2 pru rivu 3 use bathroom why didnt gemara mention they die b/c its Adams fault animals die he caused death to come to world and animals death is different from humans animals dont have Olam Haba humans do have Olam Haba

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

learn jewish values from Batman listen to interview with the author Rabbi Friedman on

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Six stratagies for success from CCHF

  1. start each of 10 shabbos and yom tov meals by reading Chofetz Chaim tefilla for shimiras halashon (in sefer Chofetz chaim or call CCHF office at 1845-352-3505 for a copy)
  2. learn portion of shimras halashon yomi at your table
  3. designate your yom tov meal (even when you sit together in your liveing room) as a Machsom Lafi were the entire family will avoid loshon hora as a Zachus for a refuah sheleima or a shidduch for someone there have been amazing yeshuos reported for those in need of a shidduch or recovery from illness by people who have learned Shimiras halashon yomi or take on a Machsom Lafi as a merit
  4. make an effort to say more divrei torah and sing more zemiros at your table this will not only help avoid loshon hora but make your yom yov more bueatiful and meaningful
  5. prepare topics that you can introduce to quickly pre-empt any loshon hora that might get started you might be surprised to find out how easily you can change the topic and distract a person who is starting to speak loshon hora
  6. read this ad to people at your table and get them excited about what they can accomplish as a group

Thursday, March 22, 2007

coming to you this sefiras haomer 613 2 Encore

april 5 chol hamoed if your in New York in the morning go to the circus at Madison Square Garden with YBC and at night go to Queens college for YBC 2 LIVE

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SMP 34 is now online
hear music from YBC 3 and 613 2 which features miami classics like Adon Olam and We Need You We Need Your Tefilla and 10 min interview with Eli Gerstner

YBC 3 has arrived today in New York hopefully it will arrive at Kesher Stam by friday

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007

something to say at the seder

  1. in Dayanu it mentions shabbos in Rav Shach haggadah it brings a story with Rav Shach Rav Shach and another rabbi were in a cab the other rabbi asked the cab driver if he is shomer shabbos Rav Shach said of course he is shomer shabbos the next time this rabbi got in a cab it was with the same taxi driver and he said thanks to Rav Shach I started keeping shabbos
  2. Rav Shilomo Shwadron says in the make of wild animals the ground came with them that means the animals destroyed the ground but that was only in Egypt but in Goshen there were no wild animals destroying the land why b/c Yehudah went down to Goshen and made a beis medrash
  3. Arami oveid ivri the arami is lavan says Rav Elyashiv lavan tryed to destroy Yaakov when he was a small group it didnt work egyptians when the jews were big in number then they became enslaved we see from here everything we have is from HASHEM

Friday, March 9, 2007

todays daf insights Rabbi Elefant(daf30)

  1. Tosfos our gemara proves maftir is 1 of the 7 olias
  2. Sifsei Cacamim according to Shimuel shabbos b/4 is Zacor why is he bothered should use zrizen makdimim lamitzvos it dosnt work b/4 its not a mitzvah Ralbach purim mishulish in Yerushaliem read megillah friday sudah on sunday we have b/4 or after not that day 1 answer shabbos has al hanissim or that day has sudah considered purim Moadim Zimanim Chazal made gizarah no sudahs purim on shabbos not take away fact that day is purim
  3. Safas Emes dirush why is it so importent to have parshas Zacor b/4 purim not same day timce not just phsyical atack take care of during the week but rucnios atack shabbos day of rucnios read Zacor on shabbos so that rucnios prevail over tumah of Amalek
  4. Rashba on Pesach 1st and 2nd cup can have break to drink like break(empty shabbos) between Shikalim and Zacor (like this year) 3rd and 4th cup no break for drink like Parah and Hacodesh no break (no empty shabbos)
  5. Mipharshim why dont we skip when have 4 parshios Moshe made takana by yom tov not 4 parshios

something to say at the seder

Rabbi Nevensol asks why in Diyanu is going out of egypt 1st then makos bicoros makos bicoros was 1st he dosnt bring an answer if you think of one please comment

Thursday, March 8, 2007

something to say at the seder

the Maggid of Yerushaliem says by the maka of blood the pasuk says gam who is gam its Pharoh wife she was complaing to Pharoh that she wants water also when Moshe turned Aron stick into snake it says gam Pharoh wanted his wife to imberess Moshe she also turned her stick into a snake mida kineged mida now Pharoh wife complains to him that there is no water imberessing him for more on the haggadah visit the Skokie Yeshiva library and take a look in some of the haggadahs they have
the ou says that this year oup coke will be limited in Chicago and extra virgin olive oil can be used w/o supervision for pesach for more kashrus questions on pesach visit

Monday, March 5, 2007

end of mishnios Shabbos

this tuesday Daily Dose of Torah is finishing mishnios Shabbos there will be doughnuts from Tel Aviv Bakery during 1st seder so come early supplies are limited

1 more insight (daf26)

  1. Safas Emes bima put cover on it cover is supporting sefer torah bima here cover not on constant basis cover maybe not considered tashmishe kidusha

todays daf insights R Elefant(daf 26)

  1. go up in kidusha no go down is it diurissa or dirabanan R Yosef Angle says if it has inherant kidusha like a sefer torah then its diurissa used for kidusha cover for sefer torah is drabanan
  2. Meiri they sold some niveim and kisuvim(high kidusha) and have small portion money left over mishna teaches us we cant use the money for something with lower kidusha Safas Emes same case as above but sold for more then its worth mishna teaches us extra money cant be used for something with lower kidusha
  3. Maharam Shic catering hall sometime used as shul doesnt have kidusha of shul
  4. SM Bihalacha shul built for Rav or by Rav he can sell it w/o anyone concent
  5. maclokes poskim BB old shul falling apart can take it down maclokes poskim if its to small maclokes MA and Taz if there another shul MAo take it down Taz cant take it down
  6. Cazonish bima kidusha of sefer torah on so how put sefarim on bima its lower have a special cover for sefer torah rest of time for sefarim

Thursday, March 1, 2007

todays daf insights R Elefant(daf22)

  1. PY 1 person read Berashis 2nd read it over again 3rd Vayhi Rakia someone come late not hear 1st Berashis he will think there are only 2 olias so cant do that
  2. Safas Emes doleg(reread pasuk) has problems why does Rav not agree with Shimuel b/c 1st person gets 2 and a half pesukim 2nd person gets 2 and a half pesukim Rav says dont have 3 pesukim Shimuel says can have 2 and a half pesukim b/c its more then 2
  3. from story with Rav we see says Sifse Cacamim you should look at torah when you get an olia
  4. Safas Emes and PY ask why gemara use a barissa to tell us its asur to bow on stone floor its a pasuk they answer need barissa to teach us isur applies in cutz laretz (Bavel) pasuk only good for EY
  5. Rav Elyashiv shul has side room minyan 1 aron in main shul main minyan is on shimone esra side minyan on laning you can walk in front of people davening shimone esra to avoid tirca ditzibur for side minyan

daf insights for dag 21 from R Elefant

  1. MA and Safas Emes say that megillah siting beracha standing PY argues beracha cant be more camor then magillah
  2. Safas Emes 2 people read megillah same time is licatcilla but spliting the readers is bidieved
  3. we learn from our gemara every jew needs to learn Torah not just kohanim and leviem

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

insights for daf 18 from R Elefant

  1. interesting shilah chazan finishes shimone esra but forgets bircas kohanim 2 opinions 1some people say it wasnt said its to late 2 others say go back to ritze the question is bircas kohanim integeral part of tefillah or not
  2. Safas Emes proper speech is valuable 1when person careful not to use improper speech more proper 2person minimizes his speech 3 some one who thought out wwhat hes about to say his words are valuable
  3. parshas Zacor is diurisa from our gemara saying zacor pe see PY for how parshas zacor is dirabanan
  4. Malbim when you think something you will forget it but if you say it verbally you wont forget it

Sunday, February 25, 2007