Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Aneinu Neighborhood Alert

--------- Forwarded message ---------- From: richconcaildi@aol.com [wrogerspk]  Date: Tue, May 2, 2017 at 4:46 PM Subject: [wrogerspk] Police Activity this afternoon - Beat 2411 - near 27XX Morse To: wrogerspk@yahoogroups.com All, CPD noticed, pursued and apprehended a vehicle that was involved in a vehicular hijacking. this was in the general area of 27XX Morse. Multiple marked and unmarked units responded including officers on bicycles. Upon stopping the vehicle, 3 suspects were noticed. 2 have been captured and the 3rd is on the loose. This suspect is described as: - Male - Black - Tall and skinny - Last seen wearing a red hoodie. If you see someone that matches this description call 911 immediately and describe what you are observing. Make mention the person may have been involved in the vehicular hijacking described above. DO NOT APPRPOACH THE SUSPECT. CPD HAS NO KNOWLEDGE IF THE VICTIM IS ARMED. A perimeter has been established. Tonight please make sure all doors and windows are secured and exterior lighting is turned on. Stay safe. Tell a neighbor that might not have access to this information. Keep a phone handy. Richard Concaildi President and Beat Facilitator CAPS 2411 Vice Chair District Advisory Committee (District 24-Chicago Police Department) 773.294.1777 richconcaildi@aol.com   Stand Proud America!

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