Saturday, June 24, 2017

YWN Be A Partner in Publishing Rav Chaim Kanievsky's Latest Sefer: "Moadei HaGra"ch Chelek Beis"

Rabbi Yaakov Altman is one of the gabbaim who has the honor of being present each day in the holy home of Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Hundreds make their way in and out of the famous house's walls each day, seeking brachos, guidance, and answers to their questions. For many years, Rav Kanievsky has recorded his answers to the diverse questions of klal yisroel. Rabbi Altman & the rest of the editors have compiled them, and at last it has been completed: The second chapter in a collection of sha'alos & teshuvos from Sar HaTorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky on al of the holy holidays of the Jewish year. Rav Kanievsky is a treasure in our time, a seemingly bottomless wellspring of Torah knowledge & wisdom. Now you & the rest of klal yisroel will have the opportunity to have the Gra"Ch as your companion through each part of the year, infusing your calendar with the deepest Torah insights from one of the true Gedolim of our generation. However the editors have met a challenge: The sefer will be published in both Hebrew & English. It costs $10,000 to publish each language. There are also others fees in involved with the project. This holy sefer cannot be released into the world until $25,000 has been raised. All of those who donate will receive a bracha from Rav Kanievsky, the true depth & reverberations of which can never be truly grasped or understood. Those who give $180 or more will receive an exclusive copy of this sefer in exchange for your generosity. This is our opportunity to have the incredible merit of being partners in publishing a sefer which undoubtedly remain a treasure to the Jewish people in generations to come. Do not miss your chance to say you had a portion in its impact.

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