Monday, May 15, 2017

CHABAD.ORG JEWISH.TV Learn Tractate Sotah With Rabbis Steinsaltz and Zajac,’s video site, is constantly buzzing with people engaging in thousands of learning opportunities. One section that has seen tremendous growth is the series of Talmud Classes given daily by Rabbi Avraham Zajac. This is especially so during this Omer season, when many have the custom to study one page of Tractate Sotah each day. The tractate contains 49 pages (including the cover page), aligning with the 49 days of the Omer count. This year, students of this series are benefiting from an exciting addition.Thanks to the generosity of Koren Publishers, the Talmud classes on now display the actual text of the Talmud—the original Hebrew, and an excellent English translation and commentary from the acclaimed Steinsaltz Talmud—enabling students to follow in the original and benefit from the additional elucidation.

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