Thursday, July 6, 2017

Aneinu Rabbi Boca Raton Surgery Friday

Please daven for Baruch Tzvi ben Rivkah Basya, Rabbi Dr. Brian Galbut from Boca Raton, who will be having surgery at 6 AM Chicago time on Friday for a brain tumor.   ***************************************************************************************************** It was recently discovered that our beloved, Rabbi Dr. Brian Galbut (from Boca Raton) has a brain tumor.  He will likely be undergoing surgery early next week, followed by treatment and is in need of our prayers and good deeds in his merit.  Please respect the family's privacy at this time. Together, we will storm Heaven with our prayers that he have a speedy and full recovery and a complete refuah shelayma, together with all of those who are ill. Please keep him in mind in all of your prayers - Baruch Tzvi ben Rivkah Basya. You can join others completing Sefer Tehillim in his merit by visiting this website anytime (there is an english menu option)Click herevl for website.

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