Monday, January 30, 2017

[Aneinu] Please daven for Michoel Yaakov ben Chana

Please daven for Michoel Yaakov ben Chana, who once again tomorrow is being brought before an IDF Magistrate in Tel Aviv. PLEASE daven and say tehillim that they should decide to let him return to learning Torah full time as he has been doing for the past several years. If you can I ask that you take a moment and go to the link on tehilim yachad and say a perek for him: BS"D I would like to explain the circumstances surrounding my sons situation. Michoel has been in yeshivot since before his Bar mitzva, and at 15 was admitted into yeshiva gedola here in EY. Since arriving here in. 2009 my son has always appeared at each meeting with the Army as prescribed. However, what started this incident was the fact that he did not receive the notice that was supposedly sent out. As of now, there are many things that are not making sense, however we still need tefillots that Michoel Yaakov should be able to return to kollel and learn Torah lishma, in order to do his part in protecting Klal Israel. May each one of us soon be zoche to greet our Mashiach and be united in shalom. Tziku l'mitzvot Chana

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