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Individuals of Middle Eastern descent have recently approched members of our community, and posed questions about locations where Jews congregate. It behooves us all to be vigilant and aware of our surroundings. Please exercise care with your children. The Chicago Police Department, in consultation with Alderman Silverstein and community Rabbonim, will have police cars stationed on Devon (Bnei Reuven), California (mostly near KINS) and Touhy (JCC) the first 2 days of Yom Tov. Additional police cars will be patrolling our neighborhood. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT A POLICE OFFICER SHOULD YOU ENCOUNTER A SUSPICIOUS INDIVIDUAL OR ACTIVITY. IF IT IS AN EIS SAKANA, PLEASE DIAL 911 (if possible, with a shinuy). Our thanks to Alderman Silverstein and Commander Roussell for their prompt response to this situation, and ensuring an increased police presence in our neighborhood. Wishing us all a wonderful Yom Tov and Chag Kosher V'Samayach. HaRachaman Hu Yakim Lanu Es Sukkas Dovid HaNofales

YWN Rav Greinman Suffers a Stroke

Rav Yitzchok Dovid, 66, the eldest son of HaGaon HaRav Greinman suffered a stroke on shabbos and he was transported to Sheba Medical Center in a MDA paramedic unit. An ambulance was summoned at 19:45 on Friday night to Radak Street in Bnei Brak. He has already undergone a catheterization procedure and has since responded to his environment, a positive sign according to doctors. The tzibur is asked to be mispallel for רבי יצחק דוד בן חנה דבורה לרפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי עמו ישראל. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

YWN Yungerman In Serious Condition Following Unknown Medical Emergency; Name Added

Lakewood Yungerman is R”L in serious condition following an unknown type of medical emergency The father of four was flown to a Hospital on Motzei Shabbos after being transported to a local Hospital by Hatzolah. He was placed on a respirator. Following an unsuccessful emergency surgery which last several hours, the name “Raphael” was added. Please take a moment to be Mispallel for Raphael Tzvi Ben Chana, who remains in critical condition. (Reporting by TLS)

[chicago-aneinu] Please daven for the grandparents of this young woman. Both are hospitalized and somewhat isolated from the Jewish community. Please daven for the grandparents of this young woman. Both are hospitalized and somewhat isolated from the Jewish community. They are Russian speaking if anyone is able to visit downtown. Velvel ben Ida Nesya bas Frada

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Schottenstein Interlinear Succos Machzor Full Size Ashkenaz and Schottenstein Interlinear Hoshanos Pocket Size

NO ONE SHOULD DAVEN IN SHUL THIS SUKKOS W/O THESE UNDERSTAND ALL THE WORDS OF SUKKOS DAVENING AND THE Schottenstein Interlinear Hoshanos is pocket sized so its easy to carry during Hoshanos.So go to Kesher Stam b/4 Monday and get yours.

JI AND JMR NEW RELEASE: Hadron Aloch by Yumi & Laizer Rosenbaum

Yumi Rosenbaum and his son Laizer present this FREE download for your enjoyment. After participating in the 12th Siyum Hashas in Melbourne Australia, as well as the live hookup from Metlife, Yumi was inspired to compose this song and decided to record it together with his son Laizer. It has been released in time for the first Siyum of this Daf Yomi cycle on Chol Hamoed Sukkos 5773. The project spanned 3 continents, recorded in Australia, the USA, and Israel. Skillfully produced by Moshy Kraus and arranged by Pinny Ostreicher, the end result is uplifting and full of energy. It is hoped that this song will be enjoyed around the world and be sung at many Siyumim for years to come. Click HERE to download the song FREE. For more information email: Phone +61 400 640 123

Nachum Segal Welcomes Eli Gerstner and Yossi Newman to JM in the AM to Discuss Chol Hamoed Succos YBC LIVE!!!

With Succos coming up on Sunday night, there was just enough time to get in a great conversation with Eli Gerstner and Yossi Newman about the latest EG Productions news including the Yeshiva Boys Choir and YBC LIVE for Chol Hamoed. Nachum and guests also discussed the new Chevra and their involvement in the Chol Hamoed proceedings. They also announced the opening of EG Studios in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Get the concert information here and click the link above to listen to part one of the segment.

YWN Search Launched for Missing Teen in Flatbush

A 17-year- old boy from Flatbush has gone missing, and family and friends are concerned for his whereabouts. The NYPD along with numerous volunteers from Flatbush and Boro Park Shomrim, as well as Misaskim and Hatzolah have launched a search for the missing teen. They are looking for Tzvi Stolzenberg. He is 5’7″ 120 lbs. – thin build, and was last seen wearing a brown and white striped T-Shirt, blue pants, and black crocs. He has braces on his teeth, and was not wearing his Yarmulka when he was last seen on Motzei Yom Kippur, at 10:45PM in the Kensington area of Flatbush. A command center has been set up on Coney Island Ave and Ave J. He may be suicidal, so if seen do NOT approach him. Follow him from a distance and call 911. Then call Flatbush Shomrim at 718-338-9797, and also Hatzolah at 718-230-1000. Please be Mispallel for Tzvi Hersh ben Nechama. (Eli Gefen – YWN)

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JI AND JMR Shloime Gertner Vehiskin Now Available!

Shloime Gertner’s exciting new album is here! Vehiskin, Shloime’s 3rd album after Nissim and Say Asay is packed with brilliant new songs from a diverse selection of composers and arranged by some familiar and new names. Vehhiskin, produced by Yossi Tyberg, part of Teem Productions which also includes Gershy Moskowitz who once again directed the album as well as songs by Yossi Green, YItzy Waldner, Pinky Weber, Moshe Laufer, R” Baruch Chait, Baruch Levine and Lipa. The album also includes arrangements by Moshe Laufer, Ilya Lishinsky and Richard Niles. Shloime’s new CD features 11 all new songs that will continue in the new standard you now expect from not only Shloime Gertner, but the Yossi Tyberg and Gershy Moskowitz brand. Attached is an audio sampler for you to preview the album. The CD is arriving in stores tonight and tomorrow and is available for download from here.

JI AND JMR Miami Mizrach Debut Album! Yesh Audio Sampler

The brand new CD from Yerachmiel Begun, Miami Mizrach, now available. You can also buy the special 5 song CD for $7.99 or $5.99 download which also comes with PDF. If you like, you can buy each song individually for $1.25.

Nachum Segal and Yerachmiel Begun Celebrate the Debut of Miami Mizrach on JM in the AM

Nachum hosted the legendary composer and choir master Yerachmiel Begun live at JM in the AM this morning to officially debut the new MIAMI Mizrach CD and discuss all the upcoming Chol Hamoed Succos celebrations starring MIAMI. Nachum and Yerachmiel discussed the impetus for this exciting new CD and welcomed some of the members of the choir to the air, live via telephone, to share greetings. Once again MIAMI will be delivering amazing musical entertainment; headlining 3 major MIAMI - East Meets West shows on Chol Hamoed Succos Oct 3 and 4 in Brooklyn. The Israeli MIAMI arrives in NY on Tuesday night, at the start of Chol Hamoed, to join their American counterparts on stage. For info on these historic shows go to Also the Thurs eve. Oct 4 show will be shown live in many cities by Satellite hookup to specific locations throughout US and Canada. For info go to or Click the link to listen.

YWN Accident Victim Flown to Eretz Yisrael from the Ukraine

A number of mispallalim heading to the tziyun of the Bal Shem Tov were involved in an accident on erev Yom Kippur. The driver, a resident of Netanya, 26, sustained a head injury and listed in serious condition. A Hatzalah Ukraine ambulance under the command of Rav Hillel Cohen of Kiev responded. Chadrei Chareidim reports Nosson Goldman headed the medical team that evacuated the injured man to an Uman hospital. Apparently, due to that hospital’s lack of trauma capabilities the victim was escorted by a paramedic team which included Azriel Schnitzer to the Kiev Public Hospital. The victim was placed in an ICU with head, back, pelvic and others injures. After consulting with medical professionals it was decided to move the victim to a hospital in Eretz Yisrael now that his condition is listed as moderate-to-serious. A private aerial ambulance service was contracted and אלעד בן יהודית was flown to Ben-Gurion International Airport and then transported to Tel Hashomer Hospital. The tzibur is asked to be mispallel for אלעד בן יהודית b’soch shar cholei Yisroel. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for a yeshua for Yair Moshe ben Rena Sheva

OU TORAH Yom Kippur: Breaking of the Vessels By Shira Smiles


OU TORAH Yerushalmi - Berachos 3 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman


In Preparation for Yom Kippur, Nachum Segal Hosts Charlie Harary Live at JM in the AM

Nachum and Charlie discussed the Holy Day and shared a refreshing approach to the Holiest, and some say the happiest day of the year. Nachum welcomed renowned speaker and Nachum Segal Network host Charlie Harary to this morning's JM in the AM for an inspirational look at the Holiest day of our year, Yom Kippur. Charlie shared precious words of the Nesivos Shalom, as well as other great Torah scholars to help focus our perspective. Nachum and Charlie wish everyone a g'mar chasima tovah! Click the link to listen.


845-356-6665 MENU OPTION 4 SELECTION 8

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[chicago-aneinu] Request for Tefillos

From an Aneinu member: Yesterday there was a terrorist attack in Eretz Yisroel. Three terrorists opened fire on Artillery Corps troops securing workers building the southern border fence; one soldier was killed, another injured.The wounded soldier is recovering in Be'er Sheva. He was shot in the stomach, and a true nais occurred that no organs were damaged. This young man is my cousin's grandson. The Soldier who was niftar is from Nof Ha'Alyon. Tehilim should be said for the surving soldier: Mattisyahu ben Leah


CALL IN NUMBERS 718-258-2008 409-777-9010 712-432-8285 845-356-6665 MENU OPTION 9 SELECTION 1

YWN V’Ani Tefillah Foundation Announces Yom Kippur Initiative

The V’Ani Tefillah Foundation is distributing a Yom Kippur Worldwide Initiative Flyer regarding a great opportunity to acquire additional zechusim on Yom Kippur itself– incomparable zechusim on the Holiest Day of the Year–when we need them most. Please download PDFs (and jpg) attached and post the flyer on your shul bulletin board, print and pass out the flyer, email and distribute to your lists. To receive a downloadable flyer (PDF, JPG ) by email, please email the Vani Tefillah Foundation at click here to download it The trial was just about over. Then, at the last moment, a surprise witness took the stand. It was the defendant’s father. “Please, your honor, I beg you, have compassion on my son. Forgive him and let him begin again,” the father wept. His voice was choked with sobs as he gazed upon the frightened, remorseful face of his son. He pleaded with such emotion that his own life force began to recede like an outgoing tide, leaving him limp and broken-hearted. Finally, the father could cry no more. He looked up at the judge expectantly, hoping to see some glimmer of compassion. “I have acquitted him as you have asked,” the judge pronounced. It is this great gift – the chance for atonement and new beginnings – that Moshe Rabbeinu achieved for the People of Israel on the world’s first Yom Kippur. Less than six weeks after having received the Torah, the Jewish people had built themselves a Golden Calf. Hashem was prepared to erase the Jewish people from His Torah and begin anew, with Moshe as the new progenitor. Moshe pleaded for his people with all his strength, stating that if they would not be forgiven, his name, too, should be erased. At last, G-d forgave Israel, with the words “Solachti kidevorecha – I forgive, according to your words.” Moshe Rabbeinu ascended again to receive the second Tablets of the Law. The day he came down was the Tenth of Tishrei – Yom Kippur– and G-d resolved that on this day every year, He would turn His ear to pleas, remorse and change of heart. Hashem’s longed-for words, “Solachti k’devorecha,” became a centerpiece of the Yom Kippur prayer. Clearing the path of all obstacles between Himself and the Jewish people, Hashem even forbids the Satan from prosecuting on that day. This tremendous gift obliges each person to respond in kind, as Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach1 explains: “One must be very careful not to waste even one moment, Heaven forbid, from this [awesome] day. As the Gemara2 teaches, “Every moment of Yom Kippur affords atonement.” Because of the infinite value of each moment of the day, many people follow the custom of refraining from unnecessary talk on Yom Kippur. Even those who cannot exercise that restraint for the entire day can reap the benefits of a set period i.e. fifteen minutes or a half-hour. Each undistracted moment adds to the precious treasure of atonement one takes away from this 25-hour window of opportunity. Yom Kippur is a day in which we are invited to walk the path toward Hashem that was ploughed by Moshe Rabbeinu’s excruciating labor of the heart. But it is only when we awaken to the full grandeur of this day and purify ourselves to befit our proximity to Hashem that Yom Kippur’s life-giving gift of atonement is firmly within our grasp. “One must be very careful not to waste even one moment, Heaven forbid, from this [awesome] day.” (R. Shlomo Zalman Auerbach) PLEASE JOIN THE YOM KIPPUR 5768 INITIATIVE: Prior to or on Yom Kippur, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes (more, if possible) of free time on Yom Kippur during which you will abstain from unnecessary speech or anything that is not within the spirit and purpose of the holy Yom Kippur day. “I hereby accept upon myself, bli neder (without a vow), to abstain from unnecessary speech or anything which is not within the spirit and purpose of the holy Yom Kippur day, between _____:_____ and _____:_____.” 1. Halichos Shlomo on Moadim, Tishrei-Adar, Chapter 4, Footnote 7, Page 52 2. Kereisos 18b This material is an excerpt from Praying With Fire 2, which was released in Elul, 5768 – Sept. 2008. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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[chicago-aneinu] Lincolnwood / Peterson Park eruv is down indefinitely

The Lincolnwood / Peterson Park eruv is down indefinitely. (I have no more details.) Please check the eruv hotline.

OU TORAH Yom Kippur: Symbolism of the Goats By Shira Smiles



In this shiur (Torah class) on Rosh Hashana, Mrs. Shira Smiles raises some questions and answers to remind us of the basic ideas of the holiday. This Torah class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 and ipod video formats.

OU TORAH Yerushalmi - Berachos 2 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman

Brand new series! Rabbi Yosef Grossman on Talmud Yerushalmi!

[chicago-aneinu] OU, RCA Call Upon Shuls to Daven On Yom Kippur for End to Iranian Threat

The Orthodox Union (OU) and the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) today called upon all congregations to dedicate a specific moment during their services on the upcoming holy day of Yom Kippur to daven for an end to the threat of a nuclear armed Iran. The OU and RCA leadership issued the following statement: “On Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, Jews worldwide spend the day in fasting, prayer and repentance. Yom Kippur is not a day for politics. But Yom Kippur 5773 is different. On this Yom Kippur - the world faces an evil regime whose leaders have publicly committed themselves to destroying the State of Israel and to harming Jews worldwide; in addition, the Iranians are a threat to the global community. On this Yom Kippur - the leader of that evil regime will address the United Nations General Assembly and again preach his hatred; On this Yom Kippur - the words found in the High Holiday prayer book, “God determines which nations shall face war and which shall enjoy peace,” prompt us to contemplate with anxiety the fate of the State of Israel and her people, of Jews throughout the world and, indeed, of civilization as a whole. The threat is dire and demands our attention on our holiest day. Therefore, we call upon all congregations to dedicate a specific moment during their services on the upcoming holy day of Yom Kippur to pray for an end to the threat of a nuclear armed Iran. On Yom Kippur, may Israel and its people be sealed in the Book of Life for a year of life and peace.”

[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven

From an Aneinu member: My brother (Yossi) was just diagnosed with an aggressive carcinoma inside his head. Please pray to Hashem on his behalf - Moshe ben Dalish Rivka. Moshe is a 45 year old husband and father of 6, with 3 kids married and 6 grandkids. Your prayers and mitzvot will surely create merit for his refuah shelayama.

[chicago-aneinu] Warning Regarding Arsenic Levels in Rice Arsenic in Rice: New Report Finds 'Worrisome Levels' By SERENA MARSHALL | Good Morning America – Wed, Sep 19, 2012 1:04 AM EDT A major consumer magazine is warning Americans to limit how much rice they eat because of concerns over arsenic. According to a sobering report released to "Good Morning America" by Consumer Reports magazine this morning, rice eaten just once a day can drive arsenic levels in the human body up 44 percent. Rice eaten twice a day can lead to a 70 percent increase in arsenic. "We think that consumers ought to take steps to moderate their consumption," said Urvashi Rangan, director of consumer safety and sustainability at Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports tested many forms of rice for arsenic, from cereal for babies and adults, to brown and white whole grain, pasta and drinks. More than 60 rice and rice products were tested overall, including name brands. Many contained what the magazine calls "worrisome levels of arsenic"— some products had up to five times higher levels than the arsenic found in oatmeal and one and a half times more than EPA's legal standard for drinking water. The researchers also found geographical distinctions in arsenic levels, with white rice grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas, containing higher levels than rice samples from other parts of the country. Those four states account for 76 percent of domestic rice produced. Inorganic arsenic is considered a level one carcinogen, linked to lung and bladder cancer. Today, the FDA will announce it has concerns about rice and arsenic and is studying the issue, but in the meantime recommends a varied diet. Consumer Reports calls for more. "Foods really shouldn't be any different and as we look at the levels we're finding in these products there needs to be a standard set for these foods already," Rangan said. "We called for that on apple juice in January, we're calling for that again in rice products today" referring to a January investigation of data released by the FDA of arsenic levels in apple and grape juice. Surprisingly, when it comes to arsenic the less nutritional white rice is better than brown. The carcinogen is most prevalent in the outer layers of the grain and white rice is polished removing some of those layers. Consumer Reports suggests rice eaters limit themselves to one serving a day, especially for babies. Rinsing and then boiling rice in a 6 to 1 water ratio removes about 30 percent of its arsenic. They also caution that children under the age of 5 should not be given rice drinks as part of their daily diet. "We're not saying never do that," Michael Hansen, senior scientist on the Consumer Reports study said. "We're saying it should be very infrequent." Although no products were named in the report, Nestle, the parent company of Gerber, said in an unsolicited statement to ABC News "all Gerber products are safe to consume, including Gerber rice cereal and Gerber SmartNourish organic brown rice cereal." They added that although they monitor arsenic levels, consumer concern led them to "exclusively use California rice in the production of our rice-containing infant nutrition products… because California rice has the lowest naturally occurring arsenic levels for rice grown in the United States." The USA rice federation does not dispute the findings, but says the results are overblown since there is no documented evidence of actual illness linked to rice. "These are very, very low levels," Dr James R. Coughlin, president and founder of Coughlin & Associates, an independent toxicology consulting company for the USA Rice Federation, said. "Rice is a safe and nutritious food and in fact people who consume rice more frequently in their diets are actually healthier than other Americans." Rice contains more arsenic than other grains experts say, because it is grown while submerged in water. Arsenic does appear naturally in the earth, but Consumer Report says levels have been increased by use of arsenic-laced fertilizer. Consumer Reports scientists explain that arsenic is fed to chickens, turkey, and pigs, and their manure is used as fertilizer for rice and other crops. "All of those uses introduce arsenic into our environment, into our food supply, and we essentially are doing a lot of things to ourselves that deliberately introduce arsenic into food supply," Rangan said. The National Chicken Council, however, released a statement following this morning's broadcast "strongly condemning these insinuations." "Chickens in the United States produced for meat are not given arsenic as an additive in chicken feed," said Tom Super, NCC vice president of communications. "Some flocks used to be given feed that contained a product called Roxarsone, which included safe levels of organic arsenic. Even though the science shows that such low levels of arsenic do not harm chickens or the people eating them, this product was removed from the market last year, it is no longer manufactured and it is no longer used in raising chickens in the United States. No other products containing any amount of arsenic are used in chicken production." In a response provided to ABC News, Consumer Reports said: "There are around 100 arsenic-containing drug formulations currently approved for use in healthy chickens to promote growth, improve pigmentation, and prevent disease, including Roxarsone, which Pfizer voluntarily and temporarily suspended sales of in July of 2011. There are also other arsenic containing drugs approved for use in food animal production including Nitrasone which is currently on Pfizer’s website. If the Chicken industry’s current stance is that arsenic containing drugs are not required to grow chickens for meat, then they should be more than willing to support our position on a complete ban on the use of arsenical drugs in poultry production." This report follows a February Dartmouth report that found organic products containing brown rice syrup could have high arsenic levels. --

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[chicago-aneinu] Missing Jewish Teen Found Alive In The Bronx

Thursday September 20, 2012 3:50 PM Caroline Starkman, the missing 18-year-old Jewih girl from Engelwood, New Jersey, who disappeared from Coney Island, Brooklyn, last month, has been found alive. She will soon be reunited with her family, sources say. Rabbi Shmuel Goldin, the family’s rov at Congregation Ahavas Torah of Englewood, stated, “We are gratified beyond measure to inform the community that Caroline Starkman has been found without serious injury. The family firmly believes that the prayers and support of the entire community have enabled them to reach this moment and they express their deepest gratitude.” In the immediate days to come, the family has asked for privacy to enable them to chart the best course for Caroline. “They will share developments with the community in the future,” said Rabbi Goldin. “Caroline’s family deeply thanks all of you once again for your support and tefillot.” Starkman was a student at Touro College. After she went missing, her parents hired a private detective to assist the NYPD in searching for her. {Noam Newscenter} --

JI Benny Friedman Yesh Tikvah Audio Preview

Almost three years after Jewish music lovers everywhere first got a taste of Benny Friedman with his debut album, Taamu, the talented singer is set to release his newest collection of musical gems, much to the delight of his loyal legions of fans worldwide. Titled Yesh Tikvah, the album promises to be yet another powerhouse from the duo of Benny Friedman and Avi Newmark, who have teamed up once again with engineer/arranger Ian Freitor and technical producer Sruly Meyer for an eleven song release that strives for an unsurpassed level of musical excellence. Having set the musical bar so high with Taamu, Friedman acknowledges that the pressure was on for Yesh Tikvah, which features an array of songs that cover a full range of emotions and musical genres. Both Friedman, who has been cementing his status as a musical superstar one performance at a time, and Newmark, who has earned a reputation as a producer par excellence with a track record of producing albums that are cutting edge, innovative, yet never cross the line, have high hopes for Yesh Tikvah, a labor of love for both artists that has spanned close to three years. Yesh Tikvah features compositions by Elimelech Blumstein, Ari Goldwag, Bentzi Marcus, Yitzy Waldner, newcomer Marc Levine and a joint composition by Yoni Eliav and Friedman himself. Rounding out the roster of talent are arrangers Ian Freitor, Leib Yaakov Rigler, Yaron Gershovsky, Aryeh Kunstler, choir work by Moshe Roth and background vocals by Yitzy Spinner & Ari Goldwag. An audio sampler will be released in the coming days, and the first official Benny Friedman music video, for the title track Yesh Tikvah is in its final stages to be released in a couple weeks. The album, which is due out shortly, is being distributed by Aderet and will be available in stores shortly and is already available for pre order at

JI AND JMR New CD from Shloime Gertner: Vehiskin!

Shloime Gertner‘s exciting new album is just about to be released. Vehiskin, Shloime’s 3rd album after Nissim and Say Asay is packed with brilliant new songs from a diverse selection of composers and arranged by some familiar and new names. Vehhiskin, produced by Yossi Tyberg, part of Teem Productions which also includes Gershy Moskowitz who once again directed the album as well as songs by Yossi Green, YItzy Waldner, Pinky Weber, Moshe Laufer, R” Baruch Chait, Baruch Levine and Lipa. The album also includes arrangements by Moshe Laufer, Ilya Lishinsky and Richard Niles. Shloime’s new CD features 11 all new songs that will continue in the new standard you now expect from not only Shloime Gertner, but the Yossi Tyberg and Gershy Moskowitz brand. Included you will find a small taste of one of the songs from new CD, Haposeach, composed by Yitzy Waldner and arranged by Ilya Loshinsky. Expect the CD in stores right after Yom Kippur. The CD will be in stores distributed by Aderet music and will be available online at

Miami East Meets West - Satellite Chicago AT SHAAREI TZEDEK

ORDER TICKETS HERE For Thurs Eve. show 7:30pm. Pick up tix at door.

JI AND JMR Miami Mizrach

MIAMI MIZRACH anticipated album arrives next week in the USA! Yerachmiel Begun presents the debut album of the Israeli branch of Miami. This amazing all-new hit 5 song album priced @ $7.99, is the first of its kind since MIAMI put out the highly acclaimed Light Up The Nights Chanukah classic 5 song album in 1997. This album will also be available for download at next week. In the words of Mendy Werdyger of Aderet, the album’s distributor, REAL MUSIC IS BACK! There is no other way to describe this phenomenal sounding heartfelt choir and soloists. With new up to date arrangements by Menachem Klein and Chananya Begun and spirited melodic melodies that will remind you of albums where you use to listen to the songs over and over. This is such an album. Nachum Segal will debut music from the album tom.( thurs) morning on Jm in the Am and Yerachmiel will be in the studio with Nachum next thursday the 27th. Members of MIAMI MIZRACH will be calling in from Israel, as well as members of The USA group, The Miami Boys Choir. Already the talk of the town after being announced last wed., is the 3 major MIAMI – EAST MEETS WEST shows Chol Hamoed Succos Oct 3 and 4 in Brooklyn. The Israeli choir arrives into NY at JFK, on Tuesday night, at the start of Chol Hamoed.


CLICK HERE THEN GO TO Yerachmiel Begun and The Miami Boys Choir Lo Yanum Miami Mizrach Yerachmiel Begun 1:48:15

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven for Child

Please daven for a young Chicago child with meningitis, Tzipporah Baila bas Shulamis Tova.

Sunday, September 16, 2012



[chicago-aneinu] Warren Weinstein's Hebrew Name - Please Daven

Please daven for Yisroel Yitzchok ben Faigela, Warren Weinstein, the man who was abducted by Islamic militants in Pakistan. His wife is extremely grateful for our tefillos.

[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven

Hit by a car while walking home from shul yesterday in East Brunswick, NJ: Amiyad Nisim ben Sora Yirachmiel Natan ben Liba Hadar Yocheved bat Chaya Sara May all Cholim experience a Refuah Shelaimah, IY"H.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven for Warren Weinstein

Warren Weinstein, a relief worker with USAID who was captured in Lahore, Pakistan, in August 2011, appeared in a video on Islamist websites, the US-based monitoring group said. In another video appeal in May, he asked US President Barack Obama to accept the demands of his kidnappers for an end to air strikes and the release of Islamists held in the United States. Weinstein, who was shown wearing a white T-shirt, said Obama had shown "no interest" in his case. "Therefore, as a Jew, I am appealing to you, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the head of the Jewish State of Israel, as one Jew to another, to please intervene on my behalf, to work with the mujahedeen and to accept their demands," he said. Please daven for Warren Weinstein's release.



JI SIX13 Releases New Song “Shema” + Video Shema (Live)

Shema: a new song for the new year. Wishing shana tova u’metukah to our family, friends and fans around the world. Studio and live versions available 8/13 on iTunes: Videography: Eric Dinowitz “Shema” composed and arranged by Mike Boxer

JI AND JMR “Shiviti” A new single from Avrohom Finkelstein featuring the soul stirring vocals of SHAULI

Every once in a while you come across a song that touches something deep down inside of you. It’s not just about the great arrangements, music or vocals, but also the overall message of the lyrics and melody. “Shiviti” is one of these songs. This song was composed by up and coming songwriter/singer Avrohom Finkelstein, who also writes for the band Prophets n’ Blues, most recently their Aural Law EP. Avrohom is a known guitarist who lives in Baltimore, MD. Two years ago when Avrohom was introduced to the music of Shauli, he immediately fell in love with Shauli’s unique voice and song writing style. Soon after, their musical friendship began and has resulted in this new single. We are proud to present the final, finished single “Shiviti;” a haunting melody composed by Avrohom Finkelstein featuring the soul stirring vocals of Shauli with accompanying vocals by Graham Tugetman. The song was co-produced by these two huge talents and shows a lot of promise for things to come. For more on Shauli please visit his website and for Avrohom please e-mail The song is available for download on today for just $0.99, and will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music and CD Baby in the next few days.

JI AND JMR Chaim Israel With A New Song “Ba’im L’Uman” For Rosh Hashanah 5773

Mediterranean singer Chaim Israel flew this morning (Wednesday) to Uman to pray grade righteous Rabbi Nachman of Uman Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah. While boarding his flight Chaim Israel releases a special song “Ba’im L’Uman” which he dedicated to all those traveling from AROUND THE WORLD to Uman for Rosh Hashana. The song was composed by Adi Leon , featuring the lyrics of Chaim Israel / Adi Leon / Dudu Kuma / and Moti David, and arrangements by Dudu Kuma.

Nachum Segal Debuts Shauli's New Single ''Shiviti''

Nachum welcomed "Executive Assistant" Avrumi Finkelstein to the air this morning for a brief discussion about, and official debut of the new Shauli single entitled Shiviti. As composer of the song, Avrumi shared some insight into the collaboration that brought about this beautiful new song in time for the Yomim Noraim, the High Holy Days. Click the link to listen. Purchase here

OU TORAH How to Tell When You Are Not in Danger(Berachos Daf 32) By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb

(PLEASE LEARN THIS FOR THE REFUA SHELAMA OF HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Zilberstein Shlita-Yitzchok ben Rochel RAV CHAIM KANIEVSKY-Rav Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam,Rav Shteinman - Aaron Yehuda Leib ben Gitel Feiga, Rav Weiss - Yitzchak Tuvia ben Rikal, Rav Yosef - Yaakov Chai ben Margalit Harav Shlomo Leib Ben Miriam - HaRav Shlomo Brevda Harav Yeshaya Yaakov Ben Raizel - HaRav Yeshaya Yaakov Portugal Harav Meshulem Fish Ben Tziril - The Toshe Rebbe Rav Yerachmiel Shlomo Hakohen ben Raizel. -Rav Yerachmiel Shlomo Rothenberg, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva of Mountaindale Rav Shaul ben Pasha-Gavaad Zurich, Switzerland and rav of Beis Medrash Agudas Achim for a refuah shleima b’soch kol cholei am Yisrael.)(AND L"N RAV YOSEF SHALOM BEN RAV AVRAHAM(RAV ELYASHIV ZT"L)The Gemara on daf 32b relates a story which many find difficult. The story is in relationship to the discussion about where it is and where it is not permissible to interrupt one's prayers. This is the outline of the story: There was once a pious man who was praying while traveling along a path when an officer (hegmon) came along and greeted him (literally, gave him shalom). The man did not respond to the greeting, but continued to pray without interruption. As he concluded his prayers, the officer said to him: "You endangered yourself. I could have killed you." The pious man asked him to wait until he was completely finished with his prayers, and then he explained to the officer that in his prayers, he was standing before the King of kings, and certainly the officer himself would not interrupt his dialogue with a king if someone interrupted the dialogue with a greeting. The question which troubles many meforshim is this: How could the man have taken such a risk and endangered his life? Surely this was a situation of pikuach nefesh, which justified interrupting his prayers.

[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven for Reb. Esther Jungreis

BS"D Dear Aneinu Members, Please add "Esther bas Miriam", Reb. Esther Jungreis, to your refoeinu lists. Unfortunately, Reb. Jungreis, who is recovering from a broken hip, told me tonight that she is going to be having another surgery. Klal Yisroel needs Reb. Jungreis and we need to daven that she have a speedy refuah shlema. Ksiva v'chasima tova, Chaya Miriam

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Add some sweetness to your Rosh Hashanah table!

Special holiday discounts for Rosh Hashanah: Gold from the Land of Israel - $23.95 including shipping to US/Canada ($18.95 in Israel) Silver from the Land of Israel - $22.95 including shipping to US/Canada ($17.95 in Israel) With wishes for a sweet and good New Year, Chanan Morrison

JI Avraham Fried Remembers 9/11 with the Song “Changing The World One Smile At A Time”

Let us not forget that terrible day just 11 short years ago. A day felt around the world, a day that shattered thousands of lives and changed the face of America forever. Of course I am talking about 9/11. Yesterday and Shabbos memorial ceremonies were help across the globe honoring and remembering the victims of 9/11. As Jews, we love using the power of music to get across to the masses feeling inspiration and messages of positive outlook. Therefore we are proud to present this song “Changing The World One Smile At A Time”, sung/performed originally at HASC 23 with the HASC choir (lead by Shloime Kaufman). The song was composed by none other then Avraham Fried and arranged by the maestro Yisroel Lamm. Avremel said the message of the song is simple “if a few individuals could come together and reach such havoc and destruction imagine what would happen if more of us came together to do good”. This song was originally going to be included on Avraham Fried’s upcoming English album. When Ding of Suki & Ding productions heard about it he convinced Avremel to sing it at HASC 23. A similar version of the song yet different song WILL be on Fried’s upcoming English album as wel


we look back at the 9/11 terror attacks and ask what we have learned as Jews, as Americans and as people.

CCHF Today, on the Chofetz Chaim's Yahrtzheit...heed his advice.


OU TORAH Yerushalmi - Berachos 1 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman


JI NACHAS Releases NEW Single “G-D Bless The USA” In Honor of 9/11

The WORLD was introduced to NACHAS almost two years ago when he released his debut single “NACHAS” produced by Eli Gerstner. Since then he has released three more singles, two with Shloime Kaufman “Ah Simcha Mit NACHAS”, “Yehiyu Leratzon” and on with Yanky Briskman “Toiv Vehameitiv” ALL of which are available as FREE downloads on his site This morning NACHAS released his Fifth single, an English song entitled “G-D Bless The USA“. which was debuted on JM in the AM with Nachum Segal part of the Nachum Segal Network. “9/11 is a day that changed all of our lives forever, says Nachas. “Though this will be the eleventh anniversary, we still remember that faithful day and all those who perished Jew and non-Jew alike”. So head over to and download you copy FREE today.

Contending with Catastrophe: Jewish Perspectives on September 11th By Michael J. Broyde

Dear Rabbi, I’ve always wondered what the widows and widowers of those killed in the 9/11 attacks have done about remarrying. I know that Jewish law requires one to obtain either confirmation of death or a Jewish certificate of divorce before remarrying. What happened to the women and men who, in many cases, did not know whether or not their husband or wife was in the building at the time of the crash? As recently as August, 2011, 41% of the victims remain unidentified.Find the answer here and Rabbi Lam answers the question what should we do to remember 9/11.So go to Kesher Stam and get this today.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Selichos: Full Size Nusach Lita Ashkenaz


OU TORAH Rabbi Rosner on Selichos 5772


Eternal Echoes: Songs & Dances of the Soul IS AT KESHER STAM

Itzhak Perlman's soulful tone and virtuosic technique along with Cantor Helfgot's spellbinding tenor meld perfectly together on a new album of beloved liturgical and traditional works. While rooted in the cantorial-liturgical tradition of Jewish music, the ten tracks on Eternal Echoes encompass a wide range of musical moods. Perlman said that his idea "was to do Jewish comfort music – everything that I recognize from my childhood is in this program." The two masters began to explore the confluences of sound between Perlman's famed classical technique with Helfgot's magnificent golden voice. DISCOUNT HERE

[chicago-aneinu] Please Daven for the Nikolsburg Rebbe

Please daven for Yosef Yechiel Michal ben Yentel.

COLLIVE.COM Telethon Ends With $4,039,902

The Chabad Telethon ended Sunday night with a total of $4,039,902 raised. Larry King hosted and performers included 8th Day, Benny Friedman and Jewish Star Dovid Moskovits.


Mattes Weingast premiered the NEW JM Sunday program (9/9) Listen to the archive here

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Ordering products from this site helps support the Shema Yisrael program. Wearing shirts, wearing hats, and using bags or carrying cases helps promote the program to others.


The “King of Cable” takes the Chabad Telethon Prime Time with his 2012 Rosh Hashana Special. After stepping down in December 2012 from the throne he held for 25 years on “Larry King LIVE”, the Television icon steps back up on the air for what could be called “Larry King ‘To Life!,’”-hosting the 32nd Chabad “To-Life!” Telethon, broadcasting live from Hollywood on Sunday, September 9th, from 8PM – 11PM (PDT). This perennial favorite is already famous as a magnet to celebrity guests-Adam Sandler, Jackie Mason, Martin Sheen, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel-all of whom joined the dancing rabbis to help raise money for the good work Chabad does for people in need from all faiths and backgrounds. There are always surprise celebrities who show up on the Chabad Telethon: Neil Diamond stopped by to sing “Coming to America,” Bob Dylan dropped in to sing “Hava Nagila” and NBA Champion Jordan Farmar popped in to shoot hoops right on the live Telethon set! So far, the growing list joining host Larry King on Sept 26th include performances by 8th Day, LIPA, Yanky Lemmer, Benny Friedman, Eli Marcus, Ethan Bortnick and Dovid Moskovitz.For more go to

The OU and NSN Presents: The Jewish Reaction with Rabbi Steve Burg

The Jewish Reaction with Rabbi Steve Burg airs on Thursdays from 5-6p.m. (with replays on Friday & Sunday mornings)EPISODE 1 HERE

JI AND JMR ARON RAZEL in FIRST EVER Video Interview + FREE Song Download

Over the last few years more and more Jews across the globe are discovering the music of Aaron Razel. Was it because of the Krembo song, or perhaps his guest appearance on Yeedle’s last album Lev Echad? No one is certain. However, little is actually known about Razel to those of us living in chutz laaretz (outside of Eretz Yisrael). When did he first start playing? Composing? How did he create his signature “style”? In this FIRST VIDEO EVER, Aaron Razel talks to us in his native tongue, ENGLISH. He tells us about his grandfather, a musician and Holocaust survivor, who hid out to survive the war. How his father made sure Aaron and his siblings were taught instruments from an early age, and how a trip to the mystical city of Tzfat helped Razel to compose his first niggunim. In honor of the release of Aaron’s upcoming fourth album entitled “Kavati Et Moshavi”, Aaron is releasing for the FIRST TIME EVER a version of the title track in ENGLISH. Aaron said “The lyrics to this particular song are not from tefilla or piyutim, but rather a story of my life. That being the case, I wanted EVERYONE to understand them, English speaking people too,” tells Razel. For a limited time the English versions “I Set My Place Here (In The Beit Hamidrash)” is going to be available on as a FREE download by clicking here. The new album “Kavati Et Moshavi”, will I”yh be released some time after the yomim tovim.