Thursday, April 13, 2017


Rabbi Pruzansky brings a story to demonstrate the power of davening for what you need by Vanitzak el HASHEM(We Cried Out To HASHEM) Rabbi Fishel Schacter tells his kids this story every year.Right b/4 Shabbos Hagadol Zanvil got a visit from the Poritz your behind on the rent.Zanvil wife said go to the Apta Rav and thats what he did.The Apta Rav said daven for your needs by Vanitzak and thats what he did.Then his non jewish neighbor knocked on the door he and he said the Police are after me.I am leaving my 2 sacks of gold with you and if I die there yours.He died in a fatal accident while trying to get away.Zanvil could now pay the poritz and more.So we the from here the segulah of davening for what you need by Vanitzak.(see pages 135-138)

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