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[Aneinu] Name Change - Please Daven for Bochur who fell from roof

ALEXANDER ZISKIND'S NAME CHANGED TO: RAPHAEL ALEXANDER ZISKIND BEN RIFKA. PLEASE HE IS IN CRITICAL CONDITION AND NEEDS OUR TEFILLOS AND TEHILLIM ASAP UNTIL 28-FEB 2016. YESHUAS HASHEM B'KEREF HA AYIN. Please daven for Alexsander Ziskind ben Rivkah, the 20 year old bachur who fell from a third floor balcony in Bnei Brak while removing a sukkah.

[Aneinu] Please Daven to walk again

Please daven for Yerucham Yishayahu ben Brocha, an older mentally and physically handicapped Chicagoan who fell and broke his leg on Succos. Please daven that he have a refuah shlema and be able to walk again. Please also daven for his mother, Brocha bas Ita, that she have the strength and good health needed to care for him.

Aneinu Please Daven Surgery Today at 3:00 pm

Please say Tehillim for Priva Zipora bat Ester who fell and will be having surgery today at 3:00 today.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Thursday, October 27, 2016

YWN [Aneinu] TEHILLIM – Yehiva Bochur Critical After Falling From 3rd Floor Balcony While Removing Sukkah In Bnei Brak

A 20-year-old Yeshiva Bochur is fighting for his life on Thursday afternoon after falling from a third floor balcony. United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom rushed to the scene at Rechov Ha’shlah in the Zichron Meir section of Bnei Brak after receiving multiple reports of a person off a a 3rd or 4th floor balcony. Arriving emergency personnel found the victim in traumatic arrest R”L. It appears he was in the process of removing a Sukkah when he lost his footing and fell to the street below. The Bochur – who is a Talmid in Yeshiva Rabeinu Chaim Ozer – was rushed to the Tel Hashomer Hospital where is is listed in very critical condition. Please be Mispallel for Alexsander Ziskind ben Rivkah. (Chaim Shapiro – YWN)

OU TORAH Yeshayahu Introduction By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Rabbi Rosner on Nach returns from hiatus and starts the Book of Isaiah!.

[Aneinu] UPDATE - Amitai Dovid ben Rivka Schprintza

B'chasdei Hashem Amitai Dovid ben Rivka Schprintza has just been released from the hospital. His recovery will take at least 6 weeks. Please continue to daven and say tehillim for him for a complete and successful recovery. Thanks very much. Here's the link to Tehilimyachad:

The Koren Israel Humash - Bereshit IS ON AMAZON

he Koren Israel Humash presents the traditional Humash text in classic Koren font, alongside a newly-digitalized Rashi font that is clear and legible for Hebrew readers of all backgrounds. This new edition includes a variety of visual aids and educational tools that help students understand and appreciate the Humash including: timelines before every parasha (in Hebrew), diagrams illustrating the central themes and geographic context of every parasha, summaries of every Haftarah, halakha guide, photos, maps and more.NSN BY THE BOOK on the Koren Israel Humash.

Echoes of Eden: Sefer Bereshit (Me'orei Ha'aish Fire and Flame: Insights Into the Weekly Torah Portion) IS ON AMAZON

What was the pre-sin world like, and what is the way of return? How could God have demanded that Avraham sacrifice his son? Why would Yaakov favor Yosef when he saw the jealousy it created? Drawing upon the vast reservoir of rabbinic literature from Talmud to Midrash, from Zohar to the hasidic masters Rabbi Ari Kahn combines the mystical explorations of kabbalah and hasidism with a highly intellectual and broad-minded approach to Torah study. Plumbing the depths of Jewish sources, Rabbi Kahn provides fascinating answers to age-old questions, infusing the parshah with fresh significance. Through provoking questions and intriguing insights, Rabbi Kahn continually inspires us to seek the Godly in our lives.Order here.

Let My World Survive A compilation of Talmudic and Midrashic sources The story of Noach, a lone tzaddik in a corrupt world by Yosef Deutsch IS AT KESHER STAM

From the moment he set eyes on his newborn son, Lemech knew that this child was extraordinary. The boy was bathed in an otherworldly aura, as if the Shechinah hovered over him. Noach is born into a wild world, where kidnapping and theft are commonplace, where fallen angels tread, and where even the animals are penetrated with evil. Can he, a righteous voice in the midst of chaos, save his world from destruction? In Let My World Survive, the ninth volume in the Let My Nation series, Rabbi Yosef Deutsch tells the story of the great Flood and its aftermath like no other author can: with humor, drama, and a wealth of detail, illuminating complexities and unraveling paradoxes. He expertly weaves explanations from the Talmud, Midrash and Chazal to give a coherent, cohesive, and chronological picture of the first two millennia after Creation - the backdrop to the arrival of Avraham Avinu.(From Feldheim)

The Power of a Vort Insights, stories and observations on the Weekly Torah Reading By Rabbi Yissocher Frand IS AT KESHER STAM

Print discount here. Welcome an unforgettable Shabbos guest to your table! Frand Rabbi Yissocher Frand is a rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva Ner Israel, a popular, globe-trotting speaker, and a beloved and bestselling author. In The Power of a Vort he brings us his trademark Torah thoughts, interlaced with his wonderfully thought-provoking stories. In these vertlach, short pieces on every parashah, he shows us the wisdom of Torah and how it interfaces with our complex, stimulating 21st century lives. Every vort has its message to us; every one is a gem. From Moshe's behavior to Pharaoh we learn a lesson in contemporary psychology; the Aron Kodesh teaches us the parameters of humility. We read these pieces and we are inspired. Enlightened. Sometimes, yes, even transformed. A surefire conversation starter for the Shabbos table, The Power of a Vort is Rabbi Frand at his brilliant best. (From Artcroll)

What If... Volume 3 More fascinating Halachic discussions, for the Shabbos Table, arranged according to the weekly Torah Reading By Rabbi Moshe Sherrow (Adapted by) Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein (Author) IS AT KESHER STAM

Print discount here. What if... ...a man needs to take a sleep test, but it will mean missing zeman Kriyas Shema? ...a candy thrown during an aufruf misses the chasan and breaks the gabbai's glasses? ...someone takes out his neighbor's garbage, but there was jewelry in the trash bag? Tens of thousands of readers have made the What If? series a staple at their Shabbos table. Based on the popular Hebrew-language series Chashukei Chemed, written by noted rav and posek, Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein shlita, and translated and arranged in the order of the weekly parashah by Rabbi Moshe Sherrow, What If? includes hundreds of real-life halachic questions, each accompanied by a brief, practical scenario to illustrate the case, and an analysis that is understandable and easy to follow. What If? 3 continues the stimulating Torah conversation, with more fascinating halachic questions and scenarios. What If... ...your Shabbos table conversation flowed as freely as fine wine? ...your children sat at Shabbos dinner, engaged and enthusiastic by the Torah discussion? ...your guests enjoyed the conversation as much - and even more - as they enjoyed your chulent? ‚ What If? 3 - The Torah conversation continues!(From Artscroll)

[Aneinu] Please Daven

Please daven for Chaya Mushka bas Pearyl Basha for a Refuah Shelaimah

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Great supplement.The books of the twelve prophets known as the Trei Asar span hundreds of years, from the waning days of the Kingdom of Israel to the dawn of the Second Temple era. These prophets were of different walks of life from noblemen to humble shepherds and lived in various localities, but were united in their mission of conveying the word of God to the nation. In Who Knows Twelve, renowned scholar, historian, and lecturer Rabbi Berel Wein unravels the mystery of these twelve prophets. Drawing from profound historical knowledge and his own life experience as a community leader, Rabbi Wein explains the themes and topics of Trei Asar, applying them to issues at the forefront of contemporary life: faith and doubt, family and community, national unity and the Land of Israel, Jewish survival, sin and repentance, personal and national redemption, assimilation, intermarriage, international disputes, betrayals and scandals, disappointments, and heroic behavior. Though the words of the prophets emerged from the ancient world, Rabbi Wein s insights revitalize them, offering cogent messages for today.(From Koren)Order here or find it at your local bookstore. So join Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein and Rabbi Jack Abramowitz for Trei Asar part 1 Hosea today.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Aneinu Please Daven Critical

Please daven for Amitai Dovid ben Rivka Shprintza, Ami Zimmerman, son of Becky and Joey Zimmerman who is in critical need of tefilos after a procedure.

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CHABAD.ORG The Alter Rebbe’s Code of Jewish Law: Online in English for the First Time By Mordechai Lightstone

A highly specialized engine was developed to seemlessly digitize and elegantly display the Shulchan Aruch, preserving the intuitive layout of its printed counterpart. Perhaps no Jewish holiday is more joyous than Sukkot, when Jews of all backgrounds spend time in sukkahs (mobile or stationary), and shake the lulav and etrog as a sign of Jewish unity. These holidays are often accompanied by various laws and rituals that need to be mastered to correctly perform the mitzvah.


Click here.

On Repentance: The Thought and Oral Discourses of Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik IS ON AMAZON

For five decades prior to his death in 1993, Rabbi Joseph Dov Soloveitchik was the unchallenged leader of modern Orthodox Judaism in the United States. His understanding of both traditional Judaism and secular philosophy shaped two generations of rabbinic students at Yeshiva University, and charted a new course for American Orthodox Jews. In On Repentance, noted scholar Pinchas Peli has gathered the major points of Rabbi Soloveitchik's teachings on teshuvah (repentance), based on the annual series of lectures on the theme of teshuvah, presented on the anniversary of his father's death. For many Jews, these lectures were the major academic and intellectual event of the year. Outside of his followers however, few were able to experience the genius of Rabbi Soloveitchik. He gave his lectures in Yiddish, and generally refused to publish. Now readers can experience the brilliant thinking of this great teacher and sage.Order here.Recommended by Rabbi Yudin on JM in the AM last Friday.

Yom Kippur FAQ's / SHC Weekly ~ VaYelech 5777

Q: What should one do if he forgot to say “HaMelech HaMishpat” on Asseret Yeme Teshuva? A: According to Maran[1], if he remembers within three seconds (“Toch Kede Dibbur”), he may say it then. If he remembers after that time, or after starting the next Beracha, he must go back to “Hashiva”. If one only remembers after finishing the Amida, he should repeat the Amida, because the Nussah of “HaMelech HaMishpat” imply that Hashem alone judges his world and not that Hashem loves when the world runs justly – which is the meaning of “Melech ‘Ohev Tzeddaka U’Mishpat”[2]. However, the Ben Ish Hai[3] is concerned about the opinion of the Rama[4] and writes that one should not repeat the Amida. Still, most Poskim[5] follow Maran who requires one to repeat the Amida, as is the opinion of Hacham Ovadia Yosef זצ”ל[6]. In order to take the opinion of the Ben Ish Hai into consideration, Hacham Ovadia and the Ohr L’Tziyon[7] suggest that one who realized he forgot to say “HaMelech HaMishpat” after finishing the Amida, can make a condition when he repeats the Amida, that if he is not required to then the Amida is a Tefillat Nedava. Battle of the Brands Buying and Selling Manufacturing Rights By Dayan Shlomo Cohen, Author of “Pure Money” and Dayan at Ahavat Shalom, Yerushalaim We usually think of buying and selling in regard to tangible items, such as cookies, pens, socks, and cars. Nowadays, though, there is an entire marketplace for intangible items, as well; people buy and sell royalties for a certain product or song, the rights to a specific brand name, the rights to sell an item in a particular region, and even airspace.

Rosh HaShana Answers, Galaxy Recall / SHC Weekly ~ Nitzavim 5776

Click here.

NAALEH.COM and YU TORAH Connecting To The Core By: Mrs. Shira Smiles

How do the shofar blasts change the dynamics of the rituals? Click here for source sheets.

NALLEH.COM Parshat Nitzavim: Steadfast Faith By: Rabbi Hershel Reichman

In this shiur (Torah class), Rabbi Hershel Reichman delves into the meaning of the bris (covenant) that takes place between Hashem and the Jewish People, in this week's parsha, Parshat Nitzavim. The Shem MiShmuel explains the underlying essence of the bris as the commitment to Hashem in all circumstances, both positive and negative. This Torah class is available online in streaming video and for download in mp3 and ipod video formats.

Dirshu Mishnah Berurah Daf Yomi B'Halacha Ed. Siman 160-201 IS AT KESHER STAM

The Dirshu Mishnah Berurah contains elements that will be craved by talmidei chachamim and laymen alike: 1) Halachah l'ma'aseh rulings on new, modern-day shailos 2) Previously unpublished insights noted on the pages of the personal Mishnah Berurahs of gedolei Yisrael 3) Additions and cross-references similar to "Musaf Rashi" found in many Gemaras 4) Piskei Chazon Ish 5) Explanations to the Mishnah Berurah where unclear Soft-cover Daf Yomi B'halachah Edition contains sections 160-201 of Chelek Beis. Perfect for traveling! Pocket-size, soft-cover Daf Yomi B'halachah Edition contains sections 160-175 of Chelek Beis. Perfect for on-the-go, easy-access use. Pocket-size, soft-cover Daf Yomi B'halachah Edition contains sections 176-201 of Chelek Beis. Perfect for on-the-go, easy-access use.

V'Higadeta-Yom Kippur & Sukkos Insights, stories, and teachings from the treasure-trove of maggid Harav Yaakov Galinsky, zt"l IS AT KESHER STAM

For decades, Rav Yaakov Galinsky fulfilled the directive of the Steipler, Rav Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky, zt”l, whom he knew in the Novardok yeshivah in Bialystok. "Reb Yaakov, the Steipler advised, "zolst zogen un zogen un zogen. You need to speak and speak and speak.” Rav Galinsky delivered thousands of drashosin the halls of yeshivos and batei midrash, and before huge audiences, both religious and nonreligious. He is responsible for bringing many, many people closer to Hashem. Now these drashos are accessible in print to the English-speaking audience. In this volume, Rav Galinsky goes through each viduy confession, one by one, and through his stories and lessons from the Torah and Chazal, he explains how each one applies to us. Besides his insightful explanations of the vidui, here you will find stories and lessons on the mitzvos of Yom Kippur itself, on the order of the service in the tefillah, on sefer Yonah and Ne’ilah, as well as derashos on Sukkos, the arba’ah minim, the simchas beis hasho’eivah, the ushpizin, Hoshana Rabbah, and Simchas Torah. With his unique, penetrating style — with stories and parables, life lessons and maxims, pesukim and ma’amarei Chazal — he topples the defensive walls we’ve built around ourselves. He shows us who we are, and who we could be, if we only allow it. Click here for 10% discount.

Kitzur Halachos Sukkah & Daled Minim The Halachos of Sukkah & Daled Minim Based on the Mishnah Berurah IS AT KESHER STAM

A clear and concise guide to all the halachos of Sukkah & Daled Minim, based on the Mishnah Berurah, by Rabbi Zev Hofstedter. Makes a great supplement to the Mishna Berura Yomi(Eichenstein) edition.

Rav Wolbe on Chumash Volume 2 More Insights of Rav Shlomo Wolbe on the weekly Torah readings and the Festivals IS AT KESHER STAM

Rav Wolbe, zt'l -- The Mashgiach -- continues to guide us. Thousands of Jews throughout the world have made Rav Wolbe on Chumash an integral part of their Shabbos table discussion and their Torah learning. In Rav Wolbe on Chumash 2, Rabbi Yitzchok Caplan, R' Wolbe's grandson, continues to share the Mashgiach's wisdom and understanding with us. Based on the weekly discourses on the parashah that Rav Wolbe zt'l gave for decades, as well as his many writings, Rav Wolbe on Chumash 2 examines the Chumash through the eyes of one of the great mussar masters of our time, the author of the acclaimed and beloved mussar classic, Alei Shur. Through the events and words of the Chumash, we learn to understand the spiritual realities and challenges of our own lives. The Torah explanations in the book are succinct, thought-provoking - and, yes, action-provoking as well, with each of them concluding with practical lessons and ideas. A yeshiva's mashgiach combines profound knowledge of Hashem's Torah with a deep understanding of human nature. He understands the spiritual dimension of our lives, and is fully aware of our human frailties as well. He knows our potential, and the pitfalls that sometimes keep us from reaching it. Rav Shlomo Wolbe was "the Mashgiach." And all of Jewry were - and still are - his students, as we share his ideas in this transformative and compelling Torah work.Click here for 10% discount.

Schottenstein Talmud Yerushalmi - English Edition [#34] - Tractate Nazir Vol 1 IS AT KESHER STAM

For five generations of the Talmudic era, the great Sages of the Land of Israel flourished in the Galil. There, like the Sages of Babylonia, they debated, expounded, and applied the laws and principles of the Mishnah that were received at Sinai .The sacred learning of those years was gathered in the Talmud Yerushalmi The Jerusalem Tamud. They lived with Roman pogroms and persecution but the flame of Torah burned bright despite it all. Until about 350 C. E., when brutal Roman anti-Semitism decimated the Holy LandÆs yeshivos and silenced its voice of Torah. But the Sages teachings live on in the Talmud Yerushalmi, just as the teachings of Babylonia live one in the Talmud Bavli - The Babylonian Talmud. But while the Sages of Babylonia had another 150 years to redact, clarify and organize the text of the Babylonian Talmud, Roman persecution in the Holy Land made that impossible. Thus, the Jerusalem Talmud is exceedingly difficult, and despite its great significance it has been a closed book to all but select, elite scholars. Now, thanks to the outstanding scholars who produced the classic Schottenstein Edition of Talmud Bavli, the lock is being removed on yet another treasure-house of Torah Sheball Peh, the Oral Law. This project has been enthusiastically welcomed and endorsed by Torah leaders in Israel and America.At Kesher Stam all Yerushalmis are 20% off.

In Case You Missed It......Rabbi Wein Teshuva Drasha 5777

In case you missed it LIVE..... Click on the link below to download a copy of Rabbi Berel Wein's Teshuva Drasha 5777 The Always Uncertain But Hopeful New Year you all a Gmar Chasima Tova. May all of Klal Yisroel be sealed for a healthy, happy and sweet New Year. The Destiny Team 564 Marc Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701 732-987-9008

[Aneinu] Urgent Tehillim Needed!

Urgent tehillim is needed for Mrs Florence Mayefsky, Feigeil Baila bas Eidel Leah for a refuah shlema.

[Aneinu] 3 Year Old in Chicago Needs Tefillos!

On Rosh Hashana, a beautiful 3 year old Chicago boy managed to reach a bowl of hot chicken soup that was cooling on the counter and tipped it onto his little chest. He was pretty badly burned and was taken to the hospital immediately. Today he's going to be checked to see if he needs surgery. Whereas they thought he would for sure need it, it's now at a 50% chance. BH for all the tefillot so far. Please daven for Zev Raphael ben Leah Shoshana that he should not need surgery and heal completely and quickly. Thank you so very much!

Aneinu Urgent Tefillos Needed! Terrible Acident!

My dear friend Amy Silverman (from Chgo suburbs) and her friend Richard were in a terrible crash tonight and were airlifted to hospitals in critical condition. Please storm the heavens for Amit Baila bas Chana Rachel and for Richard Mark Gordon. (I hope to get his hebrew name.) Tizku l'mitzvos. Esti Deutsch

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Aneinu Urgent Tefillos Needed

I just received the following:   Please, this is urgent my friend Shirmaryahu Tzadok ben Kayla is in terrible pain and went into the hospital tonight.  Please, pray that he has a full recovery.  Thank you..Hadassah

Aneinu Please Daven -Tefillos Needed

Please daven for Reuven ben Eunis, husband of an Aneinu member, who needs a refuah shlema and rachamei shamayim.

[Aneinu] Rabbi Ephraim Waxman Teshuva Drasha

Monday October 10th 8:30 pm (7:30 pm Chicago time) call chazak 718-258-2008

[Aneinu] LIVE tele-conference Aseres Yemei Teshuva Drasha with Rabbi Wein

Aseres Yemei Teshuva Drasha The Destiny Foundation proudly presents: LIVE tele-conference with Rabbi Berel Wein The Always Uncertain but Hopeful New Year October 9th 2016 - 7 Tishrei 5777 9:00 AM CHICAGO time To listen live call: Conference line: (605) 562-3140 Pin number: 519321# If you are calling outside the US/Canada, please use the following numbers and then enter the PIN number above: Argentina +54 (0) 11 5235-4340 Australia +61 (0) 3 8672 0105 Belgium +32 (0) 4 244 10 83 Brazil +55 21 2391-6538 Bulgaria +359 (0) 2 495 1536 Cambodia +855 (0) 96 696 7689 Chile +56 (0) 44 890 9164 China +86 (0) 510 6801 0120 Costa Rica +506 4000 3889 Croatia +385 (0) 1 8000 053 Cyprus +357 77 788855 Czech +420 225 989 121 Denmark +45 78 77 21 83 Dominican Republic (829) 999-2540 Estonia +372 614 8065 France +33 (0) 7 55 50 07 10 Georgia +995 (0) 706 777 065 Germany +49 (0) 69 1200650760 Guatemala +502 2458 1424 Hungary +36 1 987 6803 Iceland +354 539 0324 Indonesia +62 (0) 21 51388880 Ireland +353 (0) 1 437 2298 Israel +972 (0) 76-599-0022 Italy +39 011 092 0917 Japan +81 (0) 3-5050-5071 Kenya +254 (0) 20 5231048 Latvia +371 67 881 541 Lithuania +370 (8) 46 268615 Luxembourg +352 20 30 10 07 Malaysia +60 (0) 11-1146 0033 Mexico +52 (01) 899 274 9983 Netherlands +31 (0) 6 35205032 New Zealand +64 (0) 6-928 7521 Nigeria +234 (0) 1 440 5235 Norway +47 21 93 06 45 Pakistan +92 (0) 21 37130620 Panama +507 838-7850 Poland +48 32 739 96 35 Portugal +351 21 005 1186 Romania +40 (0) 31 780 7015 Russian Federation +7 (8) 499 371-06-83 Slovakia +421 2 336 633 06 South Africa +27 (0) 87 825 0106 South Korea 1600-8556 Spain +34 911 33 84 80 Sri Lanka +94 (0) 11 5 322966 Sweden +46 (0) 8 124 107 12 Switzerland +41 (0) 44 513 30 30 Taiwan +886 (0) 985 646 925 Turkey +90 (0) 212 988 1740 Ukraine +380 (0) 89 323 9965 United Kingdom +44 (0) 330 606 0515 United States (605) 562-3140 We look forward to having you join us. The Destiny Foundation 732-987-9008 / 800-499-WEIN (9346)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

OU TORAH Yerushalmi: Berachos 85 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman

Click here.

OU TORAH Yerushalmi: Berachos 84 By Rabbi Yosef Grossman

Click here.

COLLIVE.COM 'Inside Story' on Bereishis in Print

The Meaningful Life Center has published Yanki Tauber’s acclaimed 'Week in Review', peering into biblical events, encounters, and personalities through the lens of the Rebbe.

[Aneinu] CHABAD.ORG Rabbi Brutally Beaten in Zhitomir, Ukraine Jewish community asks for prayers; motive for the attack remains unknown

A rabbi was found badly beaten this morning in the western Ukrainian city of Zhitomir. With the onset of Shabbat there, Jewish community leaders are asking for prayers. Rabbi Mendel Deitsch, a longtime Chabad-Lubavitch emissary in France and more recently in Israel, was brutally attacked at Zhitomir’s central train station early Friday morning, where he was discovered and transported to a local hospital. The Jewish Community of Zhitomir, headed by Chabad Rabbi Shlomo Wilhelm, was alerted to the attack hours after Deitsch was admitted to the hospital. Rabbi Mendel Deitsch Rabbi Mendel Deitsch Deitsch has been active in strengthening Jewish life in the former Soviet Union for many years, and is a central organizer of hospitality and programming at the burial site of Chabad’s founder—Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, in Haditch, Ukraine, where Deitsch is believed to have spent Rosh Hashanah. The motive for the attack remains unknown. Violent anti-Semitic attacks in Ukraine are rare, and there is no indication at this time that it was anti-Semitic in nature. As Shabbat approached in Ukraine, Deitsch was being operated on in Zhitomir. His situation is being described as extremely critical. “The most important thing at this time,” stated Wilhelm, “is that people pray for the full recovery of Menachem Mendel Mordechai ben Miriam.”

Friday, October 7, 2016

[Aneinu] UPDATE - Chaya Dena Chaviva bas Shoshana

The surgery for Chaya Dena Chaviva bas Shoshana is a 12 - 16 hour surgery. Tehillim is still needed. They will probably not know anything until after Shabbos. Please keep davening for her and please have her in mind when you bentch licht today. May we hear besoros tovos. Good Shabbos

[Aneinu] Urgent! Please Daven!

Urgent tefillos are requested for the friend of an Aneinu member, Shmaryahu Tzadok ben Kayla who has a fatal blood disease and is not doing well. he has requested that we say Tehillim kappitel 52. This is special to him.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

[Aneinu] NSN + Project Inspire + Charlie Harary = A Great Way to Prepare for Yom Kippur!

Click here 7:30 pm Sunday Chicago time.

Aneinu Name added

The new name is Chaya Dina Chaviva bas Shoshana. Please daven that a liver donor should be found right away and she should have a refuah shelema.

OU TORAH Nitzavim – Rosh Hashana 5776 By Rabbi Shalom Rosner

Click here.

YU TORAH Toronto Torah: Netzavim 5776

Toronto Torah for Netzavim 5776 includes articles on Tashlich, Rabbi Ben Zion Hai Uziel, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, Judaism and Western Thought, cross-dressing, and more.

OU Remembering Shimon Peres z”l By Dr. David Luchins

Click here.


In emphasizing once again the eternal validity of God’s covenant with the Jewish people, Moshe addresses his words to the entire nation. All classes of society are included in the covenant – the heads of the people, the judges, the wealthy and powerful, the poor, menial and manual laborer, those that chop the wood and draw the water. No one is excluded from the terms of the covenant and no one is allowed the luxury of assuring one’s self that Jewish destiny will not apply to him or her.


The past year has passed rather quickly. As one thankfully becomes older, time seems to start racing by. Maybe that is part of what Einstein meant when he declared that time is relative. It certainly is relative to each individual person and to each differing circumstance and experience in life. There are long days and shorter ones depending on the occurrences in that twenty-four hour period of time.

OU TORAH Not in Heaven By Britain's Former Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

When I was a student at university in the late 1960s – the era of student protests, psychedelic drugs, and the Beatles meditating with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – a story went the rounds. An American Jewish woman in her sixties travelled to north India to see a celebrated guru. There were huge crowds waiting to see the holy man, but she pushed through, saying that she needed to see him urgently. Eventually, after weaving through the swaying throng, she entered the tent and stood in the presence of the master himself. What she said that day has entered the realm of legend. She said, “Marvin, listen to your mother. Enough already. Come home.”

[Aneinu] Liver Transplant Today

The surgery is to take place today. Chaverot Yekarot, Dina Chaviva bas Shoshana is scheduled for liver transplant surgery tomorrow morning. May the surgeons be the right shlichim, and the surgery and recovery should be quick and complete b"z"H. Tehillim conference for Dena Chaviva bas Shoshana (Chaviva Shuvalsky) she's in need for our teffilos. Thank you! If you can pass this around to any chats, Please have in mind or please take a minute to daven for Dina Chaviva bas Shoshana, young Lakewood mom.

RAV KOOK ON Yom Kippur: The Value of Life(Fulfilling Our Mission)

We conclude the al cheit confessional prayers of Yom Kippur with the following declaration: “אֱ-לֹהַי, עַד שֶׁלּא נוֹצַרְתִּי אֵינִי כְדַאי. וְעַכְשָׁיו שֶׁנּוֹצַרְתִּי כְּאִלּוּ לא נוֹצַרְתִּי.” “My God, before I was formed, I was of no worth. And now that I have been formed, it is as if I was not formed.” The Talmud (Berachot 17a) records that fourth-century scholar Rava composed this prayer, but its meaning is unclear. Before I was formed, of course I was of no worth — I did not exist yet! And after I was formed — why does it say that “it is as if I was not formed”? Do I exist or not?

RAV KOOK ON Complete Teshuvah

The focus of the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is teshuvah — return or repentance. We recite the Avinu Malkeinu prayer during this period, requesting: “Our Father our King! Return us in complete teshuvah before You.” When is teshuvah full and complete?

RAV KOOK ON Nitzavim Part 2 and Elul: Teshuvah for the Generation of Rebirth

“For some time I have been struggling with an inner conflict, and a mighty force impels me to speak about teshuvah [penitence]. All my thoughts are focused on this topic. Teshuvah holds a primary place in Torah and in life. All the hopes of the individual and of society depend on it.” Rav_Kook_in_London So begins Rav Kook’s introduction to Orot HaTeshuvah (Lights of Penitence), perhaps his most popular work, first published in 1925. The compact book was beloved by its author, and Rav Kook himself would study its teachings during the month of Elul after morning prayers. One student reported hearing Rav Kook say, “I worked extensively on Orot HaTeshuvah. Whoever studies it properly will find light in every word.” He also declared: “Orot HaTeshuvah should be be studied endlessly.” What is so special about the book’s outlook on teshuvah?

RAV KOOK Part 1: Two Levels of Teshuvah

The Torah portion of Nitzavim is always read before Rosh Hashanah, a fitting time to speak about reflection and repentance. Often we have a strong desire to make changes in our lives. We may want to be better parents, better spouses, and better people. We aspire to greater spirituality in our lives, to devote more time to Torah study, to be more thoughtful in our interpersonal relationships. And yet, circumstances may make such resolutions very difficult to keep. Our goals may seem unattainable, and our personality faults beyond correction.