Thursday, January 26, 2017

Aneinu Muqata Egged 461 bus accident near maaleh livonah

Update: Egged 461 Bus Accident near Maaleh Livona Update: Despite heavy rains and winds -- IDF helicopters have landed on the scene with emergency trauma teams. Death toll has reportedly risen. Update: Reports of 2 killed, 3 in serious condition, 12 moderate. On the road going up to the community of Maaleh Livona in the Shomron / Binyamin region, an Egged passenger bus has fallen off the road -- with a drop of hundreds of feet. Search and Rescue teams are having a difficult time reaching the bus due to heavy rains and the location of the bus. Over a dozen wounded passengers with some seriously. IDF medivac helicopters should be on the scene any minute.

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